Til Schweiger’s New: “Class 1.0”


Comes Schweiger in the years? He now makes films for an older audience? Germany’s popular cinema of the star tells in his Film of Midlife Crisis and from growing Older. He staged in a familiar role.

Three men in a Bathrobe in the Sauna. A a stuck the Penis. In the car, in another scene of the film, sitting in one of the three on a hemorrhoid Ring, just so he can endure the unpleasant feeling in the buttocks. While Few therapists will talk mainly about Sex, about male gender parts. No doubt, it is in a Til Schweiger Comedy.

“Humor is a matter of taste,” said Til Schweiger, the journal “film-echo” in the run-up to the German cinema starts (20.09.2018) with views of many scenes in his new Film. He expects “a lot of re-writing, this would be the typical toilet humor of Schweiger.” Til Schweiger makes this kind of criticism is, apparently, nothing.

No Press Screenings

Or is it? His films, he shows for over ten years, anticipating the press – a very unusual behavior. The Director, actor and producer was feeling at the time, when he brought his Film, “Keinohrhasen” in the cinema, from the writer’s Guild discussed unjustly and unfairly treated. This meant that the film had to stay criticism from now on.

Schweiger (left) alongside his Co-Stars Samuel Finzi (center) and Milan Peschel (right) in “class 1.0”

Schweiger films before the official cinema release in the rule only to selected guests of premieres-to see ideas. So the latest strip “class 1.0”, and the back, the subtitle “The incredible journey of the silver”. A few days before the theatrical release of the Comedy celebrated a Red-carpet Premiere at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.

Til Schweiger as Beau on the canvas

What is in the new movie? Schweiger, in three-fold function – as a Director, producer and main actor, has written the Story on the body. With two old friends of him played movie character, thirty years after graduation, will be invited to a class.

Attached to: Nils and Andreas in the mid-life Crisis

Nils (Samuel Finzi) is permanently in a bad mood and Stress with the family, Andreas (Milan Peschel) has just been of his wife to leave. And Schweiger? He’s playing in comparison to the two friends very much teenager-acting, DJ Thomas, a heartthrob and duration of optimists. The two mäkelnden Ex-school friends, who have actually no desire for a class reunion, he persuades, as a preparation for Abi-bye to a Party weekend in a luxury hotel with all the trimmings.

The two can be persuaded, still want to be Young. The weekend is then not the pure Gaudi, because all sorts of Unforeseen happening is to be expected.

Template is a Danish hit movie

“Class 1.0” is a remake of a Danish success films – with a couple of your own ingredients: “class-fixed” came in 2002, in Denmark, in the cinemas, and it became the Hit. Several sequels and a TV series followed. Also Schweiger has already planned two sequels for his German Version. The (commercial) success, prospects for a “class reunion 1.0” are so good.

In Schweiger’s new Film is a daughter is allowed to play: Lilli

For quite some time, the 54-Year-old swims on a wave of success. He has just filmed the US Version of the German box office hit “honey in the head” with international Stars such as Nick Nolte, Matt Dillon, and Jacqueline Bisset. And of course he has provided in “Honey in the Head” is also a small role for themselves.

Work on multiple projects

Be a community movie project, “Berlin, I love you,” the Schweiger as one of eleven Directors has been involved, is currently in Post-production, and “Medieval”, a Czech, in English the rolling of large-scale production, run the shoot. In the coming year is to see Schweiger be on the side of Stars such as Michael Caine and Ben Foster.

The touch of a finger: Milan Peschel as a loser in “class 1.0”

The 1963 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany-born Multitasker, which occurs also as a “crime scene”-Commissioner in the German television, dance so many times and is not likely to complain about the lack of utilization as an actor and Director.

In Germany it is a of the few large-audience-Stars. In the United States and in the European Film, he is not yet quite so far, even if it was for celebrities such as Quentin Tarantino (“Inglourious Basterds”) in front of the camera.