Noise between Colombia and Venezuela


The new Colombian President Iván Duque inherits from his predecessor, Santos is an extremely strained relationship with the neighbouring country of Venezuela and its President Nicolás Maduro.

The Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is not particularly restrained when it comes to making Colombia for many of the problems of his country. The economic crisis, he had already announced, was actually the neighboring country of debt. After the alleged attempted attack on him this Saturday accused Maduro of both the United States and the Colombian government and the ultra-right forces in their own country, to seek his life.

Laugh about Maduro

Colombia rejected the accusations immediately, they were “without basis” and “absurd”. In a statement, the Colombian noted the Ministry of foreign Affairs that it is now common, “that the President of Venezuela, Colombia blame for everything” and demanded more respect for the outgoing President, Juan Manuel Santos.

His son, Esteban Santos went one step further: He tweeted a picture of him and his father, both hearty laugh. The caption was: “Maduro believes that I am behind his attack” and represents the image as if it was a reaction to the accusations from Venezuela.

Dysfunctional Relationships

Relations between Caracas and Bogotá have been ordered for some time and the Best – on the contrary: “you are since three years is totally unacceptable,” says the investigative journalist David Morán Bohorquez, Director of the Colombian news portal “La Patilla”. At the time, Venezuela was an important mediator for the peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas. But suddenly, Maduro castle in 2015, abruptly, the border between the two countries under the pretext of the border Colombian para crossing to the military in his country to prevent it. “What he wanted, but really, was that the smuggling of food and gasoline is controlled by the Venezuelan side,” says Morán.

Juan Manuel Santos and Nicolas Maduro

At the same time, sales Maduro thousands of Colombians from Venezuela, but a strong reaction from Colombia, was at that time. It was only when the peace between Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC was signed, started the Colombian government, a more decisive stance against Maduro. “Peace in Colombia and the geopolitical changes in the Region as a whole with the arrival of the conservative President of Argentina Macri in Argentina and President of the trump in the United States have changed the environment for Maduro,” says Morán. Also the critical attitude of the organization of American States (OAS) has led to more and more countries return to the Venezuelan Regime.

Duque against Maduro

However, with the passing of the torch in Colombia, Maduro will not be able to make Santos for all the Venezuelan affliction responsible. Iván Duque, from the right party “Democratic center” is starting on Tuesday (07.08.) the presidency in Colombia. In all likelihood, Duque will exacerbate the pace to Venezuela. Duque has not invited Maduro to his inauguration, and the Venezuelan President at the International criminal court for alleged torture, murder and persecution displayed. Experts and observers agree that it is not in the interest of Colombia is the political Front against Venezuela in the Region. A lack of military and economic resources, and also because the already extremely tense Situation at the porous border between the two countries could lead to an outbreak of violence.