Mathias sorghum celebrates home victory at the Tour du Faso


A Burkinabé to win the most important Cycling race in Africa: Mathias sorghum victorious after ten stages in the Tour du Faso in Burkina Faso. In the end it is a battle of seconds.

Almost the picture a little reminiscent of the final stage of the Tour de France on the Champs-Élysées: just behind the sprinters, the struggle for the victory of the day, rolls out line of the carrier of the Yellow Jersey on the Goal and cheers. Mathias sorghum has made it. The Burkinabé to win his Home tour, Tour du Faso with a place in the main field at the time of arrival of the final stage in the capital city of Ouagadougou and will receive stormy. Jubilant Fans celebrate him and carry him on hands on the street and swing it proud the Flag of your country.

Sorghum fulfilled his dream

“This is really the peak for me. It was my dream to win the Tour du Faso,” said sorghum, beaming with joy at the finish. “I have to congratulate my Team, they have done everything to win this race.” Mathias sorghum won the 31. Edition, the Tour du Faso after ten stages with a narrow lead of only 13 seconds in front of the Dutch Sjors Handgraaf (Global Cycling Team). With a victory on the fourth stage after Ouahigouya sorghum was responsible for the overall management and up to the end defended.

Sorghum is studying in the capital, Ouagadougou, and dreams of a career as a professional cyclist in Europe, as he told DW in 2015 in a report. Despite some invitations to smaller races in France, the leap into the professional business did not succeed so far. The last, in particular, a driver from South Africa, Algeria, Rwanda and Eritrea had made it in the professional game, not least by the Team of Dimension Data’s South African roots.

Success for German Team

From a German perspective Hermann Keller (Team Embrace the World) made his stage victory on the fourth part of the piece to Boromo for a pleasing result, whose team-mate Julian Hellmann secured the fifth rank in the standings.

Impressions of the Tour du Faso (2015):

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    Holiday for Fans

    The Tour du Faso is for the Fans at the track is a real Highlight. The enthusiasm of the spectators is felt on the entire 1310,2 kilometres across Burkina Faso, according to strong, the driver will be fires.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    Favorites from Morocco

    The Team from Morocco is one of the favorites of the Tour this year – hence the huge interest in the North-Africans. Already before the stage start, the riders will be “besieged”.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    A Border Experience

    The post slowly. Temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees, rough flooring, gusts of wind and sometimes unorthodox methods bring the participants to their limits.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    Support from the sidelines

    Thumbs up! For the students of Burkina Faso, the Tour is not only from a sporting point of view, a great Event. You even get out of school, to the stages of the visit.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    Under Full Load

    Flat tires, broken spokes, or other Defects, even for the Material the Tour is a real test of endurance. Since the Packed material is the car quickly to the most important vehicle in the field.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    Unique Tracts Of Land

    No villages, no humans, just red Sand – many sections of track lead the participants through barren, but also beautiful parts of the country. A lot of time to enjoy the nature, however, it still remains.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    Home win

    A state of emergency for the Reporter to the 4. Stage. After about 100 kilometres from Ouagadougou to Koudougou Salifou Yarbanga wins as the first Burkinabé a stage in the Tour this year.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    Move to the side of the road

    Luxury look the riders in the Tour du Faso in vain. Sometimes the road must serve as a “locker room”. Tour Winner Mouhssine Lahsaini (2.v.l.) and his Team makes the but nothing.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    With heavenly support

    The team from the Congo to believe in their own strength, but does not want to do without the support from the very top. Team managers and priest Guy (2.v.r.) prior to the Start of the right words.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    Improvising helps

    After the 5. Stage staying, the driver is not in the Hotel but in a tent camp in Boromo. Repairs and wheel care must be carried out between the mattresses on the dusty floor.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    Rest in the tent camp

    Who doesn’t repair his bike, or takes a NAP, the legs massaging. After a gruelling kilometres that is often urgently needed.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    Transportation prior to the Start

    In front of the Stage always starts with the same image: helper to unload the bikes and take you to the drivers. Sometimes, there may be two wheels at once.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    A place in the shade

    By blowing and the stage once again to reminisce. After the finish, the German Team is looking for a place in the shade. This is often the only way to cool down a bit.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    Only with a “kids helmet”

    Some Teams have no professional material, but riding with kids helmets and “normal” bikes – which is often dangerous and a disadvantage. However, the performance is most remarkable.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    Sorghum best Burkinabé

    Mathias Sorghum (3.v.l.) is a Student and departs for the national team of Burkina Faso. For him, it is the first Tour participation. In the end, he is the third and best Burkinabé.

  • Tour du Faso – more than a bike race

    The final in the capital

    10. Stage in the capital city of Ouagadougou: In the last kilometers, the helper may supply the driver only from the side of the course.

    Author: Thomas Small