#MeToo: Tyrolean festival, Gustav Kuhn took a leave of absence


The Artistic Director of the Festspiele in Erl and be accused of sexual Assault and bullying. As a response, he left his office as the festival head to rest. The Board of Directors absent him from his work as a conductor.

According to the allegations of sexual Assault, the Executive Board of the Tyrolean festival, Gustav Kuhn of the planned Conduct of the games
relieved. The leave of absence of Kuhn is applicable to the “final clarification of the charges against him”, stated the festival on Friday. From the artistic Director, was drawn to Kuhn’s already the end of July. Both the prosecution as well as in the Austrian Chancellery established Commission for equal treatment will deal with the case.

Roles for sexual services?

The head of the Tyrolean festival, Gustav Kuhn (72), is said to have harassed female members of his ensemble and bullied. In addition, it is also sexual Assault, write to the singers Julia Oesch and Mona Somm, and a further three artists in their open letter from 25. July to the festival management.

Kuhn had promised Oesch roles, under the condition to provide him with sexual services. The incident, however, was 19 years old. Somm had been kissed by Kuhn in front of a presentation to the chest. Encouraged by the international #MeToo debate, women have been Public. Festival President Peter Haselsteiner game then stated that the Tyrolean festival had it all games made to verify the accusations against Kuhn.

Gustav Kuhn rejected the accusations vehemently, the step to leave his office to rest, is not an admission of guilt. A spokesman for the festival explained, Kuhn will perform his function as artistic Director until the complete clarification of the Case, in order to further damage of the fixed turn games. To the utmost of his now-initiated leave of absence Kuhn.

Inclined also in the architecture of The Festspielhaus in Erl/Tyrol

Twilight of the gods in Tirol

Since the beginning of the year 2018, the scandal has been brewing around the games behind the Scenes. The Blogger and investigative journalist Markus Wilhelm from the Ötztal valley had posted anonymous complaints about the allegedly inhuman working conditions, modern slavery, wage dumping, probe, terror, and sexual Assault of the long-standing festival heads of Gustav Kuhn.

The Tyrolean festival Erl, founded in 1997 by Gustav Kuhn, and Andreas Schett as the passion play house. Since 2012, also Opera and concert festivals held in the small community.

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