Continuation of a classic: “The boat” stands for “Sky” again in the lake


The Film was an international success, and now the series comes: “The boat” is back. The pay-TV broadcaster “Sky” has produced the eight-part German series-consuming, at the end of November Premiere.

Only with the utmost effort, the death on the bottom of the sea to escape, increases the crew in the port of La Rochelle from your U-boat and attacked from the air. Most of the crew members are killed, “U 96” drops. So the movie classic ended in “das Boot” in 1981.

In the eponymous series, after the Premiere in Munich on 6. From November 23. November is a special time in the Pay-TV channel “Sky”, tells the story. Nine months have passed since the attack. In the U-Boot port of La Rochelle, the crew of the U-612 is preparing for its maiden voyage. In the course of the Mission, loyalty, and camaraderie of the team is put to the test, so it writes to the “Sky” in a press release. In a second strand of the plot of Land, a young woman embarks on a dangerous Terrain between the Gestapo and the resistance.

Success sure

“‘The boat’ is a milestone in the history of the anti-war movies, it stands for authenticity, tension, Drama, Emotion and Action,” explains Director Andreas Prochaska. “The series goes a step further, combining the claustrophobic atmosphere of the boat with a storyline in the haze of the circle of resistance, and also creates strong female characters.” The story is told in eight episodes. Cast Rick Okon, as a young “Kaleu” Klaus Hoffmann, August Wittgenstein as 1. Watch officer Karl Tennstedt, and Vicky Krieps as Translator, Simone Strasser, who works for the Gestapo. In addition, Robert stadlober (recently, as Kurt Weill in “Mack the knife, to see Brecht’s the Threepenny movie”) and Franz Dinda (including “Babylon Berlin”).

Vicky Krieps as Translator, Simone Strasser in “The boat”

For “Sky” is “The boat” is already a success: The pay-TV broadcaster, has sold the series in more than 100 countries around the globe. The launch will be accompanied by an elaborate advertising campaign. So Fans from the 16 can. to 22. November spend in the Bavaria filmstadt in Munich, a night on the film set of the film of 1981 and the first two episodes to watch.

26.5 million Euro has cost the series. The template turned Director Wolfgang Petersen in 1981, with the standards of the time large Budget of 25 million D-Mark, what is today, inflation is about the same amount in Euro adjusted. The Film was nominated for six Oscars and a Golden Globe, and paved Petersen, the way to Hollywood.

ka/suc (, Munzinger)