FC Bayern wins to Schalke


With an unchallenged success when runner-up FC Schalke 04 Champions FC Bayern takes back the lead in the table Hertha BSC. The fourth victory of the Munich in the fourth game, the fourth defeat for Schalke.

In the unequal duel of Vice-champion against the champion of the Trend of the season so far history has confirmed in the Bundesliga. The Munich won earned in Gelsenkirchen high and almost effortlessly, with a 2:0 (1:0). They came in order in the seventh game this season, the seventh win. Schalke, by contrast, is after four League-game days, still without a point and might be on Sunday the sole table. The despite two award great opportunities for outstanding James Rodriguez (8. Minute) and Robert Lewandowski with the Colombians out and fetched foul penalty (64.) scored the goals for the already sovereign leaders. Bayern had only for three hours, the table management at Hertha BSC. The Berlin defeated Borussia Moenchengladbach 4:2 (2:1).

The match at Schalke, and before the other duel of two Champions League-Starter, 1899 Hoffenheim against Borussia Dortmund, missed? Then you can read here in the DW-live Ticker:


SCHALKE – BAYERN 0:2 (0:1)







The final WHISTLE!

90. Minute +2: Bayern play now loose the time.

90. Minute +1: Three minutes to be played.

90. Minute: YELLOW for Bayern-striker WAGNER after a Kick to Naldos feet.

89. Minute: Caligiuri, today is the best Schalke, tried it with a shot from the penalty area border. Over it.

87. Min: Final CHANGE for Bayern: SANCHEZ comes on for the goalscorer to 1:0 of the guests, James.

86. Minute: Gnabrys shot from a very acute angle sweeps to the right of the Schalke goal.

84. Minute: CHANGE in the Münchenern. GNABRY replaced Ribery, the measure of coach Kovac apparently not even understand.

82. Minute: After a cross Miller in the Schalke penalty area wants to James’s head to a teammate drop a head to the ball towards the goal would be promising.

80. Minute: whistling concert the Schalke Fans against referee Siebert, after Caligiuri in a duel with Alaba to case, came and the whistle Siebert’s mute remained.

78. Min: CHANGE at FC Bayern: Lewandowski, WAGNER .

78. Minute: a super free-kick from Alaba from 25 metres. Schalke Keeper Fährmann parried shiny. The resulting corner brings nothing.

76. Minute: Schalke is in need of a small miracle here, perhaps still a point to pick up. Then it looks at the moment.

73. Minute: the next EXCHANGE with Schalke. BURGSTALLER replaces Uth.

72. Minute: Schalke 0:2 in the back, but the Fans of the Royal blue celebrate – probably more than the team.

70. Minute: Süle blocks in the penalty area a shot of Embolo, a long-range shot from substitute Harit lands next to the Bayern goal.

67. Minute: Bayern-attacking midfielder Müller tried it with a direct shot from 13 meters of warp, however.

65. Min: CHANGE at Schalke. HARIT comes on for Di Santo.

⚽ 64. Minute: GOOOOAL for Munich! LEWANDOWSKI scores the penalty low into the left corner. The ferryman would almost come to the Ball. 0:2!

63. Minute: penalty for Bayern! Scoop brings James down in the penalty area, no discussion.

59. Minute: müller’s play on Lewandowski in the Schalke penalty area fails, otherwise it would be a fire hazard.

58. Minute: Schalke will be bolder. Uth tried it with a left-footed shot from the right half Position. Bayern goalkeeper Neuer.

54. Min: CHANGE at Schalke. BENTALEB replaced the injured McKennie.

53. Minute: free-kick by Rudy rises Embolo up and heads just to the right of the Bayern goal. It was finally a good opportunity of Schalke.

50. Minute: The had to 2:0 for Bayern! Ribery and James have their counterparts, it is only to overcome Schalke goalkeeper Fährmann. Ribery cross, but James it was from three meters to the left of the goal. It was harder to shoot the Ball in addition , as a pure.

46. Minute: Bayern Munich fans kindle in the guest block of pyrotechnics and reaping whistles of the Schalke-Fans.

Some never learn – pyrotechnics in the Bayern-Block

46. Minute . The second half has begun. Both Teams are unchanged and come from the cabins.


No question, the 1:0 lead for the Bavarians through to the early goal from James (8.) is highly deserved. If you can make the Münchenern a reproach, then, that you have not refilled. The Schalke try to prevent the rear of the worst. Much more not.

The mid-term!

45. Minute: referee Siebert blows to end the first half.

43. Minute: The Schalke CALIGIURI looks for a professional foul on Goretzka YELLOW – to the right.

42. Minute: Ribery is dancing in the Schalke penalty area a player and pulling out of ten meters, the ferryman.

40. Minute: Schalke with 0:1 is still well-supported. Bayern makes the game and controlled it.

38. Minute: Schalke’s offensive efforts act to date haphazardly. With long high balls, the Bavaria is not crack defense.

35. Minute: For the umpteenth time, can Schalke Embolo not against Süle prevail. The a head taller than Bayern defender has everything under control.

33. Minute: free kick James off with their heads Hummels the Ball from eight yards over the goal of Schalke.

32. Minute: YELLOW for Schalke’s NALDO after a Foul on Goretzka.

31. Minute: Di Santo fits from the right flat in the Bayern penalty area, but Uth is not on the Ball.

29. Minute: Alabas free kick from a good 25 meters, lands on the crossbar of the Schalke goal. That was a close one, the ferryman would not come to the Ball.

27. Minute: Hummels loses in the midfield easily finished the Ball to Uth, get it but be right back. Indicative.

25. Minute: Lewandowski sends scorer James with a beautiful pass in the penalty area, but Schalke goalkeeper Fährmann parried the shot by the Columbian shiny.

23. Minute: McKennie claims with a bit of luck in the Bayern penalty area, his Pass to indoor unit to Pass. New catches the Ball.

21. Minute: Alaba tried a long-range shot from about 25 meters. The would have fit, but the Schalke goalkeeper Fährmann clears for a corner. The subsequent Header by Lewandowski ends up on the goal.

20. Min: Bayern have hit the lead a little bit of Tempo out of your game.

17. Minute: a free kick for the Schalke comes Naldo to head the ball, but not enough pressure behind the Ball. The flies clearly to the left of the gate of Bavaria.

16. Minute: the first shoots of Schalke. Uth sends Di Santo on the right side. His shot from a tight angle is preparing New, however, no effort.

13. Min: Embolo falls in the penalty area of Bayern. The Schalke Fans call for a penalty. However, the use of Bayern defender Süle was rule compliant.

11. Minute: The opening goal of the Munich re announced. Schalke have not yet found into the game.

⚽ 8. Minute: PENALTY for Bayern! JAMES heads to a corner from the right, completely unchallenged, from five yards out into the Schalke goal. The home defence looks bad. 0:1!

James (2.v.r.) scored a header from a corner, the 1:0 for Bayern

7. Minute: Next good opportunity for the guests: James comes on the right side, but Goretzka missed his play in the Schalke penalty area.

6. Minute: Bayern will accept the command. The first shoots Müller, whose shot flies out of 18 meters, two meters above the Schalke goal worried. The world champion of 2014 is angry.

4. Minute: Ten Chelsea players were in the first two corners of the Bayern in their own penalty area – a reaction of the Royal blue on the weaknesses in standard situations in the first three Bundesliga games.

1. Minute: The roof over the Arena auf Schalke is way to heavy showers closed – to a certain extent football.

The kick-off!


18.30: the referee of the game is Daniel Siebert. The Arena in Gelsenkirchen is sold out with 62.721 spectators.

18.28 PM: A glance at the Bundesligatable before the match: After all, for a short period of time is allowed to Hertha BSC after the 4:2-success in the afternoon against Mönchengladbach at the top of the sun. However, in the case of a draw at Schalke, Bayern are taking back the lead.

18h26: In the Schalke starting line-up is the so far disappointing new arrival from Munich, Sebastian Rudy: the ferryman – Sane, Naldo, Nastasic – Caligiuri, McKennie, Rudy, – adding – Di Santo – Embolo, Uth.

18.23 PM: “We try to not only the table and the results in the centre,” said Schalke coach Domenico Tedesco: “I think we are on a good path.“ At 1:1 in the Champions League against FC Porto his team was in possession of the ball, two combat rate and scoring chances at the front. Stupid only, that the not showed in the result.

18.20: “We want the game of course win,” says Kovac. He was expecting an “intense game”.

18.18 PM: “Why should he not play?”, answered Bayern coach Niko Kovac at the Sky on the question of why he is the Ex-Schalke and New Munich Leon Goretzka in the starting line-up . Here it is: New – Kimmich, Hummels, Süle, Alaba – Thiago – Müller, Goretzka, James, Ribery – Lewandowski.

18.15: The sign could not be more different. The guests from Munich have won the first three season games in all, and once again at the top of the Bundesliga table. Schalke, by contrast, lost three times and are on the penultimate place in the standings. Both have played under the week in the Champions League. Bayern won at Benfica, 2:0, Schalke parted draw from FC Porto 1:1.


Borussia Dortmund has spoiled Julian nail man the anniversary. In the 100. Duty game of the Coach of TSG Hoffenheim, the BVB had won in Sinsheim after a 0:1 deficit to a 1:1 (0:1). By the draw in the duel of the Champions-League Starter two series were, but The TSG is since 20. January unbeaten at home – just like the BVB this season under new coach Lucien Favre. The 22-year-old Brazilian Joelinton (44. Minute) put the hosts in an entertaining game. However, Christian Pulisic (84.) prevented the the seventh hope Heimer home win in a row. Dortmund’s Abdou Diallo looked for an emergency brake the Red card. (75.), but even outnumbered, managed the guests of the compensation. For unpleasant scenes, the Dortmund Fans, who raged once again against Hoffenheim patron Dietmar Hopp with abusive posters and abusive chants.


The final WHISTLE!

90. Minute +3: This was the big chance for the winning goal for the hope Heimer. After a shot of Schulz Belfodil manages to shoot from three meters, the Ball over the goal. He had to make.

90. Minute +2: A shot from distance by Witsel lands on the gate of the hope Heimer.

90. Minute +1: YELLOW for NORDTVEIT after a tactical Foul on Delaney.

90. Minute: Three minutes to be played.

87. Minute: The next good Chance for Dortmund. Again Reus comes over to the left, does not fit to the inside, where Philip meets the Ball correctly. He flies past considerably to the right of the hope in the Heidenheim goal.

86. Minute: CHANGE in Hoffenheim: BELFODIL comes on for goalscorer Joelinton.

⚽ 84. Minute: PENALTY for the BVB! Reus in the penalty area, fits inside, where PULISIC the Ball from four yards beyond the line of presses. 1:1 and in number! The Moral is true in the case of Dortmund.

BVB scorer Pulisic (R) rolls, the Ball wriggling in the net – 1:1

82. Minute: A free kick from Reus over from a good Position 18 yards from goal, and ends up in the wall of hope Heimer. The second attempt from Delaney misses significantly to the right of the goal.

78. Minute: The free kick Kramaric sails just wide of the left-hand corner of the BVB gate.

75. Minute: RED against Dortmund DIALLO after a Foul against Kramaric – because of the emergency brake. The hope Heimer would have been. Still a tough decision, but after video proof stock.

73. Minute: Philipp, can the Ball in the penalty area in the hope Heimer twelve meters in front of the gate is not under control.

69. Minute: in EXCHANGE for both Teams. When BVB plays now PHILIPP for Kagawa, in the case of Hoffenheim NORDTVEIT for making.

67. Minute: Good Chance for BVB in the Bundesliga after a free-kick from Reus, but Witsel can the Ball from a very acute angle. His shot misses to the right of the goal.

64. Minute: Kagawa checks Baumann with a shot from 13 meters. Effort on goal of the hope Heimer goalkeeper holds the Ball.

61. Minute: doubleCHANGE for Dortmund. DELANEY and SANCHO replace Dahoud and Wolf.

60. Minute: A Header by Bicakcic flies just wide of the BVB goal.

58. Minute: YELLOW for hope home POSCH after a tactical Foul.

56. Minute: The first good scoring opportunity for Dortmund. Kagawa pulls out of eight meters, Bicakcic can just bring his foot in between. The Ball flies just wide of the left post. The corner will remain without consequences.

55. Minute: Joelintons low shot from the penalty area border lands at the left pole of the BVB gate. Kramaric put the Ball in the goal, but was clearly in an Offside position.

54. Minute: The slow motion brings the resolution – no goal due to an offside position of Kramaric, directly after the corner kick in the short run. Right Decision For You!

50. Minute: The Ball is located to one corner of the hope Heimer for the second Time in the BVB goal, after a header but the ball Bicakcic from seven meters. But the match is disallowed after video evidence. Before making had a shot Kramaric at the corner clarify.

47. Minute: please courts shot from ten metres is the prey of BVB goalkeeper Bürki. The front people were in deep sleep. Dortmund coach Favre is raging.

46. Minute: The Ball rolls again in Sinsheim. The second-half. Both Teams are unchanged came out of the cabin.


Hoffenheim has the lead by the hit of Joelinton (44.) honestly earned. After decent start of the BVB after a quarter of an hour, TSG took over the command and won several Torgelegenheiten. Dortmunder had in the first round, not a single really good Chance.

The mid-term!

45. Minute+1: A Minute-by-Minute played.

⚽ 44. Minute: PENALTY to Hoffenheim! JOELINTON shoots out of twelve meters flat into the left corner of BVB’s goal. 1:0 for the TSG!

1:0 for Hoffenheim, scorer Joelinton is happy

42. Minute: The next good Chance for the TSG: Schulz crosses from the left into the BVB penalty area, the ball with his Head Joelinton flies past the gate.

40. Minute: A guide for Hoffenheim would be earned. After some verschlafenem the beginning of the house of lords are much more active team.

37. Minute: Joelinton dribbles from the left of the penalty area of the Borussia, but his Pass inside finds no players.

34. Minute: The BVB has now caught up, but we continue to wait for the first big Chance for Dortmund.

31. Minute: Bittencourt falls in the penalty area for Dortmund. No Foul, the Tackle from Akanji was fair.

27. Minute: double chance for the TSG: the First makes Akanji a shot of Brenet, and then lands a shot Kramaric, next to the BVB goal.

24. Minute: The first chance of the game has the Hoffenheimern well done. You are now safe.

21. Minute: YELLOW for Dortmund DAHOUD after a Foul on Zuber.

18. Minute: The to the 1:0 for Hoffenheim. Schulz counters on the left side, plays to the inside, where Bittencourt eight meters in front of the goal with his shot, but Bürki fails. Good Parade of the BVB goalkeeper.

15. Minute: Before the game, the TSG still lacking precision.

12. Minute: Hoffenheim stands deep in their own half, defending and lurking on the counterattack.

9. Minute: The BVB increased the pressure, the hope station, the defense in front of goalkeeper Baumann has a lot to do, your work so far, but flawless.

7. Minute: Pulisic falls rather theatrically in the penalty area, after Schulz in the penalty area on the foot has kicked. No penalty, says referee Osmers.

5. Minute: the BVB goalkeeper fished the Ball after a cross from Bittencourt left into the penalty area from the air. No threat to the Dortmund goal.

2. Minute: Hoffenheim in the forward mode. Joelinton falls in the BVB penalty area. Referee Osmers says: more play, no penalty. Right Decision.

1. Minute: even before the kick-off, there were whistles in the hope Heimer against the BVB Fans. Because the unfurled abusive again posters against TSG-patron Dietmar Hopp. The had previously filed a criminal complaint against more than 30 of Dortmund Fans for insulting.

The kick-off!


15.29 PM: the referee of the game is Harm Osmers. 29.000 spectators see the game in Sinsheim, the stadium is sold out.

15: 27: Borussia Dortmund’s Mario Götze, the world Cup Hero of 2014, not only to Sinsheim hazards. “This is my decision,“ said coach Lucien Favre to Sky tight-lipped on the question of why idol is not even in the squad. This is the starting lineup of the BVB: Bürki – Piszczek, Akanji, Diallo, Schmelzer – Dahoud, Witsel – Pulisic, Kagawa, Wolf – Reus.

15.24 PM: “We are after the exhausting Champions League game is still not quite back at 100 percent. Therefore, I will rotate, but not too much,” said Hoffenheim coach Julian nail of man, in comparison to the appearance in Donetsk three new players. “How will not go fully on risk.” This is the starting lineup of the TSG: Baumann – Bicakcic, Vogt, Posch – Brenet, Grillitsch, Schulz – Zuber, Bittencourt – Joelinton, Kramaric.

15.21 PM: BVB is much better in the season to start as the TSG. With two Wins and a draw, the Dortmund in the table to second place behind FC Bayern. Hoffenheim has only one victory on the account, and two, currently the hosts of the today’s duel on table, rank eleven.

15.18 PM: Both the hope Heimer, as well as Dortmund have a Champions League game mid-week in the bone. The TSG is a 2:2 and it won the debut in the European elite class in Donetsk, Borussia Dortmund, Bruges 1:0. Dortmund had a longer time to recover.

15.15: welcome to the DW-live Ticker!