“Oleg Sentsov want to go to the end”


In Russia detained Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov is determined, and its nearly three-month hunger strike, despite poor health status, continue, says the Interview his lawyer Dmitry Dinse in the DW.

Deutsche Welle: Since the 14. May is Oleg Sentsov in the hunger strike. He calls for the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia. Mr Dinse, when have you seen Oleg Sentsov last? How has changed his physical and mental condition since your last Meeting?

Dmitry Dinse: at Least we have us at 7. August seen. His mood is normal, alert, but his physical condition has deteriorated considerably. In Labitnangi it was two weeks of 40 degrees hot. Such a heat he tolerates very badly, which has affected his well-being. Not only Senzows chronic heart disease has worsened, but there are also problems with the kidneys and the liver are added. He has too little hemoglobin. There are no blood cells are produced. He has anemia. At times his limbs are numb. He continues to concoctions, to stay conscious.

On 8. August has released his first cousin, Natalia Kaplan a letter to the staff of the Russian Federation writes that the end was near, and he did not mean his release. He wants to put the hunger strike is still continuing?

Yes, he does not intend to end his hunger strike. Staff of the Russian Federation wants to go to the end. If he must die, he will die, says Oleg.

Oleg Sentsov has been brought to investigation and possible treatment in a civilian hospital. But he wanted to get away from there. What had happened?

Oleg said that he had been treated in the hospital like cattle. You told him you will tie him up to the bed, and so to feed, how to hold it properly. His opinion doesn’t count. Then Oleg immediately wanted to get away from there. He did not want to expose such inhuman dealing. The staff of the hospital, it was clear who was with them. Therefore, you have to put such an attitude to the day. Oleg would like to under no circumstances in this hospital, because he knows that it will be mock only verse. In the prison hospital, he is treated pretty well. He has found with the chief physician of a common language.

Lawyer Dmitry Dinse is the only connection of Oleg Sentsov to the outside world

Almost a month ago Senzows mother has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for a pardon. Why is there still no response? There have been cases where such Requests went unheeded?

Appropriate to Ask, the go unnoticed, there are in Russia a great many. The pardon Commission can only find formal grounds for refusal. She is aware of it as a Filter created, and the Administration of the President with such letters will not be overloaded. For the examination of a request for Clemency for the Commission to take between two weeks and a month, and then to give the President’s recommendations. In the case of staff of the Russian Federation is now in fact the first Filter.

The possibility of early release from prison from the health staff of the Russian Federation are the reasons?

In a separate section of the code of criminal procedure of the Russian Federation is that a Person must serve for the present Offence – a minimum of three-quarters of their detention, so that they can ask for early release from prison. In the case of staff of the Russian Federation, this will not occur so quickly. With regard to the disease, it must be according to the code of criminal procedure to be incurable: the fourth stage of cancer, the last stage of AIDS, sarcoma and so on. Oleg has, however, not a disease! He himself says: “I’m sick, I’m starving!” Because of the hunger strikes, diseases develop. If so, then he would die from Hunger, not a disease.

A few days ago you asked in an open letter, to lay the staff of the Russian Federation for treatment to the Crimea. But he thinks it’s a good idea. Do you share his opinion?

In the case of staff of the Russian Federation two lawyers are active: Natalia Dobrewa takes care of the European court of human rights (ECtHR) and I’ll take care of the work in Germany. There was a decision of the ECtHR, according to which, for Sentsov treatment conditions should be created that take into account his hunger strike and the worsening of diseases and their consequences. The ECtHR noted that his medical support needs to be improved, but not in prison, but in a civilian hospital. Furthermore, it is not stated in the decision that this is far 3000 miles from his place of residence, but on the Crimea should be done. In the case of fatal consequences for his health, he should have the opportunity to say goodbye to his family. At a Meeting I informed him about it. Oleg said that he is now in a prison hospital in a normal condition. He didn’t know what to expect of him in a civilian hospital in the Crimea. He has no guarantee as regards the conditions of detention in the Crimea, no guarantees for safe Transport, he could not survive in his condition. Accordingly, he refused. If it is to give appropriate guarantees, then he will take this possibility into consideration. Us lawyers, it is important to secure him the opportunity of decision.

In your opinion the international activities of culture and politicians can do to support Oleg Sentsov effect shown? What could the international community do, so that he comes free?

Of course, the actions of individual persons, and also mass events in the world are very important. These actions should be continued in any case. But you must also work through diplomatic channels for the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners. Some of them could be pardoned, others will be exchanged for Russian political prisoners. I rate Ukraine in the framework of good will, to pardon a Russian citizen, in order to give Russia the option, in return for a Ukrainian prisoners, and to put, so to speak, with a first real step in this process.

The interview was conducted by Anastasia Magazova.

  • “Hostages of the Kremlin”? Ukrainian prisoners in Russia

    Oleg Sentsov

    The Director comes from the Crimea. In Russia he is accused of, to have in the spring of 2014 in the Crimea a terrorist group and attacks planned to be formed. Sentsov was sentenced to 20 years in prison, which he served in a prison North of the Arctic circle. Since the 14th century. May, he calls for a hunger strike for the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia.

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    Aleksandr Koltschenko

    The 27-Year-old is also from the Crimea. He was a co-accused in the “case of staff of the Russian Federation”. Because of the “membership in a terrorist organisation and of planning terrorist attacks in Simferopol” was Koltschenko in Russia, was sentenced to ten years in prison. As staff of the Russian Federation, he also emphasises his innocence. Currently, he is in a prison in the Urals.

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    Alexey Tschirnij

    The 34-year-old Alexey Tschirnij comes from the Crimea, and was also a co-accused in the case of “Crimean terrorists”. He was arrested in may 2014 in Simferopol, fixed and tortured. He then pleaded guilty and testified against Sentsov. Tschirnij cooperated with the investigators and got seven years in prison. He currently sits in a prison in the Russian Region of Rostov.

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    Sergey Litvinov

    The 34-year-old Sergey Litvinov from the Eastern Ukrainian Luhansk region was taken in the summer of 2014. He was accused of in the Donbass to “criminal actions” of the Ukrainian Dnipro battalion, in particular, to murders and rapes, and participated. Litvinov was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison and is in a penal colony in the Magadan region.

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    Mykola Karpjuk

    The 53-year-old Mykola Karpjuk comes from the Ukrainian Region of Rivne. In March 2014, he was arrested in Russia because of the accusation, to be in 1994 and 1995 to Fight against the Russian military in Chechnya have been involved. First of all, he should have been. Later Karpjuk said he had been interrogated under torture. By a court in Grozny, he was sentenced to 22.5 years in prison.

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    Stanislaw Klych

    Stanislaw Klych was arrested in August 2014 on the journey to the Russian Orel. How Karpjuk, he was accused of in 1994 in Chechnya to Fight the Russian army involved. He also complained to have been tortured, including with psychotropic drugs. A court in Grozny sentenced him to 20 years in prison. He is in a prison psychiatric hospital in Magnitogorsk.

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    Volodymyr Baluch

    Volodymyr Baluch hoisted over his house on the Russian-annexed Crimean the flag of Ukraine. Due to the alleged illegal storage of ammunition, he was sentenced to three years and three months in prison. Because of an alleged Assault on a senior prison guard, he got five years in prison. Since the 19th century. March, he is on a Protest hunger strike.

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    Novel Suscht Gurchenko

    The correspondent of the Ukrainian news Agency “Ukrinform”, the novel suscht Gurchenko, was at the end of September 2016 detained in Moscow as he wanted to visit his brother. In June of 2018 he will have been due to espionage and the allegation that secret information about the Russian military to be collected, sentenced to twelve years in prison. The process went behind closed doors.

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    Pavlo Hryb

    The 20-year-old Pavlo Hryb disappeared in August 2017 in the Belarusian city of Gomel. He wanted to meet a girl with whom he was on a social network is in contact. Later it became known that terrorism is accused, and that he sits in the Russian city of Krasnodar in pre-trial detention. According to his lawyer Pavlo was kidnapped by the Russian secret service FSB.

    Author: Anastasia Magazova, Danylo Bilyk, Markian Ostaptschuk