Merkel is against any cooperation with AfD


Four weeks before the election, the ARD”Germany trend” the right-wing populist AfD with ten percent as the third-strongest force in the new Bundestag. Chancellor Merkel has positioned itself, however, is quite clear.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel at an election campaign appearance in Quedlinburg

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has ruled out a cooperation of the Union with the party AfD (Alternative for Germany) in the new Bundestag. The “world on Sunday” she said, “the AfD can not be a Partner for any Form of cooperation”. The Union should rather try every single one of AfD voters to recover, said Merkel, with a view to the election to the Bundestag on 24. September. This calls for patience. So far, the right-wing conservative party is not represented in the Bundestag, but according to surveys good chances for entering Parliament.

Also, the SPD does not want to: the Deputy SPD Chairman Manuela Schwesig criticized the right-wing extremist statements by the AfD

The SPD also includes approach to AfD

The Deputy SPD Chairman Manuela Schwesig concluded a co-operation with the AfD, if this should move into the Bundestag. “This party is not a constructive cooperation is possible. You to clearly right-wing extremist statements and tendencies in the party”, – said the Minister-President of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania the “Schweriner Volkszeitung”. You should, however, disconnect between the party and the previous AfD voters, and with these in conversation.

Investigation: AfD has a particularly obscure choice program

The AfD has spoke of all of the major German parties are at least understandable choice program. This was the result of a software-based inquiry has created a Team led by Frank Brettschneider, University of Hohenheim. “The supposed proximity to the people, claiming the AfD is for, not cares for you in your language at all,” said Brett Schneider, the “world on Sunday”.

The best Note in terms of readability received the Union for their election program. On the places two and three follow the greens and the Left. The FDP has to be content with fourth place. The SPD ends up in fifth place. Minus points, the researchers awarded for overlong sentences, a high proportion of sentences and the use of compound words in common usage, are unknown.

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