Dangers in Sex: Human papilloma virus


With HPV, almost every sexually active person in the course of his life. Some types of HPV can cause cancer, such as cervical cancer. Can infect everyone, even without Sex.

Illustration of a Feigwarze: The HP-virus are seen in light blue in addition to the wart. The blue circles in the wart are immune cells.

Genital warts look very ugly, can be unpleasant and even pain during Sex cause. Your name genital warts by their shape, which tapers to pointed towards. Some are more the size of a pinhead, flat nodules and to detect initially. Known warts are also called genital. These skin growths in the genital area are among the most common sexually transmitted diseases, but Sex is not the only route of infection.

The editorial recommends

Syphilis belongs to the past? Wrong. The number of infections with the disease, has increased dramatically in recent years. In 2007, in Germany there were 4309 reported cases – 2017 already 7476. (01.09.2018)

The times as a clap, or gonorrhoea, with dark alleys and Backyard brothels are over. It is clear to Infect everyone it can – and very quickly. (07.09.2018)

Chlamydia? A Sexually Transmitted Disease? I? No, never in life! But according to official estimates, 250,000 to 300,000 people are infected in Germany alone, every year. Many do not notice it at all. (27.08.2018)

HIV, Syphilis, and gonorrhea are sexually transmitted – but this is Mycoplasma Genitalium (MG). “We need to take these pathogens very seriously, and we urgently need to act,” says Norbert Brockmeyer in the DW-Interview. (14.07.2018)

Frequently, the pathogens are transmitted via smear infection. “With Human papilloma virus (abbreviated HPV) can infect, for example, in the Sauna or in light contact with the body,” explains Norbert Brockmeyer. He directs the center for sexual health and medicine “WE” in Bochum. “HPV is contagious, so is highly contagious. There are over 200 different types.” The harmless fall under the designation of low-risk types. To HPV 6 and 11. They are the main trigger for genital warts and are most common on the genitals and the Anus.

Cancer precursors

Our body creates it is usually to be with the infection without drugs done. This is especially true for people who have an intact immune system. Our body recognizes the virus and destroys them.

Anyone who believes to have been infected, should definitely go to the doctor and be examined. Risk-HPV-types are high, can develop precancerous lesions. “Tumors can look like warts, and then develop further, or there are immediate changes to the skin,” expert Brock Meyer. “You look like a little eczema, and are sometimes reddened slightly and shed a bit. Behind it is the beginning of a cancer, a cancer precursor, for example in the mother’s mouth.” Virtually 100 percent of all types of cervical cancer caused by HPV. The types 16 and 18 are especially dangerous.

A smear can be determined and analyzed in a laboratory for both cell changes and associated with as well as the HP-virus. It is a low-risk type or a high-risk type? The doctor will first remove the changes. There are several methods: removal by Laser, or by a small, non-painful Operation. But that is no guarantee that the skin or mucosal changes really Once and for all removed. You can always grow back. So: to be checked regularly.

Men can also become infected

In Germany alone, approximately 4600 women are diagnosed each year with cervical cancer. About a third of them die of this cancer. In Europe, cervical cancer is one of the most common cancer causes of death-related in girls and women between 15 and 45 years. Other Figures are alarming: more than 50,000 operations are performed annually due to cancer precursors on the cervix. Women who have to undergo such a surgery, births in later pregnancies, an increased risk for miscarriages.

The labia may occur, for example, warts, and not only women are affected, men can also become infected, and a corresponding disease will develop, for example on the Penis. But also in other sensitive areas of our body can warts in all people, or cancer. And even if it does not seem to lie directly on the Hand: Also the mouth and throat is one of them. Through oral sex the Virus can be transmitted to the oral mucosa and tumors in the mouth trigger.

Highly infectious

Many HPV infections are asymptomatic. This makes them even more unpredictable. “The touch of the warts enough sometimes to transfer a HP-Virus. Tiny skin meet the be able to cells.” HP-viruses on injuries – even if they are still so small and inconspicuous can be passed on the Virus. Condoms can reduce the risk of infection – as with all sexually transmitted infections (STI). But a warranty also, they are not.

Don’t Panic

Our body is healthy and has a functioning immune system, it is with an infection quite well done. “HPV virus can be eliminated in the rule to 90 percent of healthy people. This also applies to the genital HP-virus, so the virus can induce tumors,” says Brockmeyer. This means: Only about ten percent of the Healthy have the risk of getting a HPV-induced Tumor. But, as with all sexually transmitted infections (STI), the following applies: The sooner an infection is detected, the sooner-and thus the better it can be treated.

Harald zur Hausen discovered the connection between viruses and cervical cancer and the basis for the development of the HPV-vaccine. In 2008, he received the Nobel.

Vaccination as an urgent Precautionary

Since about ten years, girls in Germany are to be vaccinated against HPV. The vaccine active against the major papillomavirus, also against HP 16 and HPV 18, can cause cancer. The Standing Committee on vaccination (STIKO) recommends that girls aged nine to 14 years, vaccinated. Meanwhile, the vaccination is also true for boys, because they, too, can become infected, and the Virus. “By the vaccine, we achieve a protective effect of about 95 percent against tumors and tumor precursors. That is why it is so important to vaccinate all possible,” said Brockmeyer. “We need vaccination programmes and we need education in the schools. To do this, we need to use youth and children’s studies. We also need to inform parents as fully as possible.”

After vaccination, there may be redness and swelling at the injection site, as well as to pain. All of this will pass but after a few days. Compared with the risk to develop cancer, these side effects are however, a very small Evil.