Canada is fighting with the Saudis? The knows Germany well


While Canada observed, how far is Saudi Arabia relations even want caps, licks Germany, his diplomatic wounds of the term of office of the foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel.

Riyadh has already stopped the flights to Canada, questioning the new economy contracts, frozen to 15,000 scholarships for Saudi students in Canada, and even Saudi patients from canadian hospitals. All of this happened after the canadian had criticised Minister Chrystia Freeland Saudi Arabia via Twitter for the imprisonment of suffragettes. Among them is also the sister of jailed blogger Raif Badawi, whose wife has recently become a canadian citizen.

Berlin licks even diplomatic wounds

Germany know very well how it feels to meet the Saudi government is sensitive. Nine months after the then foreign Affairs Minister Sigmar Gabriel criticized the foreign policy “adventurism” in Saudi Arabia, licks Berlin still his diplomatic wounds. The Saudi Ambassador, which was withdrawn is not always returned to the German capital. But at least the feared slump for the German economy remained to a large extent.

After the Anger over German criticism of Saudi Arabia withdrew its Ambassador from Berlin

Company: trade with Riyadh “mediocre”

The German foreign chamber of Commerce in Riyadh, certified for January through may 2018, a growth of 4.5 per cent in trading with German companies. “90 percent of the companies say that funding is going splendidly,” said Oliver Oehms, head of the delegation of the chamber of Commerce in Riyadh. The remaining ten percent, the experience has a drastic break-ins, are usually companies in the health sector, where public contracts, explained Oehms: “Especially when it comes to strategic projects… That not only Siemens, but many medium-sized companies.” The hope for an early end to the political ice age.

How close is the Western community of values?

The German foreign Ministry emphasizes that we are going to “talks at the Ministerial level”. What a delicate flower the meetings between foreign Minister Heiko Maas and his Saudi counterpart Adel bin al-Jubeir with regard to the resumption of full diplomatic relations, is reflected in the reluctance of Berlin to the conflict with Canada, commented. Government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer says the Federal government will put “all the hopes …that the diplomatic and other relations between the two States … will improve again.”

Berlin avoids it with Ottawa, and his criticism of the woman’s rights activists to show solidarity in concrete terms. Demmer emphasises, at the same time that it is connected with Canada “in the Western community for decades”. Germany also set “globally” for the protection of human rights: “sometimes public, sometimes on the road of quiet diplomacy”.

Criticism, no, thanks: the Saudi foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir

The new Saudi government, crown Prince Mohammed is not demonstrated on the example of Canada again that you will not tolerate public criticism even from close trading partners, if at all, only behind the Scenes. While the Saudi Minister Adel bon Al-Jubeir Canada ash outer in a press conference in Riyadh know that there is nothing to negotiate, Ottawa already knows what it must do to fix his “mistake”, it seems that Germany, his Alliance partner in Canada for a diplomatic lesson.

The spokesman of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Rainer Breul said in Berlin on Wednesday, is in talks to return as Ambassador, had to “but also the decision in respect of when the Saudis see the right time.” If you are looking for signs of a drifting Apart of the Western community of values, without reference to US President Donald Trump – in the case of this scandal, human rights find.