Mainz finished against Bremen in a negative series


The first success after seven winless Games: Mainz wins the last game of the 10. Game day against Werder Bremen, playing until late. And Mönchengladbach displaces the FC Bayern in the table.

MAINZ – BREMEN 2:1 (1:0)

Werder Bremen loses to the second defeat in a row in the Bundesliga further ground on the leading group. The Northern Germans had to at the end of the tenth day’s play on Sunday at 1. FSV Mainz 05 with 1:2 (0:1) hit enter. The goal for the hosts, who won for the first time since mid-September, achieved by Jean-Philippe Mateta (25. Minute) and Jean-Philippe Gbamin (51.). For Bremen, veteran Claudio Pizarro (78.) successfully. While Mainz is in accordance with the third victory of the Season with twelve points, now the Twelfth, slipped Werder after the third defeat with 17 points and is in sixth place. In the previous week, the Team of coach Florian Kohfeldt had already lost with 2:6 against Bayer Leverkusen.

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The final WHISTLE

90.+3 Minute: Und again in Bremen. And again hundredweight holds at the end of the Mainz goalkeeper to the Ball. An entertaining game, it is now, now, where Bremen is involved. The Mainz coach Black shows the assisting judge of the arbitration his watch.

90. Minute: Four Minutes Of Added Time. A long Ball to Kruse in the penalty area, but the Ball is a little too long, he can’t take the Ball well. Otherwise it would have been a good Chance.

89. Minute: The goal from Pizarro has the Bremen game is visually well done, not only because of the gate of the Peruvian. He is very active and has shaken up with its kind, apparently, also his players awake. But whether or not this is still the balancing succeeds?

85. Minute – EXCHANGE: Mainz MAXIM replaced Latza.

82. Minute: This would be almost the compensation. Kruse comes from the left and in the penalty area. Zentner brings the Ball felt from the angle. What a shot. Bremen makes now a lot of pressure. Late. Too late?

81. Minute – EXCHANGE: Mainz ONISIWO now plays for Quaison.

78. Minute GOAL: Bremen come to the right page. Eggestein plays from the baseline in the five-meter-room, where PIZARRO the Ball over the line pushes to be 194. Federal Ligator.

74. Minute, CHANGE: Now also brings the Mainz coach new staff. UJAH comes on for the goalscorer Mateta into the game.

73. Minute – EXCHANGE. For Bremen’s yellow loaded Bargfrede comes HARNIK into the game.

69. Minute: Free-Kick For Mainz. Bremen Moisander can clear the Ball by head. It plays very matter-of-factly. Currently, it looks as if Bremen can get.

64. Minute – YELLOW CARD: The sees of Bremen BARGFREDE after his hard Boarding from the rear against Gbamin.

62. Minute: free kick Bremen from the left side. Kruse plays the Ball high, but Mainz can fend off for a corner. From the counter-attacking opportunity arises, but Klaassen sprints from the very front to the very back of Gbamin the Ball away rätschen, the Ivorians a little too far. An exemplary use of Klaassen.

60. Minute: penalty or not? That is the question. Kainz fits to J. Eggestein in the penalty area, which is obstructed by the opposing player and falls. Referee Winkmann, but only corner. And the brings nothing.

56. Minute CHANGE: Osako and Kainz need to get out. PIZZARO and J. EGGESTEIN are now in the game for Bremen.

51. Minute GOAL ⚽: GBAMIN gets to the left of the penalty area the Ball. The Mainz-based team has the Ball inside, Bargfrede really pick up, so the Ivorians pulls and the Ball wriggles to the right in the bottom corner. Goalkeeper Pavlenka has seen the Ball late.

48. Min: Kruse with a volley shot. – the Ball is significantly to the left.

46. Minute: Werder -Trainer Kohfeldt has his Team after a ten minutes break on the lawn sent, where you at very cold temperatures, five minutes to the opponent and the kick-off had to wait. Penalty for the sluggish performance in the first half?


HALF time – Mainz is a good match. Playful and tactically make the host very well and therefore leads here earns with 1:0. Bremen is sluggish. The changes in the second half?

43. Minute: Mainz, stands well, moves well, so that Bremen so far, hardly any come Through. Meanwhile, the guests are better in the game. Eggestein crosses now from the right, Osako gets in a header but the ball is: But there is no pressure behind it, the Ball clearly goes over the goal.

36. Minute: And again, Mainz, this time with the scorers Mateta, But he in conclusion too hectic. In return, Bremen has a counter chance, but once again the tempo of the have to sedate. It just might take too long.

33. Minute: Back To Mainz. Bremen’s goalkeeper Pavlenka looks at a in gift is not very safe, and diverts the Ball short. Lands in against a player Bell. Tried it myself at first, then he lifts him high in the Latza comes in spite of two counter-player to head the ball, but the Ball misses to the left.

29. Minute: Mainz makes the tactically well, and makes good the private rooms tightly. On the other hand, you will find in the Bremen defense, always loopholes.

25. Minute GOAL ⚽: edge of Brosinski from the right side. Moisander wants to shoot the Ball, but only makes an air ball. MATETA is behind it, ready and thrashes the Ball in the Tormaschen. Earned leadership of Mainz at this time.

Mateta and his shot on goal

19. Minute: Now is time to Bremen with an offensive action. Kruse fits Kainz. But the waits too long, his Ball is blocked. After all, there are corner. But it also brings nothing. Just by the way the German DFB Cup have been drawn matches of the eighth finals. Bremen has to compete with Borussia Dortmund.

16. Minute: There needs to Bremen’s goalkeeper Pavlenka down quickly. After a cross from the left, the Bremen defense by jumping under the Ball. Customer comes in from behind rushes and flat. But at least Pavlenka.

15. Minute: Two corners for Mainz, but both are not used. But Mainz makes quite clear the game.

13. Minute: Mateta lifts the Ball on Quaison. But Bremen Moisander to fit. Previously, a shot from Kruse was blocked.

10. Minute: Latte! But it would have been Offside. Latza plays late on Martin, so that he is almost Offside. Before the whistle, he puts the cross on Mateta and the striker hammers the Ball to the aluminum.

7. Minute: Bremen makes the game quite easy to see what Mainz does so. Now, a customer pulls from the second row, but the Ball goes off target.

2. Minute: a Steep Ball on Mateta, but Mainz is a little early losgeslaufen – the Flag goes up: Offside.


At 17:52: 2:6 defeat against Leverkusen last week in the League followed for Bremen safer 5:1-success in the Cup against Weiche Flensburg. As presented in Bremen today?
Pavlenka – Gebre Selassie, Veljkovic, Moisander, Augustinsson – Bargfrede – M. Eggestein, Klaassen, Osako, Kainz M. Kruse.

At 17:46: Mainz coach Black expects a tough game: “The Bremen are very well organized in the work against the Ball, you hold nothing Unsettled in the defensive composite, but have a clarity in their processes in team tactical, in addition, a great deal of experience”. For seven Spit Mainz is waiting for a victory. It works today? The Coach is familiar with any of these eleven players.
Zentner – Brosinski, Bell, Niakhaté, aaron – customer – Latza, Gbamin – Boetius – Quaison, Mateta.

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Four days after the Cup defeat against Bayer Leverkusen Borussia Mönchengladbach has the second place in the Bundesliga. The 3:0 (0:0)-success against Fortuna Düsseldorf, the eighth home victory in the series managed to Gladbachern on Sunday. The newcomer conceded, however, already the sixth defeat in succession, after seven Games without a win, and point – and since its Foundation the club is VfB Stuttgart on the end table. In the Borussia-Park achieved Thorgan Hazard (48./Hand penalty/82.) and Jonas Hofmann (67.) the goal for the hosts.

The final WHISTLE

89. Min: The visiting fans wave flags and cheer their Team on loudly. By the way: The last seven goals in the Borussia have scored two players. Four of Hazard, three-Hofmann.

86. Minute: the summer is pretty far out of the gate, parried first of all, a Ball on the penalty area border. The rebound of the guests not to use – the high summer, you can catch running back.

85. Minute CHANGE: Mönchengladbachs captain STINDL gets a few minutes of the game. Goalscorer Hofmann comes out.

82. Minute GOAL ⚽: Long with a long Ball on the right side. Plea stops him for HAZARD. The Belgian goes for a few meters and then the Ball slips through the arms of goalkeeper Rensing. The man must hold actually.

77. Minute: After a corner for the düsseldorf is a counter of mönchengladbach. But the are not clarified enough. First of all, the Hazard remains in the area of carpenter, the nearly there hang the Ball. Hazard plays, but the players don’t take the Chance. But the Borussia makes more pressure – still want to the next goal.

73. Minute: Lukebakio will be sent. Was that not Offside? The Flag stayed down, but the conclusion was also harmless. On the other hand: once Again, the hand game, the düsseldorf-based, but not in the penalty area, but the whole of the right side. Hazard takes the free-kick, but the team-mates make of it little.

70. Minute: once Again breaks the referee Brych the game, because the Fans in the guest block fireworks light the wick. Captain Hennings have to run back there and the Fans are talking about. They’re not interested in but.

67. Minute GOAL ⚽: Mönchengladbach is waiting for the error from Düsseldorf, and as it happens. Neuhaus fits a Ball and then plays on the penalty area border, cross to HOFMANN, the spots.

66. Minute CHANGE: Also düsseldorf’s coach Funkel will send a fresh player on the turf. For Ducksch comes KARAMAN.

64. Minute CHANGE: JOHNSON replaced in Mönchengladbach, Raffael. The Brazilians, the match practice is missing after a long injury.

59. Minute – YELLOW CARD: Also Gladbach shows a beautiful play, but the goal of Raphael is to be harmless. Shortly after that Plea is Ducksch casseroles. The Frenchman sees the card.

57. Minute: cross from the left and düsseldorf Hennigs passes the Ball directly on goal. But man, the summer goes well. Beautiful turn of the guests.

56. Minute: In a battle between Jantschke and Hennings on the side line is Fortunen-Trainer Funkel jostled, tripping over the bench. Nothing happens.

53. Minutes: Wendt moved from the left, Rensing parried out for a corner. This results in a corner again. But, Düsseldorf escape.

51. Minute: Meanwhile, in the guest block gezündelt. There is an interruption of the game. The stadium announcer makes an announcement. Then it’s on.

48. Minute with a PENALTY/YELLOW CARD/GOAL ⚽: Raffael shoots in the penalty area on goal, the Ball bounces to the forearm of AYHAND, the card looks. But where to from such a short distance with the Arm? The penalty applies – as is almost always the HAZARD. Düsseldorf’s goalkeeper Rensing is with the fingers still on the Ball, can’t stop the Ball. The lead for the hosts.

46. Minute CHANGE: JANTSCHKE now plays for Elvedi. To beat the Swiss or even hurt? Lukebakio want to put an exclamation mark. But the düsseldorf-based professional thrashes the Ball clear on goal.


Mid – term Mönchengladbach is the better Team, makes his chances but too little. The Team of coach Hecking has with the defensive play of the guests, apparently, also problems – it is the gap is not. Düsseldorf plays quite well and earned himself a Chance, but it is in the penalty box far too harmless.

45. Minute – YELLOW CARD: LUKEBAKIO sees Yellow after a Foul on Raffael. And due to dissent? Before Hoffmann had lost the Ball. The edge of the Duksch, but Gladbach’s Keeper Sommer comes in between.

44. Minute: And Plea. Plea. Plea! Over. This was a good Chance for Borussia. But the striker over, slams the Ball to the right of the goal.

41. Minute: first corner for the Fortunen is directly a second. Summer run towards the German side of the Ball.

36. Minute: Gladbach’s Plea shoots from 18 meters out of the second row. The Ball is not because of his Aufsetzers harmless is to miss just wide of the far post. Shortly after that Plea, tried it again, this time the Ball properly at the gate.

34. Minute: Gladbach is in front of the gate, not compelling enough. The next corner. And again Gladbach makes too little of it.

32. Min: Nice combination play of mönchengladbach, ultimately, the Ball lands in the right of the penalty area for Hazard. But he is only a cannoned. On the other side of the shot Hennings is clear about the goal.

29. Minute: The Fortuna in the Person of Morales has once again a chance to score, but his Ball is missing the pressure – Sammer catches him loose. Hennings goes to the curve and indicates the followers: stop with the Kindling. If that helps?

27. Minute: From time to time in the guests block gezündelt.

22. Minute: And right back to Mönchengladbach. And again, the Borussia is much too harmless. Neuhaus doesn’t hit the Ball properly. Shortly thereafter, Fortuna has a Chance. But Hennings heads the Ball over the goal.

Last season, he played for Fortuna is now back for the Borussia: Florian Neuhaus (l.)

20. Minute: Borussia’s trying to play quickly. Shortly before the penalty area promise Neuhaus, but the Ball until it has re-sorted, the spaces are struggling. So Neuhaus decides – the last season of the Fortuna was loaned out to shoot yourself: the Ball flies yards wide of the post.

16. Minute: so Far, the balls, the mönchengladbach-based are often inaccurate, particularly in the case of passports or flanks into the penalty area. Therefore there was no dangerous scene. You can, however, also the neat short passing game. But Düsseldorf is very deep, there is a coming Through pretty heavy.

13. Minute: counter attack attempt of the guests. But Borussia goalkeeper in the summer.

10. Min: Hazard comes quite free-standing shortly before the penalty area border to the shot, but the is not placed enough that goalkeeper Rensing could to parry the Ball. Hazard takes the corner, but the Ball is much too long. Also, the second corner trittt way Hazard from the goal and also the Ball can not be utilized by his team-mates.

8. Minute: Fortuna in the Person of Duksch crosses from the left side and time again is the company behind the team, not quite awake, Wendt heads the Ball quite a bad way, right in front of the feet of Lukebakio. The shoots, however, Wendt’s in-between.

3. Minute: The Borussia begins as expected on the offensive and makes a lot of pressure. Comes out of a corner and a free kick, but the native of mönchengladbach can’t detach themselves from their opponents and so can be clarified.


15:30 PM: The guest block is gezündelt. The kickoff will be delayed slightly. The referee for this match is Felix Brych.

At 15:28: 30 kilometres lie between Mönchengladbach and Düsseldorf. Nevertheless, both clubs are worlds apart. Fortuna hopes after climbing to the classes. The Borussia aiming for the Champions League qualification.

At 15:22: The Fortuna from the last six Games only a point and only two goals scored. Also the standard situations were far too harmless, that must change.
Rensing – Room, Ayhan, Bormuth, Gießelmann – M. Zimmermann, Morales – Lukebakio, Usami – Ducksch, Hennings.

At 15:19: compared To the Cup game on Wednesday to return Raphael, Strobl and Plea in the starting line-up. For Stindl, Kramer and Herrmann on the bench.
The Summer – Long, Ginter, Elvedi, Wendt – Strobl – Neuhaus, Hofmann – Hazard, Raffael, Plea.

At 15:16: The table fifth is located in the Table seventeenth, so is the first match this Sunday. Twelve points separate the two Teams. The Borussia is the Cup swatter against Leverkusen under pressure and wants to prove to the home Fans: we can do better. Fortuna, in turn, requires each individual point in the fight against relegation.

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