Pilot is not a dream job more


The Ryanair strike from this Friday brings the working conditions in the Cockpit. The Irish low-cost airlines is particularly harsh. Even for the water during the work the staff has to pay.

Today, New York, next week Bangkok, accommodation in luxury hotels and the pleasant company of mostly young flight attendants. The old cliché of the pilot professional is not always extinct, kept alive also by popular films, such as “Catch me if you can”.

The reality is unfortunately quite different, because today there is almost something like a pilot proletariat made up of young people, the debt to realize on your way to the dream of flying hopeless. The training is today, anywhere, in whole or in part, however, novice pilots can find often no fixed Job at an Airline. So the Dilemma is getting bigger and the debt is not less, in the case of many, the load is up to 150,000 Euro and more.

Pay for the practical flight hours

It is also, of young pilots who have already passed their theoretical examination and practical flight experience in a Simulator and possibly in Sports aircraft, have can, pay for it, that you are allowed to fly on commercial aircraft on the seat of the Co-pilot. The only way you can acquire your certification, such as for the Boeing 737, which is a prerequisite for a career as a transport pilot.

This “Pay-to-Fly”-principle also comes to the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair, according to the statements of insiders. Since young drivers will not be paid for you to fly, but will have to pay to be in the Cockpit to take a seat.

Strike instead of a dream job – a Ryanair pilot, on 12. July in front of the Headquarters of the cheap flyer in Dublin

Flying is the only Job you have to buy for a lot of money, many newcomers often live for years at a subsistence level. No wonder that the Job in the Cockpit is no dream job, especially as young people can earn in the communications or financial industry a lot more.

Ryanair is considered to be a bad employer

In the case of Ryanair, the largest Airline in Europe, carried in the past year, 128 million passengers, is the location of the pilots is often particularly precarious. One of the largest low-cost airline in the world is in pilot circles as one of the worst employers. Many years of frustration built up and the chips now in the large pilot strike rail.

Previously, pilots had already left in droves for the low-cost airlines – more than 700 it should be solely in the last fiscal year. “That doesn’t surprise me,” says James Atkinson, a Pilot, sat from 2006 until 2014, in the Cockpit of a Ryanair-Boeing and today, his profession – much better paid – in the case of a Chinese Airline exercises.

In the case of Ryanair, the starting salaries are according to the German pilots ‘ Union Cockpit at 25,000 to 30,000 euros gross per year, after five years of Co-pilot could come to € 70,000, experienced captains reach a maximum of 130,000 euros. Chinese companies can offer pilots with experience of up to 300,000 euros in far better working environment, but away from home.

In contrast to the young Co-pilots, the more experienced captains in the world lack. You have the choice of whether you want to do that to the poor treatment by your company, or the consequences.

No water for the staff

It is part of the corporate strategy of Ryanair, your employees are split on Europe, about 80 bases from Lithuania to Morocco and Ireland to Cyprus. In almost every country of the payment is regulated in the same way, and many pilots are not hired once, but forced to be a formally self-employed and have to pay from your salary also double the social security contributions, as an “entrepreneur”, and once as an employee. This fragmentation is quite intentional and has a long effect that was not able to organize the staff.

Ryanair-Boeing in Hamburg: Just for the young Co-pilots of career start is in the low-cost airlines hard

To positions fixed uniform conditions one of the main demands of the pilots. Especially mad for you not to encounter that in contrast to nearly all other Airlines, only actual flight hours, about, today, by delays in ubiquitous times on the ground are paid for, but. Even in the case of multi-hour delays, the employee will receive neither compensation nor expenses for necessary overnight Stays.

James Atkinson reports: “I was regularly asked to work on days off to fly at their own expense to other Ryanair bases, where staffing prevailed.” There, he had to then help out. “Sometimes I flew as five days of strenuous layers, and then again the laborious journey back to my home base. In the summer I had often only three days to my own base before another Springer service followed. That will destroy you,” said Atkinson. This is exactly the so-called “Ping Pong” unpredictable transfers from one base to another is one of the main points of criticism of the pilots. Not to mention absurdities such as the fact that pilots have to even pay for your water or coffee on Board. “No employee receives in the case of Ryanair a water bottle for free. If You want one, You have to buy”, as the former Ryanair Pilot Atkinson.