Merkel’s coalition government, arguing more


In spite of the crisis call, the coalition of Chancellor Merkel argues more to the protection of the Constitution President Hans-Georg Maaßen. Interior Minister Seehofer stands behind him, but in the case of the CDU, the conservative Retreat begins.

Separate ways: the Federal interior Minister Seehofer and SPD Leader Nahles after the crisis meeting at the Chancellery

It only took a few hours: in the Morning after the crisis talks in the Chancellery of the first speeches of the SPD politicians, who demanded the withdrawal of the protection of the Constitution CEO Hans-Georg Maaßen circulated in the media. Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan said Because the German Supreme constitutional pads in several newspaper interviews for “unacceptable”. The head of the SPD youth organization Jusos, Kevin Kühnert, said on behalf of the entire SPD-top in the Breakfast program of the German television, Maaßen had to keep in his office. In the same channel CSU parried Secretary General Markus flower, such demands were completely “inappropriate”, the SPD attempts to a coalition crisis, “coaxing”.

Longing for peace

The call of the coalition, pointed, brought, obviously, no rest in the debate. This silence would be exactly what many of the tendons in the Berlin’s policy of operating the most. On Friday morning in the Bundestag, the Budget of labour and social Affairs, Hubertus Heil, on the program – except for him and some of the members of only a few found their way into the plenary. The state of the coalition wanted to speak no more. Even the government spokesman stated right in monosyllables, all the pages would have still agreed to remain silent.

The unstable coalition

Just a year ago, that the Germans have elected this Parliament, only a year and a half later, the formation of the current government coalition of Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU-CSU Union and the social Democrats under one roof.

Seehofer wants to hold on to Maassen (left)

The current coalition crisis is the second dispute in six months, in which at least one of the partners plays with the idea that the coalition is about to burst. The SPD is angry, especially about the Washes and opaque Act of interior Minister Horst Seehofer, of the Constitution is protection.

After the protection of the Constitution-chief Maaßen to the public, the Chancellor had objected to in the assessment of right violence in Chemnitz, gave Seehofer Maaßen back cover. The not changed, as the allegations were known, have Maaßen sensitive information to the AfD by razor. The Call to Maaßens dismissal are, in fact, Call that the CSU chief and interior Minister Seehofer had to go. However, the voices that say out in the open, especially from the second row. “The real Problem Mr Seehofer,” said the SPD Chairman in the state Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia, Thomas Kutschaty the news magazine der Spiegel: “If Mr Seehofer remains Minister of the interior, I do not know whether the coalition will hold until the end of the legislative session.”

Gently Move the CDU

Such voices from the province are not critical, but very probably also in Berlin. Just in Merkel’s CDU is perceived very well that the endless dispute Maaßen, Seehofer and the migration policy hurts at the end of the Union. In current surveys, it drops to 30 percent approval – a record low.

Kramp-Karrenbauer distance Maaßen

CDU General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is one of the closest Confidants of the Chancellor. You no longer excludes a detachment of Maaßen: “I believe that it is for a safety authority, it is important that you can rely on the trust of the entire Federal government. The object of the observation is to be sure of the next talks.” It is precisely this trust has withdrawn from the SPD, with its ultimate claim on Thursday. On Tuesday,Merkel want
Seehofer and SPD Leader Andrea Nahles again about the fate of Maaßens advise.