Share of Renewable energies in global consumption is rising faster


The share of renewable energy in the global consumption of pulls faster than before, reports the International energy Agency. However, the largest part of bioenergy from power – which is not unproblematic.

The proportion of renewable energy in the global energy consumption is growing rapidly. This is evident from the annual report and Six-year Outlook from the International energy Agency on Renewable energy, which was presented on Monday in London. In the past year the consumption of renewable energies grew up, therefore, three times faster than the total consumption.

Up to the year 2023, the experts expect, according to the report, the share of renewable energy in the total global consumption will grow by two percentage points to 12.4 percent – faster than in the previous Six-year period.

Bioenergy makes up a third of the growth

A third of the growth will take place according to the report, in the field of bioenergy. This is mainly due to the fact that energy from biomass, especially in the areas of heating and Transport, where 80 percent of the world’s energy consumption take place.

Also in 2023 it will be the largest renewable energy source, even if wind and solar grow power faster. The International energy Agency indicates in its report that only sustainably produced and used for bioenergy is intended to serve climate protection. To ensure clear guidelines in the policy were necessary. Nevertheless, the bioenergy Fund is vital in order to avoid the emission of carbon dioxide in the energy system.

More Renewable electricity generation

In power generation the share of Renewables will be up in five years, about 30 percent, estimate the experts. Last year, Renewable energy accounted for 178 gigawatts for the first time, more than two-thirds of the global expansion of power generation capacity.

Most photovoltaic to be expanded plants. They were extended worldwide in the past year to 97 GW, of which half originated in China. In the case of Onshore wind power and hydro power, the growth slowed down.

By 2023, the IEA’s experts expect worldwide with an additional 600 gigawatts of photovoltaic systems. A prominent role of the decentralized electricity generation, according to the report, half of the growth in the forecast period. The total capacity will go up to a Terawatt, 40 percent of which will be in China.

China the largest growth market

Germany will build the Outlook that up in five years to 13.7 gigawatts of additional solar power generation plants – far more than in the previous year.

China is the strongest growth market for all Renewable energies. On the second place, the European Union will overtake the United States in the next five years, according to the IEA.

Only slowly it is progressing Renewable energy in the area of traffic and Transport. In the year 2023, biofuels will account for only four percent of the total consumption of other renewable energy are lagging behind.

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