Robert Seethaler: “A whole life”


A whole life, forcefully and sensitively to describe to just under 160 pages, this was achieved in 2014, the Austrian Robert Seethaler. The slim book became a surprising success, even abroad.

“He had nobody, but he had everything he needed, and that was enough.”

This is the story of the Andreas Egger. Born around the turn of the century, grew up in a dark Alpine valley, abused as a child. It is a rural environment, in the us, the 1966 born in Vienna, Robert Seethaler outright sucks, a dark and unfriendly environment full of gross people, backward in development.

Andreas Egger is so alone. But the fact that he has everything he needs, the entirely true. For once in his life, which brings us to Robert Seethaler so tight and yet with a great narrative breath close to hitting Egger, a woman, Marie, in which he falls in love, and it probably would have been able to lead the destiny wanted it, in a different life. But Marie dies early, and so Andreas Egger is alone again.

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“A whole life” by Robert Seethaler

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“A whole life” by Robert Seethaler

Andreas Egger is defying the hardships of life

“Andreas Egger was regarded as a cripple, but he was strong. He tackling was, demanded little, talked a little and the sun and could tolerate the heat on the fields as well as the biting cold in the forest. He took any job and did it reliably and without a murmur.”

The punishment of the youth has brought Andreas Egger verkrümmtes leg, but he is a tough guy, and so he makes it through Childhood without play and Laugh, as well as first work experience. The money he earned, mainly as a cable car technician. Later, he is a soldier, is captured by the Russians captured and spends years in a prisoner of war in the vast Expanses of the Caucasus. Returned home, Andreas Egger-a tourist guide, to some of the post-war tourism too much.

“He was never in the fix to believe in God, and death didn’t scare him. He could not remember where he had come from, and in the end he did not know where he would go. But the time in between, on his life, he could look back without Regret, with a broken Laugh, and a single great Wonder.”

As a prisoner of war Andreas Egger spends in “A whole life” years of the German ravaged the Caucasus

A century of life – literary compacted in a few pages

Robert Seethalers narrow of-the-century novel is a small literary miracle. A book like fallen out of time, it measures, but to bring in a relatively few pages the decades, just as boldly, with a great narrative steps as him at the same time, the Events and the inner life of his protagonists again and again, to the point, and to outline sharp.

Andreas Egger is in this little romantic and never transfiguring modern home novel, both a figure, which is symbolic for life in General and existential questions of human action and thinking will be addressed. But as a living literary Protagonist is made of flesh and blood, comes a reading very close to and fond of grows.


Robert Seethaler: “A whole life” (2014), Carl Hanser Verlag

Robert Seethaler, in 1966, was born in Vienna, is a writer and actor. Seethaler attended acting school in Vienna and was primarily as a TV actor known. Since 2006, he has published novels. In the past few years, his books were also on the nomination lists of renowned international book prices.