More chief needs inside the country


In principle, women in Germany are allowed to do everything. Also Chancellor. But look closer and you will recognize that women in professional life is still rarely on managerial position in the land.

Open and advanced – so the population wants to be the richest country in the European Union. Women are entitled for 70 years by law and is intended to have on the labour market the same opportunities. At the top of the German government, there is a woman since the age of 13 with Angela Merkel.

You should actually mean, in Germany, more and more women in positions of leadership would advance. But it is not so: Even in 2018 is only occupied one-third of the chief items of a woman – the share is for years, largely constant. Why make it female executives so rarely get to the top of companies, political parties or media?

You do not want to say. That’s too stressful, childcare and a part-time job ranged from many women.

You can’t sue the other due to the so-called “glass ceiling”, an invisible barrier that prevents women on the rise. And because of the men. Stock.

Women in leadership positions in politics and public service:

Angela Merkel at the German Parliament of the Junge Union (JU) in Kiel. The Executive the Federal Executive is apparently not feminine enough: “Beautiful male. But 50 percent of the people are missing,” she says. Because of the 16 Federal Board members, only five are women. “Women enrich the lives, not only in Private, also in politics. You don’t even know what you’re missing,” she continues. Although Angela Merkel criticised the gender balance of the Federal Board of the Junge Union, the gender equality policy in the 13 years of her chancellorship, but never in focus. You yourself referred to yourself as a feminist. She made the Women20 summit in 2017. The promotion of women or a better compatibility of motherhood and career have never belonged to Merkel’s topics.

Angela Merkel during the young Union, criticised the fact that too few women are in the Federal Executive Board of the JU

“Time Online” has put in a detailed Search just in the open, how hard it is for women in politics, in leadership positions. Only Six of the 15 ministries were awarded to women, the ministries are overall dominated by men. Alone in the Federal Ministry of the interior of Horst Seehofer, not a single Secretary of state, the post has gone to a woman – but eight men. And also with the Federal authorities, it looks, according to “time Online” is not better. Only a quarter is headed by women.

2001 has already adopted a gender equality act for the Federal administration, whose guiding principle is that women and men are equal in the Federal administration. However, this is not the case up to now. Because Angela Merkel does not bear the sole blame. But laws, in order to improve the Situation of women, for example in companies, it has brought only after a lot of resistance in 2015 on the way. Laws can be used to trigger the change.

Women in positions of leadership in companies:

In the spring of 2015, the women’s quota for Supervisory boards came in company, ten years after, Merkel became Chancellor. Here, Ursula von der Leyen, then German Federal Minister of labour, the women’s quota did not want to bring in 2013 on the way, because you are the “lip-service” of the economy were insufficient. However, Merkel stopped them.

Since the beginning of 2016, must, therefore, listed the 100 largest publicly and fully subject to codetermination companies in Germany for at least 30 percent of the Items in their Supervisory bodies, with women occupying. “All the companies were obliged to have complied with this requirement”, says Anja Weusthoff by the Federal Board of the German trade Union Confederation. But even there, the distribution of power in General, is still often in favor of the male Supervisory Board members, criticized Jella Benner-Heinacher, Vice-principal managing Director of the German protection Association for securities held, recently in Frankfurt. In the boards that form the first level below the Supervisory Board, are still as good as never women represented.

In the Federal interior Ministry, Horst Seehofer and his men riege

A study by the Swedish-German Allbright Foundation, according to the company is available in 110 of 160 German stock exchange and no woman on the Board. Of the 697 members of the management Board, only 56 women. The gender ratio, applicable only for the co-determined and listed members of the Supervisory Board, therefore, it is not working on the boards said Weusthoff. Experts demonstrate how important a higher proportion of women in the group leadership.

Many companies write for the advancement of women, while effective advertising on the flags. But when it comes down to it, so that it seems that some of the company’s chief wegzuducken. Legal pressure seems to be a way to deal with them.

Women in leadership positions in the media:

Media, publishers and PR can count yourself to the modern areas, and, more and more women both in journalism and in PR and publishing. However, the female staff is represented here. A view on the public broadcasters of the Federal Republic of Germany: Only two of the twelve radio broadcasters in Germany are led by Director of the inside – the MDR and RBB. What it looks like in the other levels of hierarchy, and in the case of the big private channels, investigated the Association of media ProQuote is currently in a detailed Gender Monitoring until November 2018. On editor-in-chief level, in regional Newspapers, women were represented in the past years, as well as not. In the PR and corporate communications it is assumed that approximately 70 percent of men in leadership functions.