The favourite taunt in front of the Ironman world championship


The nervousness is rising before the torment in the Paradise. Even before the Start, two German world champion beharken: Sebastian Kienle settles with the tactics of defending Champions Patrick Long and the competition is lurking.

The focus of the review: title defenders Patrick Long Training in Hawaii

No place in the world verspüht in these October days, more Triathlon-like atmosphere as Kailua-Kona on the Big Island. However, the Paradise framework to Hawaii can hide the tough competition. Each of the Top-athletes and athletes want to win the race on Saturday (18:20 GMT here in the DW live Ticker for this). Title defenders Patrick gets a Long time to feel it before the Start. Sebastian Kienle, the winner of 2014, criticized by his rivals because of his behavior on the bike. “For a long time in the past few years, time penalties due to wind shadow driving get,” said Kienle in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. From his reluctance, he therefore made no secret of the fact: “I can say in good conscience that I got along with all the professionals. Just a Doper, and people who always try to stretch the rules to the maximum, is the exception.” Jan Frodeno, due to injury this year, can’t start, is annoyed by Long tactics of “extreme”.

The winner in 2014, and Hawaii consistently in the Top Ten: Sebastian Kienle

Long is cool

The Scolded let the criticism bounce off: “This is a baseless and completely unfounded”, said Long, the hostility, therefore, solely disturbed, “to be in the same breath with Dopern called”. He will also remain in this year of his tactic. After the 3.86 km Swimming, in of Hesse with the top group can keep up, it counts for him to hold on to 180.2 kilometres on the bike with the forces and to attack in the final Marathon. So far, the reigning world champion had a rather mixed year, and none of his big race win. The most Important thing is, however, only directly.

Sanders, Gomez, Currie – the other favorites

Struggled to second place in 2017: Sanders

A win by Lionel Sanders lurks. In 2017, the canadian sniffed at the success. On the last kilometers of the route, the forces left him, however. Moaning and teeth fletschend he had to let a Long time pass by. For him even more in Training like a Bessesener to stall and a new food concept to puzzle out. His radical methods can lead you to victory, but just as well as an aberration to be Sanders remains a mystery bag.

Very much more structured, Javier Gomez (35) goes to the project. For many years the Spanish dominated the short distance and picked up five world titles. Now he celebrates his debut on Hawaii. Patrick Long, he is one of the very strong runners in the field. He copes with the external conditions, he is a win candidate. This is also true for Braden Currie (32). The new Zealander is one of the best swimmers and runners in the field and has shown this year in Cairns, even Gomez the rear lights.

Expect exciting race

Whether Kienle, Long or Sanders – asks no matter who you are, one thing they all regret: the refusal of Jan Frodeno. The Two-time Champion was the outstanding triathlete of the season and was also the case for Hawaii as the one to beat. “Right, of course, is that it is for all of us, the other increases the chance to go as a world champion home,” said Kienle about the mishap of his buddies. Tactically a very interesting race is expected. The strong swimmers will be hitting from the beginning, a lot of speed to distance Kienle and Sanders. On the wheel, both will do everything to turn the tables and go so quickly that even the strong runners to Long and Gomez get problems. The final decision is not expected until on the last kilometers of the marathon.

The next Triumph for Ryf?

Absolute domination: Daniela Ryf is in 2018, still unbeaten

In the case of women the situation is different. Daniela Ryf is aiming for their fourth title. Similar to Frodeno at the men, the Swiss is the clear top favourite. All the more, because you indulged in prior to the start of the season, a three-month break. She returned fresh and focused and won all the competitions. In Hawaii, you want to deliver a “spectacular race”. The British artist Lucy Charles might be the most dangerous. Anne Haug, Germany’s best Olympic-triathlete, appears for the first Time in Hawaii.