Podcast medicine&health: The darker side of summer – ticks plague 2018


They are small, disgusting, and are dangerous because they can transmit diseases – the speech is from ticks. Not only animals have you in our sights, we human beings are also a popular victim of the bloodsuckers.

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The shadow side of the summer – ticks plague 2018







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Medicine&health: The darker side of summer – ticks plague 2018

That ticks sit in the trees, a victim of waiting and then simply fall down, is a myth. You are sitting in the undergrowth, the bushes and the blades of grass. From there, you can strip, attach themselves to us and suck our blood. If you have satisfied your Hunger, fall off of themselves. Until then, however, you may have already been infected with Lyme disease. Even worse, TBE is the tick-borne Encephalitis – they can lead to inflammation of the brain. So: better to have long pants when in the woods, and after the walk, carefully inspect whether anywhere on your body, a tick has docked. John Roßteuscher has ticks, sometimes quite closely.

Snake venom and anti-venom

Snakes are very different – some are very small and blind-worm, for example – others are huge and others are very toxic. The black Mamba and the Cobra. It is available but only in warmer regions. In total, more than 2.5 million people are injured each year by poisonous snakes, about 100,000 die from the poison, many of them in Africa. But just there. Tim Schauenberg has seen, how it is obtained.

In the long run

More and more children and young people are short-sighted, in the medical as myopia. People who are nearsighted, can see objects in close proximity without problems, difficulties do you have when it comes to see in the distance. More and more children Doctors diagnose short-sightedness. What is the reason? Some answers Daniela Remus.
Teaser: “What we are seeing at the Moment is … of course older.

Weakness of memory by mobile phones?

Everyone now has a mobile phone, some even more. We all know that – it’s often young people, running with his head down on the sidewalk or on the crosswalk. The gaze is fixed on the mobile phone. It is everywhere. Meanwhile, there are also many adults that are downright addictive. The question is whether these mobile can be phones dangerous to our health, may have made some already. Also scientists. From Switzerland, Dietrich Karl Mäurer reported.