“Adam and eve “


Who does not know: Adam and eve. You eat of the forbidden fruit and have to leave the Paradise. Ralph Frieling told the old story new.

In Paradise

The story of Adam and eve is one of the Primal stories of the Bible (1. Moses 3). Not because it would have happened long ago prehistoric times, but because they tell something of Ur-typical about us.

When God created Adam, he places him in the garden of Eden, a protected space beyond the Wilderness outside. In this Paradise, it can be comfortable life. Only Adam has a Problem. He is not alone.

God creates eve. Adam wakes up from sleep, opens his eyes and is stunned. Now the Paradise is perfect.


Paradise Lost

Adam and eve were allowed to eat of all the trees of the garden. The God had told them. Just a tree in the middle of the garden was off-limits, the tree of knowledge.

A day Eva in front of the tree and the serpent says: “Try it.” As Eva saw it, and so it says in the Bible that eating of the tree would be good. And she took a fruit and ate. And Adam bite into it. Now they had to leave Paradise.

With the decision to eat, contrary to God’s prohibition of the tree of knowledge, everything changed. The a say: sin came into The world. Others say that Adam and eve were growing up.


Look back

Adam and eve have become old and look back.

Eva, I often think back to the Paradise. Do you know yet?

Adam How could I forget. We had it all. The scent of Grass. This Brook. We needed only to stretch out your Arm and pick the fruit. What a life: from Hand to mouth.

Eva Since we were children.

Adam Why Children?

Eva Well, carefree. Everything was there. It was taken care of for us.

Adam would have forever can go on like this. If you …! Well. I’ve been accused of that often, you know? You may have the fruit were trying to sell! You couldn’t resist.

Eva-Oh, yeah? And where are you, Adam? In the crucial Moment, when the serpent said “Eat!”? I turned around and who was missing? You! In addition, you have also eaten.

Adam Well, the Rest was history. – I think we would have missed something if we had remained in Eden?

Eva You mean, apart from the field work in the sweat of our brow and of my pain with the birth pains and the Worries about our Livelihood?

Adam, It was not easy. But what if we had spent our lives in Paradise? If we had not made the decision with the fruit?

Eva So, if we had never grown up? – Then we would have remained innocent as the children. And naive. And depending on the.

Adam And I would have never invented the shovel. And the house was built. I felt bursting to life.

Eva Yes, we have gotten a lot of the series. We had to be creative. And we managed to do that.

Adam do you ever Think of God? I mean that was also creative, and we probably have of him.

Eva Yes, it is. As far as I remember, he was also pretty angry!

Adam Yeah, but you remember how he made us coats of skins? So we are dressed warm enough? Sometimes it seems to me as if he comes around the corner and then I hear him “Where are you?”

Eva, I think he finds us. The way I see it, he has been often over looked.


About The Author:

Ralph Frieling (Born 1966) is the pastor of the Ev. Parish Weslarn in Westphalia.