UEFA sees German EM-application on the front


The German bid to host the European football championship in 2024 performs better than Turkish. This is the result of the evaluation report, the UEFA six days before the election of the sponsor’s published.

Germany would, according to the UEFA report on the evaluation of a more suitable host for the European Championships in 2024. The application of the German football Association (DFB) performs well in the assessment by the Union of European football is significantly better than that of the Turkish Association of TFF. The UEFA writes of an “inspiring, creative and very professional Vision” of the DFB, whose campaign has no serious flaws.

“The report shows that we have taken our work in the past few months, seriously, and UEFA acknowledges our Strengths,” said EM-Ambassador Philipp Lahm, would rise in the case of the award to the tournament boss: “that’s Why we carry on in this way and highlight the transparency and sustainability of our application. We hope that we will win, because Germany is the right place for the right to host the European Championships in 2024.”

Risk Of Economic Crisis

In the Turkish application, the “Lack of an action plan in matters of human rights is problematic,” writes UEFA. In addition, the roof Association of the risk that the planned public investment “could be as a result of the recent economic developments” in the country “under pressure”. Turkey controls currently in an economic crisis, the Turkish Lira had lost much of their value.

Uncertainty Factor For The Turkish Lira

According to UEFA, should and must be invested in Turkey, but several billion Euro in infrastructure. The extent of the necessary Work, “poses in the light of the given time-frame at risk”. The promised tax guarantees were not also “fully” compliant with “the applicable laws and obligations under applicable international law”.

In the assessment of the DFB-application, UEFA points out that “the German authorities had cancelled the tax exemption” and pay tax on “winnings” would be. In contrast to the possible orientation in Turkey, the roof should the Association pay in addition to rent for the stadiums. The prices were “reasonable”. The DFB advertises with large Fanfesten and a total of 2.78 million seats for the 51 games (Turkey: 2.49 million seats).

“Confirmation of our work”

“The report is a confirmation for our work of the past months”, said DFB-application-in-chief Markus Stenger: “we are pleased that our in all the areas of transparent and evidence-based application of the UEFA is rated as inspiring, creative and very professional. A great team work of all our partners from politics, business, sports and civil society, have a large share.”

The UEFA Executive Committee assigns the tournament on 27. September, in Nyon. Expected to be 17 officials are going to vote, the ballot is secret. The EXCO-members may, but need not, include the results of the evaluation report in its decision.

ck/sn (sid, dpa, FA)

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Berlin – Olympic Stadium

    Berlin’s Olympic stadium is something like the German Wembley. Here, the DFB held since 1985 Cup finals. In 2006, on the occasion of the Olympic games 1936-built stadium for world Cup Endspielort. Most likely this will be in July 2024. A German national team has played here but never made it to the final. Neither in 1936 nor in 2006.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Berlin is Constantly in motion

    Germany’s capital is considered to be one of the fastest changing cities in the world. Since the fall of the Berlin wall, the Four-million-metropolis has changed her face. New, modern buildings were pulled up, old pieces of jewelry, re-pimped. In the year 2016, a total of 12 million visitors to the formerly divided city visited.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Munich – Allianz Arena

    Like a just-landed Ufo, the Munich-based Arena. The foil cushions on the exterior façade can be illuminated in the colors Red, Blue, or White, and produce in the dark is an impressive image. Here is the opening game Germany played in the 2006 world Cup against Costa Rica. The stadium is now in sole possession of the FC Bayern München AG.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Munich – With A Mediterranean Flair

    Charming, the city of Munich, which performs surveys on the quality of life, and to the satisfaction of its residents always. The landmark of the city including the Frauenkirche and the New town hall on Marienplatz (photo). Munich’s heart beats in fine weather, on one of the many squares with their outdoor cafes. Then the English garden and the Isar invite you to linger.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Dortmund – Signal Iduna Park

    Every two weeks, the Dortmund Fans to impress in the Bundesliga, with their yellow wall. Also in the case of countries if not play around 80,000 “only” 65.581 spectators are allowed, is the backdrop in the former Westfalen stadium is impressive. At the 2006 world Cup in Dortmund was the site of the game. Here it was Germany’s late 1:0 against Poland and the bitter semi-final against Italy.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Leipzig – Red Bull Arena

    Also, Leipzig, 1900 birthplace of the DFB and the home of the first German champion in 1903. The new stadium, with its nearly 43,000 seats, the Bundesliga and the Champions League-RB some time ago, has bought, is in the heritage-protected boiler of the former Leiziger Central stadium. The Central stadium had 100,000 seats.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Leipzig – trade fair city in transition

    Leipzig was in the GDR times, an economic metropolis. Since the turn of the century the city has changed, her once grey face. Every year, invites you to honor Johann Sebastian Bach for the Bach festival. Nationally known, the Gewandhaus orchestra and the Thomaner choir. With the Monday demonstrations in and around the Nikolai Church, the peaceful Revolution that led to the end of the GDR began in 1989.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Cologne – Rhein Energie Stadium

    On the foundations of the old Müngersdorfer stadium, the new Cologne Arena, whose four cornerstones at night, well lights was created for the world Cup in 2006. The home of the FC red, steep, and mostly well attended. The Arena can hold 46.195 viewers. It is located in the beautiful Cologne’s green belt and in the immediate neighbourhood of the German sport University, as well as the DFB-coach Academy.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Cologne – joy of life between the Dom and the Rhine

    Cologne, it is said, is optically not a beautiful city – rather it is the warm people that make the metropolis on the Rhine. The Duomo, the Gothic Cathedral, directly on the banks of the Rhine, is the most photographed building in Germany. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Cologne to celebrate with the Locals the carnival in Cologne.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Gelsenkirchen, Germany – Schalke Arena

    In the North of Gelsenkirchen, Schalke Arena, rises on a hill. The home of the FC Schalke offers 54.740 spectators. In case of rain or bad weather, the roof of the Arena can be closed. During the world Cup 2006, Gelsenkirchen, Germany, was the venue. The Arena also hosts concerts and for years the World Team Challenge Biathlon held in addition to playing football.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Hamburg – Volkspark Stadium

    After it wore in the meantime, several sponsors name, is the Arena of the HSV now and again the people’s Park stadium. The new stadium, with its 51.500 seats was created by a clever conversion of the old people’s Park stadium, had a career. Two grandstands were torn down, the playing field is rotated 90 degrees and the old side stands and henceforth used as ranks to the head sides of the stadium.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Hamburg – port city in the North

    “Who in the secluded night, up and down the Reeperbahn, is a poor wretch”, sang the famous Hans Albers. Hamburg’s “sinful mile” has lost much of its old charm, but magnetic still a tourist. Also because of the Alster, the port and the musical guests are coming to Hamburg. The Skyline is dominated now after a long construction period, completed in the Elbphilharmonie.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Frankfurt – Commerzbank Arena

    Logically, there is also Frankfurt, with its 48,000-seat Arena, again one of the game locations. The banking metropolis on the Main is the headquarters of the German football Association (DFB). Not far from the Arena is to be built on the site of the former Racecourse, soon, the new FA Headquarters.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Dusseldorf – Esprit Arena

    At the time of application as a world Cup venue Düsseldorf was despite the modern Arena in 2006, still empty. This time the Rhine countries. The massive stadium, which reminds from the outside more like an oversized furniture store, offers 51.500 spectators. And if some seats remain vacant, the more bad. Through its colorful Design, the stands also vacant.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Duesseldorf, Germany – art and architecture

    During the düsseldorf Fortuna is currently back in the 2. League plays, is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, culturally, in the top of the League on the road. With many well-known museums that exhibit works by well-known artists, the internationally important trade fair and the Deutsche Oper am Rhein. Architecturally, the newly designed media to inspire the harbour and the Parliament buildings.

  • The EM-locations 2024

    Stuttgart – Mercedes-Benz-Arena

    The Name of the stadium with his 54.812 shows that who provides in and around Stuttgart for jobs. The state capital of Baden-württemberg is Germany’s car-metropolis. Mercedes and Porsche come from Stuttgart. Athletic the stadium is the home of the VfB. In 2006, the German team celebrated the completion of the summer fairy tale of the victory in the match for third place against Portugal.

    Author: Andreas Sten-Ziemons