Racism-incident ended circle League game


After the racist insult to a player by an opposing Fan, the team of the SC leaves the leek rings in the circle League A the place and will attract attention.

A Fan shouted against a black player, the player breaks out in tears, and his Team leaves then closed the place. In this unusual and unfortunate type of the circle of the League-A is the Sunday game between FC wheat and went to the SC lauchringen, Baden-Württemberg. Shortly before the end of the Game – the Weizener led to this point, with 4:1 – was offended by the leek ringer attacker Kebba Mamadou from some home fans racially.

Completely ran the Africans resolved to the bench and could not be more calm. How, exactly, had been insulted Ghanaian-born Mamadou, he would not say. His team then left the field. The referee otherwise stay, therefore, left, as the game cancel.

“Hey, you Black!”

As the FC of wheat in an opinion published, I called the man, “Hey you Black, stop it!”. A phrase that is still not a bad insult, but depending on the context and tone of voice very well offensively. In the case of Mamadou in any case, has apparently hit a sensitive nerve. “I was far away and didn’t hear it,” said leek wrestling captain Tobias grief in an Interview with “SK-Regio sport the high-Rhine”. “I’ve only heard from teammates that Kebba was racially insulted. That is why we have decided to cancel the game.”

FC wheat had understanding of the action of the guests. “The solidarity of the team of the SC Lauchringen deserves all the respect,” wrote Roger Boma, the club Chairman of FC wheat in a statement. “We are all very affected by the reaction of the player Kebba Mamadou”, it said. “The Expression outside of the square took him visibly hurt. We are very sorry, sincerely, and we apologize for this Situation with him.”

Boma said, cutting to the case. You know that every person understand statements differently, and rate. “The line between ill-considered statements, and racism is increasingly narrow,” it says on the Homepage of the FC wheat.

“This must be a sign”

Leek wrestling Association Chairman Thomas grief, the father of the team captain, had tried after the game termination, the originator of the insults. According to his accounts he found that two out of three persons, apparently, the main was the culprit but already made. The leek ringer’s players were mobbed as they left the square. Among other things, is supposed to have fallen, according to Thomas grief is the sentence: “Why a Black man wearing a white shirt?” as he reported to the SWR.

The fact that his team has closed to leave the place, grief is proud of. “Everyone can interpret for themselves how bad these opinions were, for Kebba they were terrible. For him, it is a great gesture, as his team-mates behind him,” said grief. “This must be a sign now,” added his son, Tobias. “I hope that the man who said, lost now in wheat on the sports field, nothing more.”

asz/jst (mz, Stuttgarter Nachrichten, SWR)