City. Country. Frustration.


While on the Land mass of the apartments are empty, the bursts of the market in the cities at the seams. The competition is getting harder, the socially disadvantaged people in the race to a flat, hardly a Chance.

“It’s just so frustrating!” Michiko Park women and Children’s shelter in Troisdorf helps single women and their children, parents, in the Cologne-Bonn area apartments. It Was A Herculean Task. “Sometimes the women get five Rejections on the same day. These are permanent rejections not leave a lasting mark on you.” Single parents women in Germany – for them, the difficult situation on the housing market are the most serious consequences.

Eight women and twelve children are currently housed in the women’s house, most of them are victims of domestic violence. The women feel out in the Constitution, your life back, take yourself in Hand, comes to the apartment search. And the eating nerves, time and personnel. “The students who complete internships are actually employed only to assist the women in finding an apartment.”

20 percent of the parents here are single parents, and the trend is rising. In the housing market, they are virtually chanceless

The Christmas miracle is the exception rather than the rule

The social worker recalls a family who had found after week long search shortly before Christmas, finally an apartment. However, the landlord then demanded suddenly, 2500 Euro as an advance payment for the kitchen. Money, which the single woman had not, of course. “We went to the Public. And then has actually called anyone here and said, I have read that in the paper this Morning, I got this.” The Park is always stirred: “That was our Christmas miracle!”

A Happy ending, but this is the exception rather than the rule. The cities and municipalities would not be as challenged to make affordable housing available? “Actually,” says Michiko Park, “but I can’t remember that we had to get in last time ever on the certificate of eligibility for an apartment. You on any lists, but nothing happens.”

The fight for the dream apartment is similar to the Olympic races

Actions such as these occur, Jürgen Schönfeldt very well known. The lawyer is the legal Advisor to the German Mieterbund Bonn/Rhein-Sieg/Ahr e. V., and represents a total of 22,000 members. “The Region here is a landlords market,” said schonfeldt, “that is, the landlords are looking Olympia from Mature tenant. And especially Single parents have it hard.” Is to say: first into the Finale, I was shortlisted for an apartment, whether for this group almost impossible. “In fact, Single parents are unlikely to, since I would already speak of a housing shortage.”

“Blame for the housing shortage, the communities and the countries” – Jürgen Schönfeldt from the German tenants ‘ Association

But also the so-called Olympic tyre tenant need to complete a true Marathon, in order to get an apartment. And the great competition to shake off. “Nowadays, up to 50 people through an apartment funneled daily, which says it all, in what Situation we are in Germany now,” complains Schönfeldt. The Situation on the housing market have intensified, particularly in the past four years.

The housing shortage can have a dramatic socio-political consequences

The German tenants ‘ Association have for years warned of this development, says the lawyer. But in the policy it had encountered only on deaf ears. “All of the cities and municipalities, have said, we need no more apartments. We shrink anyway, as a people, we are becoming less and less and therefore not worth it.” Since the 1990s, the state has adopted, therefore, completely out of the housing, land and houses sold.

The consequences you can see now, the cities have become even more poorer-quality apartments in the offer. And this could also have dramatic socio-political consequences, warns Jürgen Schönfeldt: “It is a danger for democracy, because the people will always be bitter. Ask yourself, why should I go still choose to help me anyway.”

No one wants to move to the country

Bernd Viebach represents the other side, he has been working with the landlords and the Olympic tyre-to-do tenants. Viebach is for the Marketing for “the power of real estate” is responsible for one of the largest brokerage firm in Bonn. The Situation on the housing market, it looks similar, the situation was very tense: “But this is actually a home-made Problem, we have enough living space. Just unevenly distributed. In the country we have a massive blank.”

“95 percent of our landlords want a tenant with a permanent job” – Bernd Viebach of the “power of real estate”

While a cheap Four-room apartment with garden in the city over night once 250 requests, and more arrive, the brokers on apartments and houses on the Land sitting. “We have a house in the Eifel region, 50 kilometers from here, at a very fair price in the offer. For the past two years. But we don’t get rid of it absolutely,” says Viebach.

Flat platform Airbnb is exacerbating the problems in the housing market

Poor transport links, barely functioning Internet, no schools – the rural has been for many years so neglected, that no one wanted to take, says Viebach. In the city, however, social housing had been hired back. “You said at the time, the controls at some point.”

To this we can add competitors such as the agent for the apartment Airbnb, which have turned the market completely. “In Bonn, is now rented to any third apartment on time, in Düsseldorf, even every second. That is, a third or half of the rental apartments are even available.” For Bernd Viebach, there is therefore the Mietgipfel only one solution: “of course You can build the cities. But I think it is much more important to invest massively in the rural areas.”