“Raif Badawi Award” goes to of the Arab journalists Association, ARIJ


For more than a decade, the “Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism” devote itself to the promotion of investigative journalism in Arab newsrooms. The media organization was excellent.

“We have opted for ‘Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism’ (ARIJ), because they work in an increasingly difficult environment for education and transparency, not infrequently risking their lives”, – reads the statement of the Jury. Networks such as ARIJ, be a role model for journalists throughout the Region. Who combining, research, publish and mutually support was “stronger than alone,” and more could be achieved. “The ‘Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism’ are beacons in a darkening world.”

Passion and courage

The journalists Association was founded in 2005 in Amman, Jordan – with the aim of promoting investigative journalism in the Region. The organization supports journalists and their projects from Print, Radio, TV and Online media in Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Tunisia, Iraq, Bahrain and Yemen. From the collaborations in the network of investigative research, occur to sensitive issues such as scandals in Jordanian orphanages or misuse of funds for school construction projects in Iraq.

Constantin Schreiber (R) with Ensaf Haidar, wife of imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi

TV presenter Constantin Schreiber, called the price, welcomed the jury’s decision in the September Express: “peace needs freedom. Freedom needs independent journalism. The ‘Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism’ is an important contribution to establish independent journalism in the Arab world. Your work is courageous, passionate, and it is absolutely worth it to be with Raif Badawi Award.”

Raif Badawi – since 2014, in detention

The journalists ‘ prize is intended to remind you of the imprisoned Saudi Blogger Raif Badawi, 2014 because of his Islam-critical texts, was sentenced to 1,000 lashes and ten years in prison. “Raif Badawi Award” is awarded by the FDP-affiliated Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung, by the Börsenverein of the German book trade and is not doped. Previous winners of the Moroccan Journalist Ali Anouzla (2015), the journalists of the refugee radio Dange NWE in the Iraqi town of Halabja in the (2016) and the Turkish Investigative Journalist Ahmet Sik (2017).

At the award ceremony at the Frankfurt book fair also Raif neighbours objecting to wife, Ensaf Haidar, who fled after the arrest of her husband with their three children to Canada and now in Quebec, lives took. She hopes to continue on the release of her husband.

Berlin 2015: Demonstration for Raif Badawi

Days of date for this year’s award ceremony, the organization “reporters without borders” in a message indicates that since September of last year in Saudi Arabia, more than 15 journalists and bloggers in a completely opaque manner, was detained. The occasion was the mysterious Disappearance of a Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The 59-year-old critics of the regime had entered more than a week ago the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey and is missing since then.

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