Borussia Dortmund with Last-Minute win against Augsburg


With the last scene in injury time, Borussia Dortmund wins against FC Augsburg. Match-winner, the Spaniard Paco Alcacer with a three-pack. Also Mario Götze can finally cheer again.

Thanks to a Last Minute goal from new signing Paco Alcacer of Spain table leaders Borussia Dortmund celebrated in the football League its fifth win of the Season and the top position defended. Borussia Dortmund against FC Augsburg in a spectacular game with 4:3 (0:1). In the sixth Minute of stoppage time Alcacer scored with a directly converted free-kick the decisive goal. Alfred Finnbogason (22.) Philipp Max (71.) had brought the guests twice in the lead. Alcacer, who had only come after 59 minutes for Maximilian Philipp, could twice to authorize care (62./80.). Then substitute Mario Götze with his first Bundesliga-this season the BVB with 3:2 (84.) to the front of the. Michael Gregoritsch (87.) possible for the Augsburg once again, however, Dortmund had the better and more spectacular. “It was a fantastic game for the spectators,” rejoiced BVB coach Lucien Favre. “But there is for me to correct much.”

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The final WHISTLE!

⚽ 90. Minute+6: CHRISTMAS for the win! ALCACER verwandelt the free kick from about 20 meters to 4:3! Incredible! Bitter, bitter for Augsburg, who have really made a good game.

90. Minute+5: YELLOW for CORDOVA after a Foul on Hakimi. Again from a free-kick for BVB.

90. Minute+3: Guerreiro takes up in the box dimension, the warp, the weft, however. Over.

90. Minute+1: Luthe parried a shot from Guerreiro, the margin of Witsel flies to the left of the Augsburg goal.

90. Minute: Four minutes to be played.

89. Minute: Almost the 4:3 for Dortmund! After a corner Alcacer comes four meters in front of the gate standing on the Ball, his shot goes just to the right of the Augsburg goal.

⚽ 87. Minute: what a move from the FCA! After a corner from Max heads GREGORITSCH from six meters into the net. Bürki is yet to come to the Ball, but can not prevent, that he flies over the line. 3:3!

86. Minute: What a story! Six games will have to wait Götze on his first Bundesliga this season, then he comes in and hits.

⚽ 84. Minute: Back TOOOR for the BVB! MARIO GÖTZE hits! After a great pass from Hakimi in the national player uses his first Chance, and hits from seven yards to make it 3:2 for Dortmund.

Bundesliga debut in the made-to-measure: Götze (l.) has taken to the 3:2, Reus congratulated

83. Minute: CHANGE in the augsburgers: CORDOVA replaced Finnbogason.

⚽ 80. Minute: GOOOOAL for the BVB. After a quickly-taken free-kick reached ALCACER from half-right Position of the 2:2!

79. Minute: YELLOW for FINNBOGASON after a Foul on Akanji.

78. Minute: Hakimi plays sharp in the Augsburg penalty area, but none of his teammates can the player exploit.

77. Minute EXCHANGE also for Dortmund: MARIO GÖTZE comes on for Weigl. It is the first Bundesliga bet of the world Cup heroes of 2014 in this season.

74. Minute: CHANGE in the augsburgers: MORAVEK now plays for cock.

⚽ 71. Minute: GOOOOAL for denFCA! MAX shoots the Ball in from five metres into the net, after Finnbogason from right geflankt and tap the Ball is not properly hit. 1:2!

Max (2.v.l.) brings the Augsburg for the second Time to the front of the

70. Minute: Nearly the opening goal for the guests! Caiuby stumble in the penalty area, but still, Hakimi can straight out to the corner. The remains unpunished.

68. Minute: the next EXCHANGE when BVB: GUERREIRO comes to Bruun Larsen.

68. Minute: the Next big chance for BVB in the Bundesliga, Following a corner, with increases Akanji to head a high ball, hits the Ball with the shoulder. Gregoritsch is scratching the leather of the line.

64. Minute: EXCHANGE in Augsburg: FELIX GÖTZE replaced Baier.

64. Minute: YELLOW for CAIUBY after a rustic Boarding against Weigl.

63. Minute: After a cross from the FRAM Berger takes Finnbogason the Ball on the volley. He hits him properly, but the Ball lands on the crossbar of the BVB gate. Bürki would probably not get to it. That was a close one.

⚽ 62. Minute: GOOOOAL for the BVB! The Joker stands out: Witsel with a dream pass, Sancho, scene, plays the Ball in the penalty area, where the only just substitute ALCACER to the 1:1 spots.

61. Minute: Someone should Reus time put, that he his nerves in check should hold. Once again the Yellow-warned BVB captain complains vehemently.

59. Minute: CHANGE for BVB: ALCACER comes on for Philip.

59. Minute: YELLOW against GOEWELEEUW after a tactical Foul on Bruun Larsen.

57. Minute: Sancho lies on the floor after a Foul by Hinteregger, the referee Schmidt has not seen it. The would have to give a free-kick for Dortmund. The BVB professional can continue to play.

54. Minute: YELLOW against Augsburg KHEDIRA after a tactical Foul on Reus, the angry on the lawn.

52. Minute: YELLOW against BVB captain, REUS due to Complain. He didn’t want to have a corner kick, the referee Schmidt but right.

49. Min: Two great chances for the FCA within one Minute, twice clears the BVB Keeper: Only parried a shot in a shot Gregoritsch from close range, then blocks a shot by Gouweleeuw.

47. Minute: the BVB, as in the last almost regularly now in the second round, right? The Augsburg-based company continue as the first half ended: with aggressive Pressing and courageous game forward.

46. Minute: The second half has begun. Both teams came in with no personnel Changes from the cab.


It remains the case that Borussia Dortmund is struggling in the first half, no matter against which opponent. Today, the FC Augsburg, making it very cleverly and has been) the 1:0 interval lead by Finnbogason (22. through his determined style of play well deserved.

The mid-term!

45. Minute+1: A Minute-by-Minute played.

44. Minute: In a 4:3 Majority plays Reus an inaccurate Pass to Sancho. And the BVB-the Chance is there.

42. Minute: Augsburg HAHN sees YELLOW after a tactical Foul on Witsel

40. Minute: After a corner the Augsburg the Ball flies over friend and enemy. Referee Schmidt blows to end the scene, because BVB goalkeeper Bürki has been addressed in the Five-Meter space.

38. Minute: A look at the statistics: Dortmund has, so far, 55 percent possession of the ball and leads in shots on goal with 8:3. But the result looks different: 0:1.

34. Minute: Philipp tried it with a Bouncing ball from 20 metres, Luthe clears for a corner. After this, the Dortmund claim a penalty for an alleged hand game of Gouweleeuw. A penalty would have been a very hard decision, because the Augsburg the Ball to the Arm jumped.

31. Minute: The first half-hour is played. The FCA deserves, so far, his leadership with a focused and courageous performance.

27. Minute: The next Chance for Finnbogason, the two meters in front of the BVB goal and the Ball comes to him but not hitting correctly. Goalkeeper Bürki scolds his front people.

26. Min: Witsel plays Reus in the penalty area, but comes not to the Ball. Luthe can take him.

25. Minute: After a corner from the right increases Zagadou at the highest, an Augsburg defender to clear off the line.

24. Minute: A flat circuit Hakimi’s sizzles just wide of the left post of the Augsburg gate. Goalkeeper Luthe was still there, there is a corner for BVB.

⚽ 22. Minute: GOOOOAL for Augsburg! FINNBOGASON! After Max’s free kick cross from the left is the BVB defence is not in the picture. The Ball gets to Finnbogason, the post from two metres through the legs Bürkis to 1:0 for the guests.

Augsburg leads with 1:0, Hahn (l.) and goal scorer Finnbogason offers

20. Minute: The Augsburg-based company uses the tactics of their Coach so far, good to: play brave.

17. Minute: Twice within two minutes, call the Augsburg a penalty after a supposed Foul by Zagadou at Gregoritsch, then after Finnbogason in the box came. In the first scene, one could not have a penalty whistle in the second. But the whistle of referee Schmidt is to remain silent.

15. Minute: The to the 1:0 for the BVB. Sancho dribbles on the right by the FCA penalty area goes back to the free-standing Reus, whose shot from eight-yards flies over the gate.

13. Min: Beautiful faster attack of the Dortmunder about Sancho and Reus, but the ball in the penalty area missed Bruun Larsen.

10. Minute: Hakimi crosses in the Augsburg penalty area. Bruun Larsen wants to lay in the middle. A volley shot on goal would have been the better idea.

9. Minute: rooster checks Bürki with a low shot from a tight angle, the BVB goalkeeper is defined by a block with his.

8. Min: Witsel tries it with a shot from 20 meters, the Ball flies over the goal.

7. Minute: The BVB appears for the first time in the Augsburg penalty area, but the play is not precise enough.

6. Minute: The guests attack the BVB far in the half. This is not good to Dortmund.

4. Minute: YELLOW for Augsburg BAIER after a tactical Foul on Sancho.

3. Minute: The FCA will begin, how it Trainer tree required. Three corners in the first three minutes speak a clear language.

1. Minute: Ideal football weather in Dortmund, sunshine, over 20 degrees Celsius. Because football is fun to play.

The kick-off!


15.29 PM: the referee of the match is Markus Schmidt. With a crowd of 80,000, the stadium in Dortmund is full again.

15.27 PM: “We want to be brave today,” said Augsburg coach Manuel Baum in “Sky”: “The head must not go for a Dortmund Chance allowed.” At the last away appearance eleven days ago, his team surprised with a 1:1 with record Champions FC Bayern. The tree, the FCA’s starting line-up: Luthe – Gouweleeuw, Khedira, Hinteregger FRAM Berger, Max – Baier – Hahn, Gregoritsch, Caiuby – Finnbogason.

15.25 PM: coach Lucien Favre warns of the augsburgers: “We are playing against a very organised opponent.” This BVB starting line-up sent to coach Favre on the court today: Bürki – Hakimi, Akanji, Zagadou, Diallo – Witsel, Weigl – Sancho, Reus, Bruun Larsen Philip.

15.23 PM: “It is still not all perfect, we are still in the discovery phase,” says Sebastian Kehl, head of the BVB-license game Department. “Of course we want to defend the lead in the table. But today, it is quite a hard box.”

15.21 PM: Mario Götze on his first appearance in this season of hope. The world Cup Hero of 2014 for today’s game against Augsburg in the squad of Borussia Dortmund. In the last four League matches, coach Lucien Favre had waived completely on idol. The six years younger brother, Felix sits at the opponent FCA also initially on the bench.

15.19 PM: The BVB must, for the time being on Marius Wolf without. The club announced before today’s game, the offense moved a player with a muscle fiber tear in the thigh.

15.17 PM: For Borussia Dortmund runs it currently. BVB started with four Wins and two draws in the Bundesliga season. The Dortmund lead the table – in front of Werder Bremen, defeated yesterday evening, the VfL Wolfsburg with 2:0. On Wednesday, the black and yellow celebrated a 3:0 success in the Champions League against AS Monaco, it was the second victory in the second season was a game in the European elite class. Opponents FC Augsburg is with two defeats, a draw and defeats started and is currently in the Bundesliga table.

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