Here is the music that plays canal festival in Amsterdam


10. – 19. August is the canal festival. Young artists from all over the world make the city their stage. It is one of the largest cultural events in Amsterdam.

For ten days, Amsterdam is in the character of the music. Over 250 concerts are on the program, 143 a musician and 64 Ensembles. Played on cruise ships, under bridges, in the stylish spaces of monumental buildings along the Canals, in subway tunnels or in hotel suites. There are events in private houses, gardens or on roof terraces. Many of these concerts are free of charge.

  • Ten reasons for Amsterdam

    Magnificent Canals

    Amsterdam is best by boat to explore. The over 100-kilometre-long canal system was built in the 17th century. Century, as was the city of the richest port cities in the world. Even today these canals are used in many applications, from commuters as well as tourists. Legendary are also boats numerous house.

  • Ten reasons for Amsterdam

    Free ride for cyclists

    Who is afraid of the water, you should take the bike. Amsterdam has more than 800,000 Drahteseln about as many bikes as inhabitants. And as in almost every great European city is a two-in Amsterdam a lot faster and stress free journey.

  • Ten reasons for Amsterdam

    Gable variations

    The many and various gable decorate the houses along the canals. At the top, in most cases, Devices for pulleys, and inventories in the narrow houses.

  • Ten reasons for Amsterdam

    Dutch Master

    Overwhelming the supply of art treasures in Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum houses one of the world’s most important collections of paintings of Dutch masters such as Rembrandt, Hals, Vermeer, and Most. Here is in 2013 back to Rembrandt’s “night watch”. The painting was, for years, been restored.

  • Ten reasons for Amsterdam

    Flowers friends

    On the Museumplein next to the Rijksmuseum also provides a home for the works of Vincent van Gogh. More than 700 paintings and drawings of the Impressionists are to be admired. As a tribute to his favorite subject of 2015 were planted for the opening of the new entrance building of 125,000 sunflower.

  • Ten reasons for Amsterdam

    Anne Frank House

    The house at the Amsterdam Prinsengracht, the Jew Anne Frank, served for two years as a hiding place during the Second world war. Her diary testifies to the will to Survive in the face of persecution by the national socialists. It has been translated into over 60 languages. The Museum counts since 1960, the most important sights of Amsterdam.

  • Ten reasons for Amsterdam

    Dutch Serenity

    In addition to history and art treasures, Amsterdam is characterised particularly by the joy of life of its citizens. The city is regularly a platform for freedom, movement and festivities. Also the 5. In may, the day of the liberation of the Nazis, is a welcome occasion to celebrate on streets, bridges and canals extensively.

  • Ten reasons for Amsterdam

    Red Lights

    Also the truck has a firm place in Amsterdam. In the red light district, the temple of Venus, the oldest sex Museum. and with the Red Light Secrets (pictured), the world’s first prostitution Museum.

  • Ten reasons for Amsterdam

    A coffee shop

    On freedom of movement in Amsterdam you must count also the Coffeeshops, where the sale of so-called soft drugs is tolerated. This has become known among tourists around. Some come to buy here are completely legal marijuana and to consume.

  • Ten reasons for Amsterdam

    Exciting Architecture

    Everywhere in Amsterdam, you will find modern buildings, which form a delightful contrast to the traditional architecture. Famous about the Lex van Delden bridge, the only wooden residential building in the district of Buiksloterham. The Renzo Piano-designed NEMO science Museum (image) embodies both respect for the seafaring history and the Outlook in the future.

    Author: Isabelle Ross/ak

The highlight of the grachtenfestival is the Prinsengracht concert. This classic concert of renowned artists will be listed on a pontoon in the canal in front of the luxury Pulitzer Hotel. The Hotel consists of 25 interconnected 17th-century canal palaces. and 18. Century. The audience hears from the shore or from hundreds of small boats on the water. The Prinsengracht concert will take place on 18. August.

The canal festival annually attracts about 50,000 visitors.

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