What makes a right a German NGO in Lebanon?


Self-helpers that are close to the Identity, called money to distribute in a Lebanese refugee camp. What do you do in this promotion? A trace of search on-the-spot.

In this Camp in the Lebanese Bekaa valley, the AHA is committed to Association of the Identitarian movement

Muazzaz Ali and daughter Lama Farzad sit in the shadow of a cross. Sun light falls on the plane through a window at the white tent; the strut, the glass, throw a cross-shaped shadow on the cloth.

The two women are Syrian refugees, the war has made widows. You sit on the floor of the tent, hands folded together, gazing down. It almost looks as if they prayed to the cross. But they are Muslims, which is itself only one of many information about you. For the Germans, who pay the rent for this tent, it changes everything.

In this may, two German in the refugee camp appeared in the Lebanese Bekaa valley. They wore T-Shirts with the inscription “help site” and gave themselves as a helper.

“They talked with us about the war,” says Muazzaz, didn’t know who the two men were. “They filmed our tent.”

Muazzaz Ali, their daughter, Lama, Farzad and their son in their makeshift home in a Lebanese refugee camp

Help in name only?

The two Germans belong to a group called the “Alternative Help Association” (AHA), which allegedly wants to help war-affected people, as well as many other organizations. Your actual destination is different, however: you want to stop the escape to Europe. The two men, Nils Altmieks and Sven Engeser, visited the camp as a clerk of AHA, but they are also members of the new right and Identitarian movement is spreading in Europe.

The AHA Logo, a house with a pointed roof on an outstretched Hand, framed by a circle, at first glance Similarities to the Identity of the Logo, where only two lines at the same angle as the house roof, pulled up to the circle. On the AHA website, the connection between the two clubs is not mentioned explicitly in the FAQ there is, however, a little meaningful answer to the question: “Why is our project operates under the name of the Identitarian movement?”

The movement describes itself as Patriotic and rejects Connections to the extreme Right. This prevents you but not to preach Islamophobia, and to call for an explicit EU-wide admission stop for Muslims. They advocate a concept called “Ethno-pluralism”, according to the political regions according to the ethnic distribution of classified should be.

The Website of the Identitarian movement claims that Europe is going through a demographic crisis, because “our peoples, societies, and mass by the plummeting birth rate and the simultaneous growth of Islamic parallel no hike to the minority in their own countries”. The organization, which is observed since 2016 from the protection of the Constitution speaks of a supposed “Great exchange”.

The Identitarian movement warns of a supposed “great exchange”, a Demo in June 2016 in Berlin

Sven Engeser, according to the imprint for the Website of the AHA responsible. The DW asks him how your description is to be understood in Europe as a “Christian continent”, and how the influence of refugees in his eyes, challenge your “Christian identity”. Engeser responds: “most of The migrants coming to Europe have a Muslim Background and thus contribute to the Islamization of the continent. In several major European cities, we, as Europeans, are already in the minority. We want to protect our ethnic and cultural identity.”

Through these goals, AHA had not informed the families that she had met, according to the statement. The DW-visit in the refugee camp say they knew nothing about the intentions of the men who appeared as if they were just good Samaritans.

“No, you haven’t told us that you will help us to Syrian refugees, or Muslims as a disincentive to go to Europe,” explains Lama Farzad. Your mother Muazzaz Ali looks offended: “Syrians have to leave their home, because in your country there is war. Nobody likes to be in exile,” she says of the DW.

On the allegations of the women addressed, says Sven Engeser: “I know which family you were talking about. Only a few weeks ago, we visited the families, and about our goals spoken.”

A Demostration of the Identitarian movement in June 2017 in Berlin

Minimal help, maximum attention

AHA helps ten families in Lebanon with a total of US $ 100 (87 Euro) over a period of three months. The payments are considered to be charity – but they are far away from what would be needed to help the millions of refugees in Lebanon or even to dissuade, to take the dangerous journey to Europe.

The calls of other aid organisations on the scene, the doubt whether AHA really wants to provide real help. One of them, Medico International, a German organization working in Lebanon with local partners to help Syrian refugees.

Your coordinator for Syria and Lebanon, Till Küstner, explains that the fundamental idea of the AHA to influence the political debate in Germany and to urge further to the right. “You try as a group to represent the city in Lebanon active and associate these projects with their political struggle against foreigners, the current migration policy in Germany and the democratic System in Germany as a whole.”

Muazzaz Ali and Lama Farzad together with assistant Nadia Rdeini

Nadia Rdeini, an activist from the Bekaa valley, helps AHA, the families which are supposed to be benefiting from the payments. She says that AHA had no success in anyone of the trip to Europe to hold – only because none of the supported families have expressed ever such a desire. “If you get the Chance to change it maybe your attitude, but that is not the same,” says Rdeini of the DW.

The political goals of the AHA, she has nothing left. “As if I was running through the camp and would ask, ‘Who wants to go to Europe? Take 100 dollars and stay here.’ How naive AHA?” so Rdeini. They help mostly those who are in need of the money urgently, as the two widows.

The New Syrians taunt?

It is difficult to assess how Muazzaz Ali and Lama Farzad feel when you talk about the true Motivation of the AHA. You seem upset that the people to whom you granted access to your temporary home, you no pure wine one chenkten who you really are.

The Syrians must now overcome their Pride. 100 dollars, maybe in Germany, not a lot of money, but for you it is. Ali has problems with the spine and can’t work. Farzad sorted on a Farm, vegetables and packaged it in the harvest season. For a Twelve-hour shift, she gets seven dollars, the only income of the two women.

“We can afford hardly any bread, Oil and salt,” says Ali. In this situation, you can’t afford simply to take the money from AHA renounce.

Lama Farzad explains the Dilemma: “I know that many Syrians are in Germany, and maybe you don’t want to record, therefore, also to us,” she says. “But it’s a tough war in Syria, and if you can, you have to help us. But what should my mother and I in Europe? There’s nothing there for us.” It looks like at least this promotion would benefit the Identitarian less than the beneficiaries themselves.