Efficient BVB wins in the final sprint


Borussia Dortmund will win with a lot of effort against Eintracht Frankfurt. BVB are, however, still has a lot of potential to improve in a playful way. The hessians have to offer except fight and willingness to run a lot.

Lukasz Piszczek (l) and Paco Alcacer cheer.



Borussia Dortmund has at least conquered for 19 hours, the standings in the Bundesliga. BVB won against DFB Cup winners Eintracht Frankfurt with 3:1 (1:0) and has seven points and a good start to the season under new coach Lucien Favre. The goals for BVB achieved Abdou Diallo (36. Minute), the former Frankfurt Marius Wolf (72.) and new signing Paco Alcacer (88.). Sebastien Haller (68.) had scored the interim compensation. World champion Mario Götze was sitting again on the bench.

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The final whistle

90. Minute: The number is well over long periods of time fahrige BVB plays this thing calm down.

88. Minute: GOAL – corner of Sancho, PACO ALCACER returns to Sancho, and go back to the Spaniards. Of the pulls with a Curling shot and hits. The Ball was deflected wide of Haller.

86. Minute: flank the Wolf, Sancho missed thin. He would have sunk from a short distance, fortunately for the harmony.

84. Minute: EXCHANGE – Torro, for him, comes in the form of NICOLAI MÜLLER.

82. Minute: Akanji is on the left and puts back on Dahoud, of the Ball to the other side and then shoots. But his deflected Ball is not a Problem for Trapp.

80. Minute: Wolf gets applause after he received a Ball in the direction of the outside line started spinning around, sliding in, yet get wanted, but managed not to.

79. Minute: Kostic takes a heart, and draws powerful, but his Ball goes a good chunk of it.

76. Minute: The BVB now full pressure: A cross sails through the box, of the advanced Schmelzer draws of half-links with full risk, but also in the past.

73. Min: Da Costa is due to Jovic, the Ball in the goal sunk in, but even just in the Away stand. Now it’s on once around.

72. Minute: GOAL – substitute Witsel to Sancho, who sees the free MARIUS WOLF and crosses irresistible. The Ex-Frankfurt from, pulls and hits.

71. Minute: Dahoud in a promising shooting position, but instead of the conclusion he seeks Reus with a sharp Ball.

70. Minute: AC – Delaney, AXEL WITSEL .

68. Minute: This thing was actually going through with it, because Da Costa, the Ball is not well-taken. But then he puts the Ball in the penalty area, where Haller is exactly right, and in the Fall at the 1:1 post.

68. Minute: GOALSEBASTIEN HALLER hits to compensate.

67. Minute: EXCHANGE – Philip makes a place for PACO ALCACER, making his debut for BVB.

62. Minute: EXCHANGE – Fabian, for him, comes LUKA JOVIC.

62. Minute: Sancho is dancing on the edge of the box heru, crosses but not, but returns. The game is again static, the BVB to pass the Ball back and forth, until, finally, Schmelzer crosses and a corner take out. The a but nothing.

60. Minute: Piszczek wants to be on the right by the plug, but be sure to wait to long so that the Ball in the back of the Newly-dortmun founder. Again, no side on the left flank.

58. Minute: EXCHANGE – debutant Bruun Larsen, in place of a, for him, comes another Youngster: JADON SANCHO.

54. Minute: Delacinovic in the penalty area Haller, of the Ball after a strong shielding and then from the rotation of a penalty. However, the Ball device is much too bulky.

54. Minutes: Delaney moved from the middle to the right wing. There Piszczek has problems receiving the ball and running.

52. Minute: Akanji addiction Piszczek with the long balls, but the pole will start a little late.

50. Min: Heavy Ball of Dahoud to Philip, of course, but also minimal in the Off-side.

48. Minute: It seems once more to go, as before, with a Lot of midfield skirmish.


Borussia Dortmund is struggling in the second home game of the season against Eintracht Frankfurt in the first round, and has problems against, and to create smart defending Frankfurt, opportunities. After a corner Diallo brings the hosts with a header/foot combination, but still happy in a guide (36. Minute).


45. Minute: Football is still poor.

41. Min: Da Costa in the penalty area, the Frankfurt is in a confined space and comes to the edge, Akanji, but can clear.

41. Minute: cross from Philipp Trapp comes determined to get out and just gets worse the Ball away.

39. Minute: Now counters BVB, Reus with a lot of space on the left, but he is intercepted.

37. Minute: Now the Concord do something that is likely to BVB rooms offer short or long term.

36. Minute: corner for BVB, the Ball flies long, no one goes off to ABDOU DIALLO da, and the Ball heads. Trapp may still hold, but the rebound of the Ex-Mainz then.

34. Minute: Bruun Larsen with a false passport – not his first of the Evening.

32. Minute: The game is increasingly the method. A lot of smaller Fouls and interruptions now.

29. Min: Reus gets a pass in the penalty area, but his Dribbling is from the opponent is stopped.

26. Minute: Now plays the harmony, it changes quickly, but Fabian on the left, takes the Ball improperly. Nevertheless, he can claim it and still comes to the edge.

25. Minute: Frankfurt has the first fast-BVB-attacks survived well and keeps the home side plenty of possession, but yet a few ideas have, so far, good in chess.

22. Min: Reus puts Bruun Larsen in the scene, but the dribbles to the penalty area border.

22. Minute: Wolf chipt the Ball in, but is too long and is coasting into the goal.

19. Minute: a Long Ball from BVB, but which is much too long and ends up at Trapp, his first touch of the ball.

18. Minute: Gacinovic sets Schmelzer, a free-kick for BVB. But brings nothing.

15. Minute: Back Dortmund’s problems in the game structure, Kostic may the Ball with a strong battle to conquer.

13. Minute: Delaney comes from a corner to head the ball, but it is not enough pressure behind it.

12. Minute: If it’s with long balls, quick go, creates the BVB it is a risk to produce. Problems, the Favre-Team but in the quiet build-up play, in the often the play stations are missing.

10. Minute: Strong Attack! Wolf goes on the right, is more on Piszczek in the middle of Delaney. The shot of the Danes, but it is blocked.

8. Minute: Diallo and Fabian fight a duel in the penalty area, the Mexican. But this is not a penalty, here we go.

6. Minute: Kostic on the left, into the penalty area and draws from. Bürki is on the short pole with the fists.

5. Min: Reus is Ndicka and goes into the penalty area, but his ball mittnahme is not completely clean.

4. Minute: The BVB makes immediately clear who the game determined Team, the Eintracht Ball in midfield with a strong Pressing again.

3. Minute: Back on the right, this Time is Reus, and space. Be pass but it is intercepted then. Would also have to be able to complete.

2. Minute: The BVB tried it first, twice on the right. But both times, Wolf can’t run the ball.


At 20:12: The output location – The BVB has the last 24 home games on Fridays will not be lost (17 wins, 7 draws).

Eintracht Frankfurt is undefeated in the Bundesliga for the last 11 Friday games.

20:10 P.m.: The Lineups – Dortmund: 1 Bürki – 26 Piszczek, 16 Akanji, 4 Diallo, 29 Schmelzer – 19 Dahoud, 6 Delaney – 27, Wolf, 11, Reus, 34 Bruun Larsen – 20 Philipp

Frankfurt: 31 Trapp – 24 da Costa, 19 Abraham, 3 Falette, 2 Ndicka – 16 Torro, 5 Fernandes – 11 Gacinovic, 7 Fabian, 10 Kostic – 9 Haller

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