Benedict Wells: “The end of solitude”


Three siblings, a car accident and a life-long love: The young Benedict Wells is told in “The end of loneliness” with Verve and wit from growing up and converts on the footsteps of the great role models.

“And then the 8 came. January, a Sunday. In the years after that, I have tried often, to me, a dull premonition sealed, but that was probably nonsense. Towards the evening, the phone rang. When my aunt picked up the phone, I immediately felt the change in the atmosphere.”

You don’t betray too much, when you reported at this point, what on 8. January is done, from the car accident, the parents of the young hero Jules told. The initial situation in the novel “The end of solitude,” the reader knows early on. Jules and his two siblings Marty and Liz are orphans, you are alone.

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“The end of solitude” by Benedict Wells

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“The end of solitude” by Benedict Wells

The novel is about the injuries of the soul

Sure, Jules brother and sister are still there, and relatives take care of the Three. But what happens in the soul, in the head, what is with the Psyche of one who is not yet grown-up and something Terrible happens?

“Like a spreading crack, my Fears increased. I began to be afraid of the dark, fear of death, of eternity. This thought drove a spike into my world, and the more I about all of the thought about it, the more I removed myself from my often light-hearted, good-humored peers. I was not alone. And then I met Alva.”

Alva, a young girl, the intimate friend of Jules, love and Sex, the two first think. The Two parts of interests, you love music and books, share, about life, about losses, hopes and aspirations.

The young Benedict Wells grew up like his literary Hero of Jules in boarding schools

Heavy topics – easy-to-read: The end of loneliness

A Couple of you is only achieved much later, since the book is already far advanced, years have passed, both have had other partners. And yet, this relationship between Jules and Alva of the inner core, the soul of the novel, which tells a whole life, from youth to adulthood.

“This is all like a seed. The boarding school, the school, what happened with my parents. All of this will be sown in me, but I can’t see what makes it to me. Only when I adult am, comes the harvest, and then it is too late.”

Benedict Wells has written seven years of his fourth novel, which came out in 2016 in the book stores. He was only in his mid-twenties, when he began the book. “The end of solitude” can you imagine, under the title “From the end of the youth” would have been, is an amazing novel. He tells of loss, death and illness and is an easy-to-read book, entertaining, jam-Packed with events from the life of Jules’.

The German edition of the novel in which the Hero is called Jules, adorns Truffaut a picture with Francois and Jeanne Moreau – a salute to Truffaut’s movie “Jules and Jim”

“The best John Irving novel, is not from John Irving,” praised a critic of the novel. Benedict Wells, who was actually born with the family name von Schirach, changed its name to Wells – also because of him, Homer Wells in John Irving’s “the work of God and the devil liked post” as well. In addition to Irving, you may call confidently a US author who could come up with a reading of “The end of solitude” by Paul Auster. That Wells has also read these, reveals a point in the novel.

But the beauty of the novel is that one never has the feeling that here is a young, talented German author lehne, the only great role models. Benedict Wells has a voice entirely its own literary weight, and it creates a wide readership.


Benedict Wells: “The end of solitude” (2016), Diogenes Verlag.

Benedict Wells was born in 1984 in Munich, attended various boarding schools, and published, with 23 of his novel, “Becks last summer”, which is now made. “The end of solitude” is the fourth novel of the author, the living several years in Barcelona in Berlin. Benedict Wells has also the Swiss citizenship.