Arts project DAU in limbo: for the time being, a new wall in Berlin


It should make the dictatorship of the “experience”. Now, the controversial art project, the DAU of the Russian filmmaker Ilya Khrzhanovsky has been cancelled. For Reasons Of Safety.

The abbreviation DAU refers to the Soviet physicist and Nobel laureate Lev Davidovich Landau (1908-1968). A Film about Landau should form the core of the Berlin-based art project. Dispute over Khrzhanovskys DAU-idea ensued, however, about something else: From 12. October is a whole street square in Berlin should be sealed off-center with a concrete wall. Visitors should get through the purchase of a visa access to experience beyond-the-wall in a fictional world of Abgeschottetheit. Planned film screenings and events such as the performer Marina Abramovic and the conductor Teodor Currentzis.

Celebrities DAU-in favour of: the state Minister for Culture Monika Grütters

It won’t come to for the time being. Berlin authorities to reject a permit for the project. After that, technical problems and security have been “issues” with the rash. In the short time available it was not possible, the necessary Checks in relation to fire safety and road safety. Actually, the decision in the monument and green space protection are integrated should be, at 28. September will be announced.

The organizers of the art project have astonished responds to the stop of your plans. The information to the organizers to be justified “in terms of content, completely different,” said a spokeswoman for the German press Agency on Friday. “The organizers are checking this now and will respond in a timely manner”, they announced.

To DAU are the ghosts

On the symbolic construction of a new wall in the decades of a divided city is always been a fight more violent. Among the supporters of Minister of state Monika Grütters and the governing mayor of Berlin Michael Müller, the film-maker Tom Tykwer, the actor Lars Eidinger and the choreographer and Opera Director Sasha Waltz, among others, Culture. However, prominent opponents, such as Lea Rosh, Marianne Birthler, and Christian Thielemann open letters published. Above all, they criticized the Plan, the DAU-site from the Boulevard unter den Linden to the werderscher Markt, with a true to original replica of the Berlin wall.

State Minister for culture Monika Grütters (CDU) regretted the rejection of the art project. “Only the one who has the courage to Experiment, so who is willing to provide existing borders into question, creates progress and the avant-garde in the best sense,” said Grütters in Berlin. “That’s why I was curious about this artistic Experiment.”

The initiator of the Berlin memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, on the other hand, the journalist Lea Rosh, was relieved: “a lot can be done. But we have the real prisons Yes still there: Hohenschönhausen or Hohenegg. As you can go. Since we need no man-made prison,” said Rosh, in an Interview with Deutsche Welle.

We can and must build the Berlin wall again?

sd/so/bb (dpa, Berlin daily mirror)