Family reunification: as a lottery


Aisha Daboul has a heart condition. She hopes that her father may come after three years of separation from Syria to her to Germany. With the help of family reunification for Refugees with subsidiary protection is possible?

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Family Reunification: Case Of Hardship







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Case Hardness: Syrian Refugee Family

Fragile she looks, the 27-year-old Aisha. From your nose, thin plastic hoses to the large oxygen machine next to the bed in the refugee accommodation. Congestive heart failure third degree the diagnosis. Hands and feet are dark blue, because your heart pumps too little blood in the body. In addition, a large fan, but erbarmunslos the sun burns in the 17 sqm large room they must share with their mother in Berlin-hohenschönhausen for over two years, for Sleeping, eating and cooking. It is taking its toll on her obviously, but she wants to tell her story because she hopes to have a future with her beloved father. As the two make calls through WhatsApp, he calls you my soul, the love of my life. For Aisha, her father is everything. Several times during the call the sentence: “I also have my dreams.”

In television, her father saw a future for his eyes star

Review: the summer of 2015 in Aleppo. For the last four years of the civil war raging in Syria. Achmad, the 21-year-old son of the family Daboul, alone on the flight. He wants to study, and not in Assad’s army on your own people to shoot. Germany is the target. To the attention of his father followed the news about the escape routes to Germany. His first-born daughter, Aisha, is the Apple of his eye.

Daily the heart sick Aisha speaks with her father in Aleppo

Five years studied Aisha psychotherapy. She is intelligent and ambitious. However, the disease eats at her. At some point it is no longer so weak that you have to go to the University, the house barely able to leave. Medical care is no longer after four years of war. Mr. Daboul is afraid that his daughter dies. And also the Youngest, 17-year-old Ali, threatens soon to the military service. 5000 Dollar want to have the tractor, when you bring his wife, the sick daughter and Ali from Syria. So much money the self-employed carpenter. So he borrows the money from the traffickers, trusts you with his loved one and remains as a bargaining chip for them in Aleppo alone.

The escape is for Aisha to hell. “I was so exhausted, to die that I was on the verge of. But you have carried me further and further to the back.” You, your mother, your brother, other refugees who have compassion with the young woman. In Turkey, the wheelchair is lost, then it is completely dependent on others. Sometimes it takes a car. As they made it to Germany without any medication and a wheelchair, you can’t really think of.

Germany is Waiting

In Germany you get subsidiary protection. Aisha’s mother, Mariam, a beautiful wife of 45 years, is the German Chancellor Merkel, to date, grateful. “My big dream is to thank Mrs Merkel in person that you took us in,” she says. Her Eldest has actually made it to Germany alone. In this winter semester, he will start with the study. Even the Youngest will soon make his a-levels. The gratitude amazed, because many hopes have been dashed. Aisha is being treated in Berlin, in the heart center of the Charité. But still she is not on the waiting list for a new heart. “They always say, wait, we have a conference,” she says desperately. Meanwhile, the kidneys and the liver are affected. “I’m disappointed, I had hoped that I would soon be cured, can learn German, study again,” and then this sentence: “I also have my dreams.”

Her mother, Mariam speaks of her Dreams. 28 years, she is married with her husband. A very good marriage, as she says, and that the three years separating you slowly take all the forces. Day and night she must be with her daughter. You would like to cook more often in the English course, you can meet friends,. All of this goes. Aisha can be a maximum of two hours alone. The smell of cooking does not tolerate you, the stove is just three meters from your bed.

Mariam Al Abdullah Alremmo can’t leave her daughter for more than two hours alone

You need to apply for the reunification of her husband many years ago, had not Mariam Al Abdullah Alremmo known. Finally, the family was exposed to reunification, that is to say, her husband was to remain in force prohibited. How should you know it, she is hardly out of the 17 sqm room. All it will take. The mobile oxygen unit to apply to, to find the wheelchair for Aisha, a barrier-free apartment. That there are long-term care counselling centres, they do not know. A private bedroom would be for you to progress, because the hum of the oxygen device is robbing her night sleep.

The hardship provision seems arbitrary

All of your hope is now in your young lawyer Cana Mungan from the consulting and support centre for young refugees and migrants in Berlin. Your interpreter has made the contact. The lawyer has provided the law, a request for a hardship clause according to section 22 of the stay. An attempt, Cana Mungan.

The Foreign office consider, particularly retarded children as cases of hardship. “The younger the applicant, the greater the chances are” that you see in your cases. Was rejected the request of a father who is paralyzed from the chest and the entire family is in Germany. A visa for Germany got the status of a father who desperately needed a kidney transplant. His minor children were, however, none. For Cana Mungan is completely unclear, what criteria the Foreign office classifies someone as a hardship case. “Sometimes it depends on the controllers in the messages and, in any case, the procedure is non-transparent and arbitrary,” complains she.

The life of the family Daboul hall is held in the waiting. Waiting for Aisha comes in on the list for a heart transplant. The response of the foreign office to wait. On a flat, the wheelchair is suitable.