Ex-professional cyclist Jan Ullrich was arrested


The next low point: just before Radstar Jan Ullrich will begin his therapy in Germany, it comes in a Frankfurt Hotel. According to the Prosecutor’s office Ullrich chokes a call girl.

New Trouble for the Radstar that fills the pages of the tabloids

It is the next low point in a long decline: In the early hours of the morning Friday, Jan Ullrich in a luxury hotel in Frankfurt am Main, was arrested, the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt confirmed the DW. The former Radstar, who was, according to media reports, on the way to a therapy in Germany, was taken due to a palpable conflict in custody.

“He was solid in the alcohol and other drugs”

“He has the night to get a visit from a call girl, it came to a fight, and he is said to have strangled the lady,” said Nadja Niesen, a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt, DW. They also made information on the state of Jan Ullrich: “He was massively under-alcohol and other drugs. He was very affected.” That’s why a hearing had not been possible initially. According to information of the “Bild”newspaper several grams of the drug (a white substance, cocaine, or Speed) were seized in the hotel room.

For the office of the public Prosecutor in the case, Ullrich dangerous assault or attempted manslaughter, Sneezing. According to information of the Hessischer Rundfunk, the 44-year-old Ullrich is said to have choked the woman until her vision went black, as you testified then. However, the Prosecutor’s office sees, according to current knowledge no probable cause”,” Sneezing. Therefore, there is no custody there is still reason. “It is an ongoing investigation,” Nadja Sneezing. The Victim is currently being examined as a witness.

Just a few days ago, Jan Ullrich had been to Mallorca because of a neighborhood dispute arrested (archive image)

Occurred the incident in the Frankfurt district of Sachsenhausen, the associated press reports citing the Frankfurt police, confirmed the incident. The hotel guest is caught with an Escort in dispute, attacked physically and hurt. “The injured victims needed medical attention,” reported the police.

Therapy should be a new beginning

Actually, it should go for the tour winner of 1997 is now on the up again. After a neighborhood dispute in Mallorca, in the case of the Ullrich under the influence of alcohol and probably drugs on the property of the actor Til Schweiger penetrated, praised Ullrich improvement. In a night in detention, his arrest was followed by Schweiger’s plot, had matured the knowledge to want to change for the better, so Ullrich in an interview with the newspaper “Bild”after his release, a therapy should bring the change. “I have a good gut feeling, feel comfortable. This will be my restart,” said Ullrich is still on the Thursday before the departure of the flight from Mallorca to Germany. Finally, he got back in touch to his three sons, Max, Benno and Toni, the this life since Ullrich’s separation from wife Sara in Switzerland. For them, the Olympic champion wanted to start from 2000, a therapy. “The separation of Sara and the distance to my children, I have not seen since Easter, and hardly talked to me a lot. As a result, I have done things and taken away, which I regret very much,” said Ullrich, the “image” and admitted drug use.