Thyssenkrupp makes losses


Not only in the boardroom, it crunches – also the Figures for the industry group vote anything other than confident. In the third quarter, the company loses money prescribed a strict austerity course.

The bottom line is, a loss of 114 million euros in the third quarter. Over the last nine months and seen the result was 230 million euros, but still positive. The loss was mainly due to higher project expenses in the industrial division, the company said. The volume of orders in the past three quarters, slightly below the prior-year period, at 31.1 billion euros. The turnover of the group, with 160,000 staff, however, was three percent higher and came to 31.7 billion euros.

The interim chief Guido Kerkhoff, has placed the crisis-ridden group is now but clear objectives “We need to improve in all of our shops,” said the Manager on Thursday. Each division – whether elevators, auto parts, material, trade, or U-boats – he missed a concrete return targets, and the time period within which the objectives must be achieved. The 50-year-old Kerkhoff also wants to reduce costs, in particular in the administration.

The historical break with an uncertain outcome

In one of the Reuters news Agency, this letter Kerkhoff appealed to the employees, the incisions through the future strategic orientation of the group to fear: “We need to focus on to do everything for the success of our company. ‘Thyssenkrupp in the break’ – so it might feel for many of them. Together, let us a ‘to Thyssenkrupp on the move’ it.” With such words, and the clear saving goals Kerkhoff of the role of the chief-on-demand releases and sets own accents.

In the Headquarters in Essen, much is in transition

Thyssenkrupp is kicking the back of the Board chief Heinrich Hiesingers and of the Supervisory Board, the heads of Ulrich Lehner in one of the biggest crises in its history, slipped. Previously had become disenchanted Hiesinger investor Cevian and Elliott because of the strategy of the group. “Many employees feel insecure”, it means in business circles. Kerkhoff, however, made clear that a shift away from the conglomerate structure, as demanded by the investors, was not planned. He had received from the Supervisory Board, the mandate, the previous way until Further notice to continue – “with all the shops under one roof”.

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