The FIFA eWorld Cup to a spectator sport?


20 million participants in the world Cup qualifiers. In the “real” football is unthinkable at the FIFA eWorld Cup normal. The virtual football Cup is growing rapidly – the biggest eSport-Events, the distance is still large.

While in London at noon, the heat is getting unbearable, is bustling with small groups of people outside the O2 Arena, a huge venue with 20,000 seats on the banks of the river Thames. Many of these people football shirts Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester United and even the German Bundesliga Paderborn wear is represented. The Jersey is most often seen, but it belongs to no club or a Nation. It is the badge of the video producer EA Sports, which produces the immensely popular FIFA series.

“I love football and eSports FIFA,” says Craig Jones, who has taken a four-hour drive to be at the final day of the FIFA eWorld Cup on Saturday. “I watch a lot of both, online and sometimes live.” While some of the great FIFA players who made it to London, “represented a real” clubs like Manchester City, Werder Bremen and PSV Eindhoven, are the Similarities with the traditional football to be as big as the first impression suggests.

“You want to see the best in people”

As the Fans begin to wander in a slightly smaller area of the Arena, their Seats, the atmosphere is quiet and almost completely without the use of the tension that is usually felt shortly before the kickoff in a football stadium. “I think it’s like anywhere else,” says Craig, as the majority of Fans well under 30 years old. “If you like something, then you want to see the people who are best at, to do their thing on the largest scale. I expect today.”

The Saturday is the highlight of the event, the mass movement began: 20 million players took part in the world Cup qualifiers and dreamed of, to win the title and prize money of 215,000 Euro. The qualification, the final tournament was held in London. In the past three days, the best 32 players who have made it through the huge field was reduced to four.

During the group phase of play, multiple players at the same time

As Kurt Fenech (Kurt0411) from Malta and Mosaad Aldossary (Msdossary, photo above) from Saudi Arabia, the first semi-final to reach, are the stands half empty. But in the course of the game, it is full of something. Each gate of Aldossarys dominant 8:3-total victory will be hailed mainly from the corner of the Saudi Arabian Fans have been clamoring, while Fenech’s struggling to control his Frustration with the departure so close to the big prize money.

Some commentators analyze the actions during the games (on the Playstation, a are projected on the Xbox) on a big screen. In the course of the day, the mood will be better and the seats begin to fill up. The Belgians Stefano Pinna (StefanoPinna) beats Marcus Jorgenson (Marcuzo) of Manchester City with 4:3 and after a tough Competition for his place in the final.

“His Defensive is outstanding”

Shortly before the final, the Arena is fully occupied with approximately 3,000 spectators. The right mood, however, is only as Aldossary, who had defeated the German title favourites Michael Bittner (megabits) in the quarter-final with 9:4 in the first half earned goes against the Pinna. The Saudi player acts throughout the game is extremely relaxed and seems to be never worried about the victory. In the end, he wins earned with a 4:0 success. Once again, it is loud in the hall, when he stretched out the newly designed trophy, to the delight of some of the mitgereister family members in the first row in the height.

The Trophy

“He plays in the Defensive simply outstanding. So he collected an assist in less than other professionals,” explains the German Bittner the success of Aldossary to the German press Agency. Hundreds of thousands watched not only in the Arena, but also on different channels around the globe, while millions of FIFA players competed in the course of a year against each other.

Despite the popularity of football and the support of the government of the FIFA eWorld Cup is a relatively small fish in the eSport-world. This has several reasons: For one, the game, FIFA is still in its infancy, and is perceived by most gamers as “Casual”game. In addition, parts of the Community have alleged, that you could buy in the popular Spiemodus “Ultimate Team” the success with real money. Thus, it is still far from the Prestige, prize money, and the masses of the eSport giants like League of Legends or Counter-Strike.

In a panel discussion before the semi-finals, Christian people, FIFA head of Digital Marketing said he was with the growth of the game in the eSports area, but admitted that, “it is still too early to know whether this could be a spectator sport”.