Olga the Media: “The Russian is one, of the birches loves”


Masha is planning a career as a UN interpreter. But the sudden death of your friend throws you completely off track. Her essay is a rejection tells the story of a Generation that knows no limits, but also no home.

In her debut novel, Olga, the Media draws the portrait of a modern young woman, fighting aimlessly and furiously against their emotional injury – and, defiantly, their place in life captured.

Masha, the main character in Grjasnowas novel, is a “quota refugee” as it is called in English. “I love this strange expression,” says the writer. You have helped the German bureaucracy, often more. The parents of the novel’s heroine, Masha fail in it.

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“The Russian is one, of the birches loves” her essay is a rejection

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“The Russian is one, of the birches loves” her essay is a rejection

“Germany had for my father. In his social Siberia he wore Jogging pants and ribbed knit under shirts, in English,’wife beater‘ were called, which, however, nothing to do with it. Father had given up from one day to the other. He becomes friends became friends with other people, hardly went out of the house, only sometimes, to compare to the tank the petrol prices.”

Radical Inconsistency

Welcome guest on talk shows: the author, her essay is a rejection

Not everything is autobiographical in her first novel, but much of it has easy Parallels to Olga Grjasnowas biography on alienated–. As you will be enrolled in school, the child refugee from Azerbaijan, at the age of eleven, can you film hardly a word of English, only “hands up”, she knows from the Soviet war. Your graduation makes many people with excellent grades, she went on to study “creative Writing” at the renowned German literature Institute in Leipzig.

Also, her protagonist Masha – a young woman, mid-twenties, and quickly falls in love and trust anyone – has already learned as a child that language means Power. Your way out of the speechlessness of the migrants is an excellently completed an interpreter course of study. With the diploma in the bag, the world is open: she speaks five languages fluently and a couple of straight “as the Ballermann-tourist English,” she explains, laughing your German friend.

Masha is formed as a typical representative of the “Generation internship”: the Ambitious and good. You want to reach the top, want to do meaningful and, in the case of an international Institution like the UN. But life decides otherwise. After the sudden death of your friend, the non-survived Sepsis, breaks down your carefully constructed little world.

Stage play: “The Russian is one, of the birches, loves” was in 2013 in the Maxim-Gorki-Theater listed

Hastily, the young woman travels to Israel, to her first Job in Tel Aviv. At the airport, your Laptop of heavily armed soldiers will be confiscated device as a foreigner in sight.

“Each piece of clothing, every scarf, every pair of underpants were unfolded, all of the cans screwed, even my electric toothbrush was tested for explosives. I distrust hardly woke clothes, but many words had books.”

Their increasing desperation makes you headless. After a visit to their Jewish Relatives who emigrated to Israel, the past Masha: images of pogroms in her native Azerbaijan, which have burned her deeply. Your fear of intimacy grow out of the Paranoia.

Literary voice of her Generation

Shooting star: the debut at the Leipzig book fair 2012

Born Olga the Media in 1984 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, grew up in the Caucasus. It is one of the 200,000 Jewish emigrants from the former Soviet Union, were allowed to enter the country since 1991, in the Federal Republic of Germany. In 1996, she came with her family in Germany, in the transition camp Friedberg. The acclimatization was difficult.

The media speaks fluent Russian and several languages. But you can only write in English, she says. Her debut novel was a Bestseller in 2012 on the first attempt. With her unpretentious language, you’ve hit the nerve of her Generation, wrote the literary critic enthusiastically.

Today, she is a member of PEN Germany and a well-respected writer. The focus of their lives has found it in Berlin-Neukölln.


Olga the Media: “The Russian is one, of the birches loves” (2012), Hanser Verlag

Is born her essay is a rejection, in 1984, in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan. The mother is a piano teacher, the father a lawyer. In 1996, she arrived as a refugee family in Germany, and lived at first in a home for asylum seekers. The media went later in Frankfurt/Main to school. She graduated from the German literature Institute in Leipzig and collected at study visits in Poland and Israel polyglot experience. Her debut novel was originally planned as a bachelor’s thesis. The book was immediately a sensational literary success.