Live Ticker: Hertha BSC – RB Leipzig


Hertha BSC are in Eighth and RB Leipzig as the Seventh table neighbors. Who will win the direct duel, you can make a jump to number three. Follow the game here live!



29. Minute: Hertha goalkeeper Jarstein is holding a not-very-placed long-range shot by Demme. Werner can continue to play.

27. Minute: counter attack chance for the Leipzig! Werner runs to the gate of the Hertha, but Strong stops him at the last second. The Leipzig striker hurts and needs to be treated.

22. Minute: YELLOW for Leipzig SABITZER after a tactical Foul.

21. Minute: Now is a great opportunity for Hertha. However, Leipzig’s goalkeeper Gulacsi reacts after a Header by Kalou from a short distance shiny.

19. Minute: Cunha is up against three Hertha defenders, but the shot from eleven meters easily in the supine position. Over it.

15. Minute: Hertha comes with the aggressive Pressing of the Leipzig so far can not cope.

13. Minute: the leadership of The Leipzig is absolutely deserved. The guests are in this first quarter of an hour the more active team.

9. Minute: This was the big chance for Hertha to compensate! Lazaro sets from right across the free-standing Kalou, but does the trick, from six meters at the gate of the Leipzig over shoot.

7. Minute: GOOOOAL for Leipzig! WERNER! According to a flank and tried to head the ball defense by means of urban Jarstein the Ball to the front of the fend, Werner is on the spot and worried from a short distance the 1:0 for the guests.

The early lead for Leipzig by Werner (2.v.r.) – a tailor-made opener for RB

3. Minute: A shot from Sabitzer strokes to the left of the Hertha goal. The early phase clearly belongs to the guests of Berlin are not yet in the game.

1. Minute: RB-striker Werner checks Jarstein with a low shot from ten metres towards the right corner of the net. The Hertha goalkeeper parried shiny. This could have been the 1:0 for Leipzig. The following corner is a pass.

The kick-off!


18.30: the referee of the match is Deniz Aytekin. 50,000 spectators the Saturday night game in Berlin. The Hertha-UItras want to Protest against the Banner-the ban on chants.

18.29 PM: Hertha coach Dardai sends the following starting line-up on the field: Jarstein – Lazaro, N. Strong, Rekik, Plattenhardt – Lustenberger, Maier – Kalou, Duda, Mittelstädt – Ibisevic.

And this is the first Eleven of the Leipzig: Gulacsi – Mukiele, Konaté, Orban, Saracchi – Kampl, Demme – Bruma, Sabitzer – Cunha.

18.28 PM: The winner of the duel can get a jump on the third place in the standings. Hertha is currently Eighth in Leipzig, the Seventh, both have 16 points on the account.

18.25 PM: Hertha BSC prohibits the game against RB Leipzig is the own Fans, “the Introduction of banners, banners, block flags, and double-brackets”, as it is a communication of the Association. This applies until Further notice, both for the home as well as the guest areas at the Olympic stadium. “We have seen what rods and also banners were used last week,” said Preetz, with a view to the serious riots of Hertha supporters in the League game at Borussia Dortmund.


A weak Bayern Munich lost in the Bundesliga again points. The 1:1 (0:0) against SC Freiburg of the German record champion was presented in a shockingly bad game of Constitution: without ideas and without passion. For the sent the defending Freiburg, it was the first point in Munich since may 1997. Serge Gnabry made his first goal in a Bayern Jersey for the leadership of the host (80.), Lucas Höler rewarded Freiburg but for a strong combative performance (89.). The residue of Munich on leader Borussia Dortmund, is in order before the direct duel next Saturday again four points.


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The final WHISTLE!

90. Minute+5: After the corner shoots Rafinha from 14 meters, Lewandowski is yet to come, over.

90. Minute,+4: Is there something for the Bavaria? Once again the corner!

90. Minute+2: The shot of Höler, 1:1, was the first in the Bayern-goal. Incredible!

90. Minute+1: There are five minutes for reference.

90. Minute+1: CHANGE in Freiburg. LIENHART comes to Höler.

⚽ 89. Minute: GOOOOAL for Freiburg. HÖLER! Günter crosses from the left into the penalty area, where Höler stall seven meters in front of the gate foot. No Chance for Neuer in the Bayern goal.

85. Minute: Ribery slots the Ball from 18 meters on the gate of Fribourg.

84. Minute: Good shot position for Höler the penalty area, but the Freiburg hesitates too long.

83. Minute: EXCHANGE at Bayern. GORETZKA replaces the goalscorer Gnabry. The free burgers comes a fresh man: WALDSCHMIDT for small service.

⚽ 80. Minute: what a move from Bayern! GNABRY! The Freiburg let him in the penalty area to penetrate, Gnabry draws from twelve yards down, flat to the right corner. 1:0 for Munich after a nice individual action.

The Torbann is broken: Gnabry (3.v.l.) made the 1:0 for Bayern

79. Minute: First YELLOW against Freiburg’s goalkeeper SCHWOLOW because of time, then a YELLOW against Bayern’s RAFINHA because of a hard foul.

77. Minute: free-kick Kimmich shoots Gnabry against the foot, the Ball flutters right next to the gate of Fribourg.

76. Minute: the 16. Bayern corner, but also brings nothing.

73. Minute: Lewandowski head to the ball from four yards parried Schwolow on to the crossbar, then the whistle. The Bayern striker has previously pushed his opponent. Correct decision by referee Zwayer.

71. Minute: next CHANGE at the top of the James, MÜLLER .

69. Minute: Freiburg Haberer tries it from distance, hits the Ball but not properly. No danger to the Bayern goal.

67. Minute: EXCHANGE in Freiburg: TERRAZZINO replaces Frantz.

66. Minute: A free kick from Lewandowski from a good Position 18 yards from goal ending up in the wall of the Freiburg, the margin also.

64. Minute: A low shot from Sanchez from a good 20 meters lands four meters to the left of the Freiburg goal. Weak!

63. Minute: EXCHANGE at Bayern. RIBERY for Robben.

61. Min: Gnabry crosses haphazardly in the Freiburg penalty area, no Problem for goalkeeper Schwolow. It does not stop there, the Bayern lot.

60. Min: After the corner seals to the head ball misses the goal.

59. Minute: referee Zwayer looks on the scene on the Video screen and awarded a corner.

57. Minute: Bayern want to do a hand penalty, after Gulde the Ball to the Hand jumped, he pulled back.

54. Minute: The Ball is located in the Bayern goal, after a small service the Ball after a free kick by Günter with a header over the line carried. But Freiburg was just in an Offside position. No Goal.

53. Minute: The Freiburg trust now a little more and diving more frequently in front of the Bayern goal.

51. Min: Sanchez plays in the Freiburg penalty area from the left to the inside face of the goal, but there is nobody to be play exploit.

49. Minute: Actually something of a goal-scoring opportunity for Freiburg. However, Günter doesn’t seem to believe it ourselves. There would have been more to it than the first corner for the guests.

47. Minute: James pulls out of twelve meters of flat, but not hard enough. Freiburg’s goalkeeper Schwolow.

46. Minute . The second half has begun.


With the Whistles of the spectators, both Teams say goodbye after a weak first half in the cabins. Freiburg has successfully mixed concrete, the Bavaria, the creativity to overcome the bulwark was missing. Therefore, it is a 45 minutes 0:0. The second passage may actually be better.

The mid-term!

45. Minute: A Minute is played.

44. Minute: After a loss of the ball of Freiburg in the midfield would be the place for the Bavarians actually been there, but Robben is running.

42. Minute: It remains largely a game on a goal, however, necessarily the offensive efforts of the Bavarians so far, only rarely.

39. Min: Gnabry is fuelled by the Freiburg penalty area and after a touch by Frantz. Too little for a penalty, decides the referee Zwayer and is correct.

36. Minute: three minutes before Alaba, and lifts seals and now the hands and signals: Where am I supposed to play? The game of Bayern is currently still much too static. The moments of Surprise are missing.

34. Minute: SC-goalkeeper Schwolow parried a beautiful scissors kick from Robben from twelve yards.

32. Minute: Alaba touched the head, after he took a shot from 20 meters is about ten feet above the crossbar of the Freiburg gate hunted.

30. Minute: A long-range shot from Sanches is from the Freiburg defence to the corner is blocked, we have now been together more often.

26. Minute: This was the first big chance for Bayern: Lewandowski runs alone on Freiburg’s goalkeeper Schwolow, but the clears with the foot for a corner. Also this, the fifth, remains unpunished. The statistics so far: 70 percent possession of the FCB, 5:0 number of corners, but still 0:0.

Chance missed, Lewandowski (R.) looks after the Ball

24. Minute: Freiburg make it on the Defensive so far, very cleverly. The rooms of the Bavaria are closely.

21. Minute: First, still tentative whistles in the vast stadium around. You apply to the house of lords, which is not thought of very much, to crack the defensive wall of the guests.

18. Minute: That is for the Bavaria is a patience game. However, the Freiburg show now from time to time, in the half of Munich.

15. Minute: James pulls out of the penalty area border, Freiburg defender Gulde brings his leg in between. The corner will remain without consequences.

13. Minute: The solid Freiburg defence, for sure – despite 87 percent possession of the ball for Bayern so far.

10. Minute: first good chance for Bayern: Alaba comes on the left side to the inside, where Lewandowski five meters in front of the goal the Ball but not properly under control.

8. Minute: Freiburg’s Trainer Christian Streich is in his Coaching Zone, constantly in motion, wildly gesticulating, he his defensive players instructions.

6. Minute: Yet to come the “last” passes of the Bayern into the storm center is not precise enough.

4. Minute: The game has already moved, where it is likely to be held predominantly in the half of the Freiburger.

2. Minute: Stenzel is defined in the area of Freiburg in front of the bullet, prepare the Bayern attacker James. The corner brings nothing.

2. Minute: The Freiburg disrupt the Bayern in their own half.

The kick-off!


15.29 PM: The Arena in Munich, with 75,000 spectators sold out. Referee of the match is the Berliner Felix Zwayer.

15.28 PM: The guests without national player Nils Petersen commented out, because of muscle problems fails. This is the starting XI of Freiburg: Schwolow – Stenzel, Gulde, Heintz, Günter Koch, Höfler – Haberer, Frantz – Höler, small service.

15.25: The Freiburg had to during the week and the Cup K. o. at the second division side Holstein Kiel-soaked (1:2). His team was not tackling geng have been, and I have a precision miss, analysed Freiburg coach Christian Streich afterwards. His teaching is for the game at FC Bayern: “We, the balls have to clean.”

15.22 PM: In the Bayern starting line-up missing once more Thomas Müller, the world champion of 2014. Joshua Kimmich plays for the first time in this season of the “six”Position in front of the defense: Neuer – Rafinha, Süle, Boateng, Alaba – Kimmich – Sanches, James seals, Gnabry – Lewandowski.

15.19 PM: Bayern coach Niko Kovac advises, in terms of “Football Leaks” the Ball flat to keep: “You tried to make a newspaper the splitter to the back of an elephant.” – After the meager 2:1 Cup Rödinghausen on Tuesday at fourth-division SV, calls for Kovac in the Bundesliga game against SC Freiburg, a more committed appearance: “We need to be mobile. We need a good position in the game.”

15.16 PM: disturbance in the environment of the FC Bayern media reports provided, according to which the FC Bayern for years with other European top Clubs for a “European Super League” to drive forward, the starting of the season 2020/21 reality could be. Board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said before the game in the channel “Sky”: “We are totally for membership in the League, and analogous to the UEFA, which organizes the competitions. That was provided by the FC Bayern never in question.”

15.15: welcome to the DW-live Ticker!