Werder: Kohfeldt endowed himself


Werder Bremen continued its upward trend and defeated VfL Wolfsburg. The rise of the Hanseatic League is closely connected with coach Florian Kohfeldt, who can spend his birthday is hardly better.

Was it to him that he had his special day. Florian Kohfeldt state on Friday night in the flood light-soaked in Weser stadium on the edge of the field and seemed to be very concentrated. At its 36. Birthday he seemed to remember a second during the match between Werder Bremen and VfL Wolfsburg. At the end of the Kohfeldt Team won narrowly and somewhat happy with 2:0 (1:0) and for the Coach it was still a full holiday.

Initially it seemed not to be at all Kohfeldts day. The coach of Bremen seemed not unhappy with his Team, shook his head again and again and understood the world. His players had not just caught the best Form against the lower Saxony, Germany. The pressure full game, the vehemence that characterized the Hanseatic League, especially on home turf, was not for a long time. It is only in the 35. Minute redeemed Davy Klaassen his coach for the first time a little bit and scored the lead for Werder.

Werder upswing since the Trainer

Kohfeldt whirled with his arms, gave oral instructions to his professionals and with lived the movements and passes its professionals. The birthday girl was almost in despair. Finally, the Hanseatic League had the opportunity, at least over night to the second table position to advance. What is after many years in the lower regions of the table outright a boon for everyone Involved. That this should be at the end of the table two, the Coach is likely to have doubted during the game for a long time.

On this evening, a little bit of luck with swung, but the direction of Bremen is unique. This Werder recovery and the possibility, after many years of Famine back in the front of the table regions, is closely associated with the work of the young football teacher. Since Kohfeldt has acquired last October the office of Alexander Nouri, has found the club after his own DNA again. Combo-safer attacking football shapes the efforts of the Bremen.

In the case of Werder, it fits currently

How well the coach and Team fit currently to each other, Nuri Sahins Statement demonstrates about his new Coach, whom he knows since his move from Borussia Dortmund at the Weser, it is only since a couple of weeks. “He burns for this club and his Job. He has a very positive future, if he continues in this way,” said midfielder Sahin on Kohfeldt.

The 36-Year-old has instilled quite a Werder again this desire to courageous, attacking football. Prefer once more to the front than to the rear of the fit. And also a little more risk, as it is in the Bundesliga Usus. Even if the Kohfeldt Team does not get this is still about 90 minutes on the field, and the Coach will have to suffer on the edge of the page, because its players like the one against Nürnberg and Wolfsburg expire all of a sudden, in passivity.

The player can also measure to the industry unusual announcements the Bremer, to want back in international football. And you seem to be on the right path with this route.

Eggestein redeemed Bremer

Johannes Eggestein has scored four minutes before the end of the 2:0, the player had to change the Kohfeldt only moments earlier, was the punch line for the Coach of this for him special evening. Kohfeldt endowed. It was the 16. Home game without defeat for Bremen; a club record.

That captain Max Kruse, the extroverted offensive player of the Bremer, personally, the birthday gift from the team for the Coach is concerned, says a lot about the internal structure of the Hanseatic League. Kohfeldt must celebrate.