Education: Old Young helps


Senior experts, to prevent young people leaving education and training. The demand is growing rapidly, because the holdings also include young people with poor school qualifications and Refugees in the education.

What is Renewable energy? “Gasoline, because you have to refill the Tank again and again?”, considering Max Saido (Name changed). Anything other than renewable, explains Wilhelm Schlegel, the three apprentices of the Cologne-based company Lohmar: The fuel is made from petroleum and its reserves are finite. Schlegel has brought with him a chart of the German electricity mix, and an article in simple language about the coal-fired power plants and the hambach forest. Then he helps Saido, to paint the sketch of a power plant on the Board (article image).

The retired civil engineer in charge of the future plant mechanic on a volunteer basis. He is one of around 13,000 experts in the Pool of senior experts Services (SES). The Bonner Foundation uses the expertise of retired persons for missions at home and abroad.

The fastest growing SES-area is the Initiative VerA (preventing training dropout). Since its launch 12 years ago, it has supported around 10,000 young people, more than 4400 in the past year alone. Employers can contact VerA, but also vocational schools, parents, or caring for Refugees.

Under Stress, the words are missing

Lohmar, a craft business for heating, sanitary and air-conditioning technology, has done it. “We have a Trainee from Serbia. He could, although English relatively well, but we wanted to promote it a bit more, so that he understands from the very beginning, everything and connection in the vocational school,” says Patrick Lohmar, responsible for personnel issues in the family.

A further two to four of the 14 trainees of the company together since then, on a Friday afternoon, with senior expert Schlegel. The guys come in voluntarily, it is their leisure time. “I had been told by a couple of ugly notes on the last witness”, Max Saido, now it’s over better.

Senior Expert Schlegel (3.v.l.) with trainees, and Michael (3.v.r.) and Patrick Lohmar (l.) from the training company

Saido comes from the West African state of the Gambia and has made Germany the main graduation. The Serb Aladin Arifovic has managed the intermediate examination with flying colours, but gain more confidence when speaking German. Technical and customer conversations are still difficult, under Stress, he finds no words. Kevin Shoo, although native, can also use a little tutoring.

Ask questions of the various info sources, to proceed prudently, the Schlegel will teach you all the. It deals with current issues, but also to spelling, or Arithmetic. Can be an insulated wall five meters thick? “You will learn to identify the result, whether the statement is plausible,” says Schlegel.

“Some will surrender in the examination, although they are not poor-professionals,” master Stefan Lohmar. “But you have to understand a Problem in order to read texts, and to give a written answer.” It was because their English skills are sketchy, either because they have not learned in school.

Less trainees, intensive care

Previously, the number of applicants were, companies could pick and choose the Best. Those days are gone. Businesses, medical practices and administrations could not last occupy 48.900 training courses: almost three times as much as in the year 2009, shows the data report, in 2018 the Federal Institute for vocational education and training.

Just craftsmen and medium-sized industrial companies can hardly find new talent. “We reject jobs because we have no people. We could set of to loose 20 employees,” said Patrick Lohmar.

Even more important is that the trainees create the challenging training, even if more intensive support is necessary: “We do more than other companies, of course, out of self-interest,” says Lohmar.

Wilhelm Schlegel is happy that “his” apprentices make progress, because of the professional like and you correctly at the building site to lend a hand. Working with young people is: “I have previously taught as an engineer and at schools, and tours through the company made”.

Because he will not be bored in retirement, and his knowledge wanted to bring in, he signed up three years ago at SES. As a senior expert, he can choose his team and get as many support as it suits him. The Foundation is looking for more experts from the crafts, technology and health care, to meet the demand. Foreign language knowledge and experience in the dual training system are helpful.

Class teachers and the authorities

Rüdiger pack Mohr was a high school teacher for math and physics. For some years he worked as a development worker in Africa. A few months ago, he was in the SES in a school in Malawi, in the next year, maybe to Tanzania.

Rüdiger pack Mohr teaching in Malawi

Just pack Mohr takes care of the Trainee Serafou Barry in a mostly operating electrical Rex in North Rhine-Westphalia, Overath.

The 30-year-old refugee from Guinea who worked in the home as an electrician. “You can tell that he has a clue, but the technical language is still a Problem,” says the Mentor. The two meet the Tests and what’s coming up once a week in an empty class room and go through the homework, else.

The master pack Mohr has a short wire. If necessary, he would go to the authorities, because a German companion gives the concern is now even more emphasis.

Recently, his pupil had changed to the vocational school: “I have spoken with his class teacher, so he knows that someone cares, and he can turn to in an emergency to me”.

To the journeyman’s certificate, it will take approximately three years: as Long as the senior expert Barry wants to stand to the side. “And if something goes wrong, it’s just in the extension,” says pack Mohr.