Brexit-Diary 47: Dog Days


Measure fever in Brexit negotiations, the blood-red line of the unionists in the North of Ireland, settled in Birmingham in the Tory-Congress of dance and how the Brexit on the dog came.

There is a vague, post-apocalyptic mood about the Brexit negotiations. An early agreement was possible, it was from British sources. It was very close, say the EU negotiators. All to keep so in short the air. The divorce agreement should be as good as finished up to the still intractable Irish border problem. European Council President Donald Tusk, the still-acts at the summit in Salzburg as a bad uncle, was at the weekend, as a Consolation: “I have a hope, bordering on certainty that we will have at the end of a divorce agreement”. And also Jean-Claude Juncker said: “The Potential for convergence has increased in the last days.”

Cold compresses, cajoling, headache pills – in the final stages of the Brexit everything is right

It is how to measure fever with a heavy flu sick. For a Moment the situation appears to be improving, then, again, there is a setback. Until the last Minute remained, for example, unclear whether the EU Commission would approve at their Meeting on Wednesday, the separation agreement and the outline of the so-called political Declaration. Then the cancellation was not confirmed, because it is so far. The so-called policy is intended to describe the future relationship between the EU and the UK. It is so far from “tags with comments”. The details to be negotiated in the transition period, from April next year, so that Theresa May must put your citizens to Christmas around the Brexit as a “Christmas-hollow body” on the gifts table.

Of beautiful words, not to there is no end to the scheduled ten to 20 pages Each bet that mass imprisonment “close ties, long-standing friendship, deep partnership and close cooperation”. However, this paper is a liability, a Declaration of political intent without any legal. The Europeans want to keep it open, how intimately close to the British to be actually. Given the political roller-coaster ride in London since the Referendum diplomats consider it a sensible precaution.

This is a totally awkward Smile as Theresa May and Arlene Forster

Blood-red lines in Northern Ireland

Evil tongues claim that party leader Arlene Foster from the Northern Irish DUP was Theresa May’s Boss. It is clear that the majority earner in Westminster on the future of the Prime Minister and the Brexit. Of course, there are other hazards, such as those obscure group of 40 hard Brexiteers under the Conservatives, to be ready to plunge May, if a wimp-Brexit threatens. But as for the DUP, so no one knew before the ill-fated parliamentary elections in the spring 2017 in Europe, who or what is “Democratic Unionist Party”. She was regarded as politically irrelevant sect. In the meantime, but touring Arlene Foster by Brussels and Brexit declared negotiator, Michel Barnier their “blood-red lines”. Simply red is not enough here, in the North of Ireland blood is always in the game.

The party leader is thirteen percent of the voters in Northern Ireland and represents the equivalent of only one per cent of the British total. The Brexit, it is generally a matter of the control of the EU back. Even if this lands, then in the case of a splinter party in Northern Ireland. The main thing is that she is torn from the Brussels Eurocrats.

With regard to the blood-red lines, a Brexit could build agreement, no regulatory or customs barriers between Northern Ireland and the Kingdom, affirms Forster. Just as little as between Northern Ireland and a member of the EU Ireland, because there may be no visible boundary between the two. But Theresa May wants to leave the customs Union, a solution is logically impossible. This was all shot dozens of times and have been turned. Barnier offers all of its charm, to minimizing the seriousness of the border issue in the sense of the EU””.

But the unionists here’s principle. Nothing in Northern Ireland should be different than in the Rest of Brexit-the UK. Well-meaning observers interpretation see somewhere in the comments of Arlene Foster. A too intense observation of the Brexit process leads to optical illusions.

Thresa May quite loose in Birmigham, because these party friends, you must remain totally relaxed

In Birmingham, the Congress was dancing

What did you have tipped Theresa May just in the tea, that she had to be convinced to dance to Abbas “Dancing Queen” in the party Congress hall in Birmingham? And you can imagine such a thing in the case of Angela Merkel? The Chancellor would not Deposit them at gunpoint to a dance at the CDU party conference get carried away. But the British Prime Minister was probably convinced that their only chance of Survival against the attacks of the Brexiteers Boris Johnson and Rees would be Mogg an incredibly relaxed Show – and the concept went on. Theresa May seemed less tense than usual, which is probably also due to the dance routines.

She also talked about one or the other political issue that is of concern to the people really. The pressing shortage of housing, for example, when you promised to help somehow. And the cuts in public services, which many Britons felt in the last few years, bitter. So, the Prime Minister vowed that she would finish the year-long austerity. But the citizens have become cynical when it comes to the announcement of policy of the government; storms of enthusiasm were in any case. To many, it is clear that May not want to distribute the money you may have after the Brexit.

Which one would be in the yawning, empty speech, in Mays. Nothing you mentioned namely the bad word “Chequers”. The proposal, which had been decided at the Cabinet meeting on the eponymous country office and the EU declined in Salzburg, so clearly had. She spoke only of the “our proposal”, suggesting that you will go with a similar Plan with another Name in the next round of Negotiations in Brussels. As she hopes, then, that all of the face while to say Yes, when the “Chequers” is renamed “Apple pie”. But surely this is not of course. The party leader before contained to your base, what you are really up to. Because you don’t know just exactly what it is they come through at the end of the EU. And they left open the most important question: when are the “best days”, which are supposedly even before the British?

Here, every dog can lift on Boris Johnson’s leg – an irresistible offer

Dogs, do you want these Brexit?

Around 1,000 dogs protested with their mum and dad this Sunday in London against the Brexit. Decorated in EU colours, or as a carrier of small protest posters were everywhere as the true Europeans. Especially the pee stations large crowd had gathered where they could to images of upper-Brexiteers like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg make it easier. The event should strengthen the call for a second Referendum and made it clear what some suspected for a long time: The Brexit has gone to the dogs.

Would this Mr on this lady funny?

Brexit quote of the week

Parts of the British press were already piqued. The President of the Commission since about Theresa May and her dance routine in Birmingham funny, as he rocked on Monday at the beginning of his speech in the bar? His spokesman Margaritis Schinas quickly calmed the excitement over alleged any form of disrespect towards the British head of government: “What is our life without dancing and singing would be …?” was the Greek to consider. And Leaving without a sense of humour would also be utterly intolerable.