Hunger strike over concern for Sentsov remains


The to sentenced in Russia to 20 years in prison, the Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov has ended his hunger strike after more than 140 days. His health condition is critical. A Portrait.

On Friday morning, Russian media reported that the imprisoned Ukrainian film Director Oleg Sentsov ended his month-long hunger strike – the messages came first, but on distrust. Finally, staff of the Russian Federation had shown, so far, determined the protest to continue at any cost. To his state of health, it is contradictory information, the Russian authorities claimed always that he was “stable”. Senzows lawyer spoke of a dramatic deterioration. In September, it was said that the Director had written a kind of artistic Testament for the event of his death.

At the end of September, the staff of the Russian Federation had been brought from the penal colony Labytnangi North of the Arctic circle in a city hospital of an investigation. On a photo that was allegedly made during the investigation, staff of the Russian Federation greatly emaciated. On Friday afternoon, the people confirmed right Liudmyla Denisowa officer in the Ukrainian Parliament, that Sentsov had quit his hunger strike. She said, however, he was “in critical condition, practically beyond the limit”.

Later, a statement from staff of the Russian Federation itself came. In a letter he gave to his lawyer Dmitry Dinse, writes the film-maker, he was forced to give up the hunger strike from 6. To end of October.

“In connection with my critical health condition and the onset of pathological Changes in my internal organs, the force-feeding is planned for me. My opinion is not taken into account. It no longer assumes that I am able to, my health condition and the danger to my health to reasonably assess”, with their own hands. He claimed that the forced feeding was carried out as part of the life-saving measures. “Under these conditions, I have to stop the hunger strike from tomorrow,” he said. Staff of the Russian Federation said that he regretted that he had not reached his goal.

No release before the football world Cup in 2018

Sentsov had his hunger strike on 14 may. Began in may this year, almost exactly to the day four years after his arrest on the Crimean Peninsula annexed. He demanded the release of dozens of Ukrainian prisoners from Russian prisons, which he considered to be political. This requirement remained unfulfilled. Staff of the Russian Federation clearly hoped for his own release or an exchange of the football world Cup in Russia in the summer of 2018, however, this hope did not.

The 42-year-old film Director Oleg Sentsov comes from Simferopol in the Crimea. In 2011, he produced the Film “Gamer”, a story about a Cyber-athlete. The Film received several international festival awards. Due to the success of the strip also Senzows moved next project in 2013, the Film “rhinoceros” about children of the 90s, attention.

Solidarity: Director Sergei Loznitsa pleaded together with other colleagues for the release of Sentsov

Turning Point Of The Maidan

As in the autumn of 2013, the protests on the Maidan, the independence square in Kiev, started, stopped with their own hands to work his movie and supported the Pro-European movement in the country. In February 2014, occupied by the Russian military in the Crimea and blocked the barracks on the Peninsula. With their own hands helped the trapped Ukrainian soldiers with food.

Sentsov was arrested in may 2014 in the Crimea with the justification of terrorist suspicion from Federal security service of Russia (FSB), together with three other persons: the Ukrainian activists Oleksandr Koltschenko, the photographer Gennady Afanasyev and the historian Oleksij Tschirnij.

The FSB claimed that all the four had planned in Simferopol, Sevastopol and Yalta terrorist attacks. Staff of the Russian Federation have cited, the Russian investigator, a grouping of a total of seven man, which had been the nationalist Ukrainian movement “Right sector” near. After the other people will still search.

Specifically, it was about two arson attacks against the office of the Pro-Kremlin party “United Russia” and the Organisation “Russian community of the Crimea”. The incendiary-caused damage low property. In addition, staff of the Russian Federation was accused of, he didn’t want to blow up the Lenin monument and the world war II memorial “Eternal flame”.

Statement made under torture

Sentsov was convicted in August 2015 in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don to 20 years, Koltschenko to ten years in prison. Afanasyev and Tschirnij had previously received sentences of imprisonment of seven years. The indictment against Koltschenko and staff of the Russian Federation was based mainly on statements of Tschirnij and Afanasiev. Both refused but, in the process against Koltschenko and staff of the Russian Federation testify. Afanasyev explained that he had made his previous statements under torture.

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Concern for Oleg Sentsov

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Three months on hunger strike: concern for Oleg Sentsov

At the beginning of 2016, the staff of the Russian Federation was sent to Yakutia and from there to a penal colony in Labytnangi. The city is situated at the height of the polar circle. Koltschenko reports in February of 2016, according to the media in a high-security custody in Chelyabinsk in the Urals.

Staff of the Russian Federation denied any guilt and said that he had been tortured to force him to testify against the leaders of the Maidan movement. “The Maidan is the most important thing I’ve done in my life. But that does not mean that I am a Radical’am,” he said prior to the Russian court.

“I’m not a Terrorist”

In connection with the escape of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to Russia with their own hands said: “We have chased away our criminal President, and your country, the Crimea is occupied, I returned there and was there, as on the Maidan as a Volunteer.”

In the Crimea he had spoken with hundreds of people. “We have been thinking about what we can do next. But I have never called any actions that would have had to Sacrifice to be able to lead. I have not created a terrorist Organisation and had no Links to the ‘Right sector'” said staff of the Russian Federation.

Although staff of the Russian Federation itself had not asked for a pardon, has asked the Russian leadership however, on several occasions, to pardon staff of the Russian Federation. The last plea for mercy came from his mother and was also rejected. Sentsov is a Ukrainian citizen. According to the law on the annexation of Crimea to Russia, it applies to Moscow as a Russian citizen and is treated accordingly.