Diabetes: sleep and whole-grain bread, to reduce the risk


In 2017, more than 450 million people had Diabetes worldwide. A healthy lifestyle can help prevent type 2 Diabetes. Two new studies show how you can be risk reducing.

So important is sleep for Diabetes is

We know that lack of sleep with lack of exercise, poor diet and type 2 Diabetes-associated risk, however, researchers were, until recently, not sure which of these three things are associated with Diabetes glucose intolerance triggers.

In a study with mice, researchers at the “Toho University Graduate School of Medicine” in Japan have now found out that there is already a sleep deprivation in a single night is sufficient to increase the risk of diabetes to measure. This corresponds to a unique sleep debt of six hours.

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Mice that were suffering from lack of sleep, had increased blood glucose values. In addition, the production of triglycerides increased in the liver. Triglycerides are fats that are associated with Diabetes-typical insulin resistance in conjunction. Lack of sleep changes in addition, the liver enzymes for the metabolism of the liver, is responsible.

The results of the study show that sleep loss is a risk factor for type 2 Diabetes. That’s why a good sleeping routine is important in order to prevent Diabetes in people with an increased risk.

With full grain the risk of diabetes reduce

These mice decrease their diabetes risk with whole-grain bread

Also, who grain to eat every day products such as oats, wheat, or rye, reduced his risk of diabetes.

In an extensive study, researchers investigated the “Chalmers University of Technology” in Sweden and the “Danish Cancer Society Research Center” the eating habits of over 55,000 people who did not have Diabetes.

The participants in the study should list the type of whole grain products you ate every day. These include bread, cereal, and oatmeal. After 15 years, the researchers invited their subjects to follow-up.

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The result showed that those who ate whole grain products had a lower risk of developing type 2 Diabetes.

“When it comes to whole-grain products, the research results are clear: Among the many studies with different groups of people in the world, there was not a single study has found a negative impact on health,” says Rikard land, mountain, main author of the study.

  • 8 bitter truths about sugar!

    Sugar makes you fat

    Sugar is converted in the body two to five times faster to fat than strength. That is, by the sugar we feed our fat cells. In addition, the fructose content of the sugar is metabolized, in addition the liver, which can lead to a fatty liver. This, in turn, can lead to insulin resistance and eventually to type 2 Diabetes.

  • 8 bitter truths about sugar!

    Sugar can be addictive

    At least in the case of Obese people, the brain reacts to sugar much like alcohol or other addictive substances and releases more dopamine. You make the self-test: once for ten days on all sugar-containing drinks and food. If you are after one to two days of headaches, irritability, and strong cravings feel, they suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

  • 8 bitter truths about sugar!

    Sugar ruined the intestinal flora

    The healthy intestinal flora helps the gut to aid in digestion and protects the digestive tract from harmful bacteria. The more sugar in the intestine, the more easily can reproduce pathogenic intestinal inhabitants. Fungi and parasites love sugar. Especially of the Candida fungus a yeast can cause annoying discomfort. Sugar also promotes bloating, constipation and diarrhea.

  • 8 bitter truths about sugar!

    Sugar weakens the immune system

    Too much sugar makes the immune system hard to fight pathogens. Shortly after the consumption of the immune system is weakened to as much as 40 percent. As well sugar Vitamin C white blood cells in the fight against viruses and bacteria robbing. Sugar also promotes the tendency to Inflammation in the body. Small inflammation may be a trigger for many diseases.

  • 8 bitter truths about sugar!

    Sugar increases the risk of cancer

    Tumor cells need for reproduction a lot of sugar. An international team of scientists at the Harvard Medical School Professor Lewis Cantley, investigating the role of sugar in the development of cancer cells plays. The biochemist believed that in many cases, a high consumption of sugar can cancer in the first place. Cantley, therefore, recommends eating as little sugar as possible.

  • 8 bitter truths about sugar!

    Sugar makes us age faster

    To blame is called glycation, the Saccharification of the skin tissue. The result is that sugar molecules attach to collagen fibres and hardening the tissue. The collagen fibers lose their natural elasticity. Toxins are not removed, which leads to a faster cell aging.

  • 8 bitter truths about sugar!

    Sugar makes people aggressive

    People will increasingly take sugar, have a higher tendency to aggressive Actions. You also know that the so-called ADHD syndrome is influenced in children by sugar: In the case of increased consumption of sugar, you can focus bad, be more upbeat, and can not sit still.

  • 8 bitter truths about sugar!

    Sugar promotes Alzheimer’s!

    Studies suggest that too much sugar increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. In 2013, a research report indicated that insulin resistance and high blood sugar – the typical accompaniments of Diabetes with an increased risk for neurodegenerative diseases.

    Author: Judith Hartl