Criticism of the role of the UN in Myanmar


The United Nations in Myanmar to meet their responsibilities – so in the core, the conclusion of an independent experts report. Self-censorship has exacerbated the Rohingya crisis.

In the 440-page document, which the head of the Mission, Marzuki Darusman (article photo) introduced at the end of August in Geneva, presented the violations of human rights, the Myanmar committed by the military on minorities in the multiethnic state, especially the Muslim Rohingya. The Commission of experts comes to the judgment that the military has “made the war crimes of the worst kind of” guilty. The report describes, among other things, mass rapes, murder of children, and executions, in front of which the Rohingya of their own grave. The experts of genocide.

Special object of the investigation is the role of the UN was not, however, the report says: “the question is whether the international community of their responsibility was to preserve the civilian population from crimes, and even genocide.”

The UN special envoy for Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, was criticism of the leadership in Myanmar responsible

Complicity of the UN in disaster in Rakhine state?

The UN representatives resident in Myanmar and direct channel to the government have to pursue in Myanmar, according to the expert report, particularly the approach of quiet diplomacy. The Exercise of significant criticism of the minority policy of Myanmar was against the then High Commissioner of the UN for human rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and the UN special representative for human rights in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, left. The latter is banned since last December, officially from Myanmar.

Liam Mahony, a specialist for the protection of civilians in development aid, has advised the UN in Myanmar in 2015 and 2017. For him, the UN are also to blame for the disaster in Rakhine state. In a publicly available report, he writes: “In such situations, international actors complain like how little room you think. Paradoxically, do not use this as a Argument for why you try to expand the game room.” Myanmar’s government have learned that they can count on the self-censorship of the UN.

A dubious role the UN will play, according to Mahony in relation to the more than 100,000 Rohingya, the fences behind barbed wire in Camps, not allowed to leave. These people are from the help of the UN are dependent, the Fund, indirectly, of the Camps. The UN paid, no claims and negotiating power to act, to change the conditions.

Refugees in Bangladesh are calling for UN sanctions against Myanmar’s government

 No love for the UN in Myanmar

The UN has not been often criticised for failing to call the Rohingya in the name they give themselves, and is rejected by the majority of the Burmese people. These are allergic to the name Rohingya and refer to the group instead as “Bengali” in order to Express that the people’s group belong to Bangladesh, and not Myanmar.

The resident UN co-ordinator Renata Lok-Dessalien that all UN agencies in Myanmar, was dismissed in October, with the peak of the refugee crisis from the country. They had previously been repeatedly criticized by UN employees and the public, that it was more to have a good relationship with the government than human rights for persecuted minorities. The UN insistence that it was a normal HR tag.

In spite of their cautious Taktierens the UN in Myanmar no sympathy develop, neither the government nor the population. The UN are considered to be biased organization that is on the side of the unpopular Rohingya and Myanmar want to turn into a international outlawed country. In the crisis in Rakhine state employees tell of international NGOs, how they were spewing to the climax of the crisis on the road. Locals bring in their rejection of the former UN Secretary-General to by T-Shirts with the inscription “Ban Ki-moon? No! No! No!”.

Last August, shortly after Rohingya insurgents, several police had attacked the post, accused Aung San Suu Kyi, international aid organizations to support the “terrorists”. Development workers had to be evacuated from fear of revenge attacks from the crisis area. Human rights groups have condemned the accusation as highly irresponsible.

In Myanmar, the government had already made previously sentiment against aid organisations. After July, packs of Biscuits, the world hunger have been found help in a camp of insurgents Rohingya, and accused the government, the UN, with the “terrorists” to cooperate.

Lessons for the UN from the civil war in Sri Lanka have not been implemented, according to the critics

Action plan on human rights presented, but not applied

Similar errors such as of the Commission of experts, denounced, admitted to the UN in Sri Lanka, where the Tamils in the long civil war with the militants came to war crimes. The UN would have let the government intimidate and in a timely manner to human rights violations, even before the civil war was ended in 2009 by a massive military operation against the Tamil fighters at the cost of many civilian casualties. As a result, the then UN Secretary-General Ban presented Ki-Moon in 2013, the action plan “Human Rights Up Front”. UN staff should, therefore, no matter whether you are in the area of economic development or in the humanitarian field, human rights as a priority. Errors such as in Sri Lanka should never be repeated again. The action plan in Myanmar has not been applied yet, is now denounced by the critics; the reasons for this should be investigated.