Critics condemn AfD-registration portal


It goes to AfD, then students should notify teachers if they Express themselves politically. There will be resistance to the Internet was formed-pillory of the right-wing populists. For many it’s reminiscent of the Mediterranean of dictators.

On the website of the group of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Hamburg, advertising for a “portal neutral schools Hamburg”. Not a very inflammatory title for a web page to the AfD parliamentary group, which interferes with the climate in Germany’s schools sensitive. On the Portal users will be called in September to report to teachers if they Express themselves in the classroom, politically, and so supposedly against the neutrality commandment. To Hamburg, other AfD-parliamentary groups have announced to want to similar platforms in Bavaria, Berlin, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saxony to the Start. On Thursday, the AfD-a member of the Landtag Stefan Räpple switched the “teacher-pillory” of his party for the state of Baden-Württemberg. He justified this in a message, so that the AfD in the classroom will often demonized. “Where are we going to get to that point, when teachers give students bad grades just because they speak positively about the AfD?” From now on, could complain of the “concerned students of politically active teachers and professors,” wrote Räpple.

Minister of justice: “A means of dictatorships”

Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD), condemned the AfD provocation

So far, it seemed as if the AfD with your Internet-Pranger the other parties demonstrated once again by the media. But now, the voices, the ways the actions of the AfD sharply back. Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) called for the Setting up of such reporting portals is an act of “organised denunciation”. It was “a means of dictatorships”, criticized the SPD politician in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Who began such a thing as a party, to expose unpopular teacher, and set in the pillory, the give a lot about his own understanding of democracy price, added the Minister of justice.

Also teachers ‘ associations, officials, representatives and Ministers of education conference (KMK) were outraged. The current KMK-Chairman called the Internet pillory for a teacher is a “No-Go”. If the AfD challenge here is that for children to become informers, to remind him this is the darkest time of German history from 1933 to 1945, said of the Thuringian Minister of education, on public television. “That’s why we need to show a clear edge.”

As well as politically, and politically, the school must be: In Germany, has begun a debate

Teachers criticize portals as an attempt at Intimidation

According to the President of the German teachers ‘ Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, wants to make the AfD with their reporting portal, the “Denigrate, without any Verification of the contents”. “And then there is of course the attempt to put yourself in a victim role, and to claim that Germany’s teachers to inform unilaterally,” said the teacher representatives on the morning magazine of the ARD and the ZDF. “This attempt at Intimidation, we reject in the strongest possible terms.” The Funke media group, said Meidinger, a teacher can have, of course, the right to his political opinion in the lessons. He had to draw this opinion not only for the students.

A ban on Internet-reporting portals, in the view of the KMK-Chairperson Holter legally difficult to enforce. Some state governments have announced their intention to take legal action against the AfD to initiate. Concerned teachers recommended a Holter, to apply to the competent Ministry to clarify whether personality rights had been violated. “Then you have to take action against it by a lawyer.”

Democracy education should be strengthened

In addition, the education, announced Minister of the country, to strengthen the policy and democracy education in Germany. In a 13-page paper for school education competent Minister agree that issues such as racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, sexism, and homophobia more in the classroom should be debated. In the document submitted to the Funke media group, write to the Minister of education: “What is in the science and policy communities, it must also appear in the teaching of controversial.”

Marlis Tepe, President of the education and science trade Union (GEW), welcomes the proposals made by the KMK and announced that the faculty will participate actively in this change of Course. “According to the Pisa-shock, the Mint has strengthened the subjects, math and English,. Now is the time to back the political formation to the front again.”

In the social media, the AfD garnered a lot of headwind for the reporting portal. Single User and the party of Free Democrats, called on to flood the Portal with satirical messages in order to block it. Followers of the Message and enjoyment of the claim for the right to freedom of expression.

A school-based vacuum in favor of the right-wing populists

Who talks with a few teachers personally who listens to another perspective. A Berlin teacher, who visited the state centre for political education in Berlin, a Seminar against “right-wing agitation”, the educational landscape is currently poorly positioned to contact against continuing provocations of the AfD.

The teacher wants to remain anonymous. From their school environment, the teacher reported that the AfD party members to be at events to be omnipresent, while other parties could hardly look. In addition, she had noticed repeatedly that the AfD was not far from their school with information stands present. “The other parties can be seen here, if elections are on the agenda”, criticized by the teacher. So a political vacuum, which promote extreme political positions emerging slowly but surely.