Judith Schalansky: “the neck of The Giraffe”


For you the feel of books is almost as important as the Told. In her novel Judith schalansky has the post-reunification Germany. The brilliant hatred monologue of a teacher in the Eastern province.

Sensual you need to be Surprises in the mountains, unfold page by page slowly. The cover, the thickness of the paper, color shades for Judith Schalansky it is precisely those Details that from a vile history between the two book, a special piece lids, and in accordance with the contents of a private universe created by.

Law of the jungle

In the rough leash, no band does it in the novel “the neck of The Giraffe” rugged, initially dismissive, as is your protagonist. The biology teacher Inge Lohmark etches through their last years of service. Your school in the Mecklenburg Hinterland will soon be settled – the re-Union has left to the East Empty. The flight from the land, to little students. And the hate Inge Lohmark anyway, as well as his own life.

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“The Giraffe’s neck” by Judith Schalansky

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“The Giraffe’s neck” by Judith Schalansky


“It’s not worth it for the simple, the Weak, dragging. They were just Ballast, the progression, and the other disabled. Born To Be A Repeat Offender. Parasites on the healthy body of the Class. Sooner or later, which would remain under-exposed anyway. It was recommended to confront them with the truth as early as possible.”

Inge Lohmark, the former Stasi informant that funnels their students to the right of the Stronger. And acts as a Fossil from the past. Their biological ‘truths’ are no longer effective, and neither is the political. Judith Schalansky designs the psycho-gram of a morally questionable woman, without you present or to justify. How is it still the Human behind the social dreariness of flash, this is the appeal of your novel.

Bibliophile Treasures

Schalanskys “Atlas of remote Islands” from the year 2009 was awarded by the Foundation for book art

The writer grew up the daughter of two teachers, and in the East in the vicinity of Greifswald. The Close of the GDR has escaped through books. Today, you formed your bibliophile works of art down to the last Detail – from Research to print. And it is, therefore, quite successful.

Her books are translated into more than 20 languages, get design awards and gain higher and higher requirements. So dedicated, in 2009, her love for typography, a 700-page Tome, by designed a of Wanderlust mixed gem – the “Atlas of remote Islands”. Compromises like you just as carelessly Packed word packages. Exactly this Unconditionality, the struggle to every Detail, drives Judith schalansky. Some may call that pedantic, you can even call it a passion.


Judith Schalansky: der Hals der Giraffe (2011), Suhrkamp Verlag

Judith Schalansky was born in 1980, studied art history and communication design, Typographic basics taught at the University of applied Sciences in Potsdam and lives as a freelance writer and book designer in Berlin. For her “Atlas of remote Islands” (2009), it was with the 1. The price of the book art Foundation award. Your Bildungsroman “of The neck of the Giraffe” has been named the 2012 “most Beautiful German book”.