Europe-wide strike against Ryanair


The Irish low-cost airline Ryanair gets to feel the wrath of his employees: Because of the biggest pilot strike in the history of the company, Ryanair need to stress this Friday, hundreds of flights.

Ryanair Desk at the airport Berlin-Schönefeld

250 flights were in Germany alone. Here, the focus of the strike action. 42.000 passengers are affected. The strike began at 3.01 PM to all German airports. He is expected to last until Saturday morning at 2.59 PM.

Passengers at Frankfurt airport showed mostly understanding for the strike of the pilots in the middle of the holiday period. “Of course I understand. If you strike at some point, where it affects nobody, is the goal,” said Alexander Kusto who wanted to fly with Ryanair to Malaga, the Reuters news Agency.

Ryanair-Pilot during a strike in July in Ireland

In the dispute over higher pay and better working conditions in Europe’s largest low-cost airline pilots downed in Belgium, Sweden and Ireland, the work. In Europe, the Airline had to cancel 400 flights. In the Netherlands, can take place according to Ryanair-information of all flights on schedule, although the company failed before the court with the prohibition of strikes.

Jobs to Poland postponed

The Irish group has to do it now with employees in various countries: two weeks Ago, a flight attendant in Portugal, Spain and Belgium had about two days together around 600 flights, with nearly 100,000 affected pass fail to act. Under the European pilots so far, only the Irish to four days, have laid the work down. Ryanair had announced the withdrawal of six Jets and 300 jobs to Poland.

Stranded passengers in Portugal during the last strikes against Ryanair

Only after intense pressure from Ryanair was recognised in December for the first time in its more than 30-year history of the trade unions. However, the negotiations on the first collective agreements to run slow. The German pilots ‘ Union “Vereinigung Cockpit” (VC) wants to establish in the case of the Irish society, a System of compensation and collective bargaining agreement – similar to other airlines.

In the proposals, many Details are included about service times, transfers, or Fixanteilen of the content. Ryanair wants to make any agreements, the costs will be low concept in question would make. The Irish company is becoming accused of back, to pay its staff significantly worse than other low-cost airlines. Ryanair rejects.

ar/jj (rtr, dpa, ap)