Dortmund more in the work mode


Borussia Dortmund is far from exciting to play attacking football. Against Frankfurt the Motor phases stuttered. Still not manage to coach Favre, to bring the storm permanently momentum.

Marco Reus (l.) in the double battle with Lucas Torro

Already at half-speed in the cabin, goalkeeper Roman Bürki and Manuel Akanji had a need for increased Speech. The goalkeeper and the Central defender of Borussia Dortmund was discussed suggested the game of Borussia Dortmund against Eintracht Frankfurt. Very few play stations in the midfield, a lot of Cross – and reverse sediment, and helplessness during the forward Pass, the image embossed in the first round.

The team of coach Lucien Favre had the 3:1 (1:0) against Eintracht Frankfurt, a great effort against run-strong offensive and defensive end of Hessen and to earn opportunities. The game seemed like a Doublette of the encounters on the first two days of play against Leipzig, and Hannover 96.

Lightning-fast striker, hardly!

Favre’s team is to play according to the ideas of the Coach the Ball, sorted and as flat as possible to the front. Possession of the ball is in Favre’s Credo, sensible passes to see can in the Offensive, in which the striker’s pace to absorb the Swiss. The Attacking players that he has available are all lightning fast. Marco Reus, Jacob Bruun Larsen, Marius Wolf, Maximilian Philipp and Jadon Sancho, just waiting to get the Ball in the deep played. But it is precisely this play come rare. The BVB attacker is (to) often in the air.

This is likely to be mainly due to the fact that the opponent way this game is now well know. All three of their previous opponents tried to disrupt the Dortmund deep in their half and the game structure of the BVB this early. Leipzig would have been able to go on this way, after only a Minute in the lead. The pitch Team was defeated in the end because Dortmund were able to use in this day an optimal chance of recovery. The effort of BVB, against the Saxons to enforce, was similar in size as today against Frankfurt.

Lack of ideas and solutions

BVB players celebrate the redeeming 2:1

After the game in Hannover 96 coach width Reiter was proud of it, “as the boys the Dortmunder permanently run”. With this prevention tactic, the lower Saxony have won a point and been completely satisfied with it. Hannover had annoyed the Dortmunder with his very strong defensive effort. Favre’s Team was not able to prevail with his game clearly.

The victory against Eintracht was primarily the result of patience. Two BVB matches, the 1:0 by Diallo and the 3:1 by Paco Alcacer, fell after standard situations. The playful Element, the fresh and surprising offensive game, there was once, in the second Dortmund goal from Wolf. “We had great effort,” said Favre.

The good news for the definitely temporary League-table leader: The Team can rely on a solid defence work and it’s not failed, despite all the game problems, sufficient points. Nevertheless, it is BVB probably continue to talk – and especially the need for action on the lawn.