Mick Schumacher – petrol in the blood


Mick Schumacher is preparing to follow in the footsteps of his famous father. The Junior racer is well on the way to formula 1. Formally, only a second separates him from.

Mick Schumacher, it is just running really good. Despite initial problems in the formula 3 European championship, the 19 Year old is now at the top of the table. After five Wins in a row, the license for the formula 1. In the car of the Italian Prema team he put in his race to catch up in the second half of the season, a light-heartedness to the day, which was very reminiscent of the old Ferrari times of his father.

The turning point managed to Schumacher junior with a victory in Spa-Francorchamps. Ironically, on the track, his father, in the formula 1 debut and his first Grand Prix won. For the season finale in Hockenheim (13./14. October) travels Mick Schumacher now as the front-runner by a large margin on the British Dan Ticktum. He creates the second place in the overall standings, would wave at him already, the super license for formula 1.

Hungry for success to the final

Schumacher is hot on the final and want to win. “In the car, I don’t think for a second at the championship,” Schumacher said. He was pleased simply to each race, and plan step by step. How to do it after the season, however, is still open. Manager Sabine Kehm, who assisted his father, dampens the expectations. In the broad field of young hopes, the British Lando Norris, namely, one that has yet to show greater success. Norris won last year as a Rookie in the formula 3, this year still have good chances of winning the title in formula 2 and is set for the upcoming year as a formula 1 driver at McLaren.

Every beginning is difficult

Mick Schumacher had to come, however, with setbacks clearly. The beginning of his Motorsport career back ten years. As in the case of father Michael his career in karting sport began, where he took some time to celebrate the first successes. In 2015 the Dutch Motorsport team, Van Amersfoort took him under contract and brought him in the formula 4, where he celebrated the first victory. After switching to Prema, he was champion in the German formula 4 in the same year, the Deputy, before he switched then to formula 3. Now the next step is. Maybe it is a big, in the king’s class of Motorsport.

“A great Story” for the king’s class of Motorsport

Mick at the Celebration of his premiere victory in the formula 3

Formula 1 Boss Chase Carey described the possible return of the Name of Schumacher in the king’s class as “a great Story”. For Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene, the history, the linking Ferrari with the name is very special. Whether a re – “Schumi”Era is, however, expected in 2019, is questionable. The 20 Cockpits are hotly contested, which is why Schumacher is likely to play only in the medium term a role. An intermediate step is probably more sense. At least the last four of the champion of formula 2, all of whom succeeded in a direct ascent in the king’s class proved this. “I just try to learn over the years,” said Schumacher. “My goal is to eventually fully developed in the formula 1 to join.”

More guesswork to the state of health of father Michael

Uncertainty after his tragic fate

Mick’s father, Michael, Schumacher had moved in December 2013 in a skiing accident a serious head injury. His health condition will continue to be silent. Shielded from the Public, is the record world champion since his release from the hospital in the Swiss family Villa. Since then, Kehm’s stonewalling on the state of health of the formula 1 legend. “We are aware that this is for some people difficult, but we do so in perfect Accordance with Michael’s attitude,” said the Manager, once the Münchener Merkur. It has not changed until today.

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