Live Ticker: the Bundesliga-Sunday games


Bundesliga returnees Hannover 96 missed Schalke 04 the first heavy shock. Previously RB Leipzig sweeps the SC Freiburg out of the stadium. Here, the game histories to Read in the DW live Ticker!

HANNOVER 96 – FC SCHALKE 04: 1:0 (0:0)

Hannover 96 has managed in the second Bundesliga round against Schalke 04 in the victory. The Hanoverians were defeated at home in the with 49 000 spectators at the sold-out Arena, the Schalke 1:0 (0:0). Scorer for Hanover, the Brazilian newcomer Jonathas in the 67. Minute. Jonathas is estimated to be nine million Euro, previously the most expensive purchase of lower Saxony. For Schalke it was after the 2:0 for the season opener against the Vice-champion of RB Leipzig’s first defeat. The Hanoverians were to fight. The scarf nuclear power lacked punch. Schalke is after the second round, Eighth in the table, Hannover’s Fourth.

Game missed? Here there is the total game, once again, to Read in the DW-live Ticker:

90+5′ Minute: And there is the game!! Newly promoted Hannover 96 defeat Schalke 04 earned with 1:0.

90+4′ Minute: The last Minute. S04-Coach Inglese not satisfied. The last attack of 96.

90+3′ Minute: Reese shoots close to the box of 96-Keeper Tschauner. This is again exciting.

90+1′ Minute: overtime runs. Five minutes on top of it. Schalke throws everything to the front.

89. Minute: Schalke tried to make it to the final with a controlled game and also comes to qualifications. Now, however, Reese thunders a long-range shot into the clouds.

83. Minute: exchange: Schalke goes Caligiuri, it comes to Reese.

81. Minute: substitution In Hanover goes Harnik, it comes to Maier.

81. Minute: caution: Yellow for the first half, after a Foul on Oczipka.

79. Minute: Now takes Schalke up the pace and constricted Hanover in his own penalty area. But the last Ball comes to rare.

73. Minute: substitution In Schalke’s Harit, it comes Meyer. In the case of Hannover Karaman for Klaus.

72. Minute: counter attack of the half on the left, Oczipka plays the Ball in the 16er to Konopljanka, but the warp tight.

67. Minute: And there is a well-deserved lead for Hannover. Jonathas makes it from six metres after a pass from Bakalorz. Game. 1:0

66. Minute: Hannover is growing stronger and continues for Schalke under pressure. A class performance for the movers. Schalke must improve.

62. Minute: substitution Hannover 96’s Füllkrug, Jonathas.

59. Minute: Schalke attack, Burgstaller is shining on Goretzka draws from – but the 96-Keeper Tschauner is on the spot. As more would have been there.

56. Minute: The stadium chanted together: “Shit, Martin, child!” (President of Hannover 96) mentioned That only times on the edge ….

52. Minute: the counterattack of the 96-well over to the right, Bakalorz puts the Ball nicely to the inside, Klaus shoots just over the Schalke box.

49. Minute: Schalke want a hand penalty. Was the Hanoverian Sané with the Hand on the Ball? The referee consulted video assistant: result – no penalty!

46. Minute: exchange: Schalke’s Di Santo, it comes Burgstaller.

46. Minute: And it goes on. The second 45 minutes have begun. Hopefully happens now more than in the first half.

45. Minute: Both teams are back well, forward to little risk and wait, in fact, too much. That was it for the Moment: It’s halftime: score is 0:0.

44. Minute: Time a controversy – referee Patrick Ittrich admonished S04-Coach Domenico Tedesco, he should be a little quiet on the side line to act.

40. Minute: The game, ripples and then, both of them neutralize each other in midfield. Since must come from both more courage.

33. Minute: Hannover interferes with the Schalke always sent back in the game structure and developed from the captured balls are constantly in danger in the S04-penalty.

29. Minute: Schwegler brings a corner from the left, confusion in the Schalke penalty area, a head to the ball from Hanover Felipe can the Schalke defence just to clarify.

25. Minute: of The 96-well Klaus tries it with a shot from distance, but goes far beyond the box S04-Keeper and ferryman. A lively game, but both develop in front of the opposing goal is still to little risk.

21. Minute: First corner for Schalke: Goretzka puts the Ball on the left, but Hannover’s defence clears for re-corner. The comes from the right, but also nothing.

18. Minute: caution: Yellow against Schalke Goretzka after a Foul on Klaus.

16. Minute: Schwegler brings the free-kick directly into the penalty area, Salif Sané heads dangerous, but the Schalke Keeper Fährmann is on the spot.

15. Minute: It is an intense game, but without a goal area scenes. Both are anxious to be open in the back. Schalke has more possession of the ball.

10. Minute: caution: Yellow against Schalke Di Santo after a Foul on Schwegler.

8. Minute: The team of Hannover tried the guest from Gelsenkirchen directly under pressure. Coach width riders, we have set up the 96-well as an Ex-Schalke …

4. Minute: Scan is called for, wherein the Schalke Bentaleb directly well the thing goes…. There’s more fire here than in the early game between Leipzig and Freiburg.

1. Minute: This was the kick-off in Hanover, Germany. Both were able to win their opening games. Who now brings the Threesome? We will see, the Ball is rolling.

17.55 clock: It is done. The 96-song, the Schalke Fans hold against it. The weather is good – it can go.

17.50 PM: The game is led by referee Patrick Ittrich from Hamburg. 43.000 are in the stadium live with. Ten more minutes, then it starts.

17.47 PM: The team of Schalke 04: 1 ferryman – 20 Kehrer, 29 Naldo, 5 Nastasic – 8 Goretzka, 10 Bentaleb – 18 Caligiuri, 24 Oczipka – 25 Harit, 11 Konopljanka – 9 Di Santo.

17.44 PM: The team of Hannover 96: 1 Tschauner – 4 basket, 20 Salif Sané, 5 Felipe, 22 Ostrzolek – 31 Anton, 27 Schwegler – 11 Klaus, 6 Bakalorz – 14 Harnik, 24 Füllkrug.

17.25 PM: And the same here the second Sunday game of the 2. Bundesliga game tags: Hannover 96 receives the FC Schalke 04. The kick-off is at 18.00.



Vice-champion RB Leipzig has celebrated the first victory in the new season of the Bundesliga. The Saxons won at home with 4:1 (0:1) against SC Freiburg, after they had lost their first game with 0:2 FC Schalke 04. According to the guests ‘ lead through Florian Niederlechner in the 23. Minute, the Leipzig turned the match around thanks to a strong second half. National Player Timo Werner (48.), Willi Orban (55.), once again, Werner (71.) and new signing Bruma (78.) met for the deserved victory. Freiburg is after the first two games only one point on the account.

Game missed? Here is the whole lot once more to Read in the DW-live Ticker:

90. Minute: There is the final whistle. Final score 4:1. A well-deserved victory of Leipzig against but surprisingly brave and organized, occurring in Freiburg. Below the line, the RB was too strong for the Breisgau.

87. Minute: And the Leipzig looking for the next goal. Now the hammered Emperor moved the Ball from the half to the right, but goalkeeper Schwolow can wegfausten.

83. Minute: substitution In RB’s double-goalscorer Werner, Kaiser.

80. Minute: substitution At RB goes Demme, Laimer.

79. Minute: caution: Yellow-Red for the Freiburg Höfler after a Foul on Forsberg.

78. Minute: What a Hammer!! Werner heads from left to Bruma, taking the Ball from 16 meters volley … untenable for Keeper Schwolow, it is 4:1.

77. Minute: substitution At RB is Augustin, it comes Bruma.

69. Minute: Werner makes the 3:1 for Leipzig with a beautiful low shot from half left. Augustin plays the Ball before beautifully to the striker. The referee consulted video assistant, whether Augustin fouled had: answer: no, the goal counts.

68. Minute: substitution In Freiburg goes Haberer and Petersen. Also Terrazzino, the SC and Kath.

67. Minute: RB has everything under control, even though the Leipzig the Tempo now a little out of it.

62. Minute: The Fouls on the part of the Freiburg piling up. The SC has his love trouble with the pressure, of the RB carries.

60. Minute: warning: The Freiburg Höfler gets a Yellow card after a Foul on Demme.

57. Minute: substitution At SC Freiburg’s low-Lechner, comes Bulut.

55. Minute: The next attack brings the 2:1 for Leipzig: Augustin comes through on the right, fits flat in the penalty area, there is Orban, the 2:1 comes.

54. Minute: And again Sabitzer. The RB-Pro gets a rebound, shoots from distance, but the Ball is deflected wide.

52. Minute: Now the Red bulls are not more loose to attack to attack. The SC defense floats. Again, it is Werner, the fails, with the head almost.

48. Min: The resulting corner from Forsberg comes to the head of Werner and thrashes the Ball is unsustainable into the net to make it 1:1.

48. Minutes: Sabitzer takes a heart, and thunders, and from 30 metres flat top of The can Keeper Schwolow for a corner to draw.

46. Minute: And it goes on! The Ball rolls again in Leipzig.

16.29 PM: Create the Freiburg the lead over time? It goes on the same.

45.+2′ Minute: half time: 0:1 – it is a more surprising, happier, but by no means undeserved.

45.+1′ Minute: Sabitzer with a shot, but goalkeeper Schwolow is on the spot.

43. Minute: Leipzig makes the game, but Freiburg is lurking on the counterattack, and seems to be the host a little to doubt.

40. Minute: A quick and exciting game in which both nothing to give. And the Beautiful? It’s been absolutely fair. Referee Dingert had to say, no warning.

36. Minute: And again, a dangerous attack of the guests: Günter sets Terrazzino in sets of 16 patterns valid in the scene, pounding on it, but Keeper Gulacsi can just clarify.

33. Minute: Again a counter of Freiburg. Haberer is shining doesn’t get the Ball in the middle, low-Lechner him a Meter in front of the gate, however, under control. The RB-defence can clear.

32. Minute: Leipzig has more of the game, more possession, more scoring chances, but the guest leads. But to be honest: for How long? Now, Augustin takes the Ball in five metres of space to volley, but goalkeeper Schwolow can catch up with him.

30. Minute: SC Trainer Streich has his Team perfect on the RB set. Very variable in the defense of the Freiburg set again and again to the attacks of Leipzig.

27. Minute: the attacks of The hosts will be angry, the pressure is increased. Again and again, the Leipzig propel the Ball forward.

23. Minute: Unbelievable: Freiburg!! Terrazzino brings the Ball in from the left, low-Lechner is free in the penalty area and shoots flat to 0:1.

21. Minute: Augustin gets the Ball from Keita the pattern to be valid the course plays, draws from the 16er, however, the leather goes to the left.

17 .Minute: Augustin falls in the penalty area, the Freiburg Kempf had pushed. The question of whether the penalty was worthy, referee Dingert by video evidence to clarify. Answer: no penalty!

17. Minute: Leipzig has to Happen now. The offensive efforts of the guests to be rare. Clearly, because of the pressure and the pace of RB is enormous.

12. Minute: And again a fire of hazardous RB-attack: Werner comes over to the left, plays the Ball on the SC defense in the back in the middle. There klostermann and shoots, but the Ball is blocked by Günter.

9. Minute: big chance for RB Leipzig: Augustin gets the Ball in the penalty area, lays it in the air expertly and hammers a volley at it. SC goalkeeper Schwolow can draw the Ball but also over the bar.

8. Minute: a Good atmosphere in the stadium. The spectators are chanting: “the carnival in Leipzig!” Not bad…

4. Minute: The first Chance of the Leipzig: After a quick attack shoots Werner the Ball from a short distance on the right past the post.

3. Minute: Both teams to buttons still. SC Trainer Streich has not issued in any case, the Motto to hide. The free burgers have been good. You play boldly to the front.

1. Minute: The Ball rolls in Leipzig. 90 hopefully exciting minutes ahead of us.

15.28 PM: The teams entered the field of play. The voltage rises.

15.25: It is done. Beautiful weather in Leipzig, the stadium is full. Underdogs Freiburg creates a Surprise?

15.22 PM: Headed to the game by referee Christian Dingert. 40,000 spectators are in the stadium.

15.20: The team of the SC Freiburg: 1 Schwolow – 3 Lienhart, 23 Schuster, 20 Kempf – 15 Stenzel, 27 Höfler, 30 Günter – 13 Terrazzino, 8 Frantz, 19 Haberer – 7 low-Lechner.

15.18 PM: The team of RB Leipzig: 32 Gulacsi – 16 Klostermann, 4 Orban, 5 Upamecano, 23 neck tenberg – 8 Keita, 31 Demme – 7 Sabitzer, 10 Forsberg – 11 Timo Werner, 29 Augustin.

15.15: the Same here the most important facts for the first Sunday game between RB Leipzig and SC Freiburg. RB wants to avoid Bankruptcy in the first game against Schalke for the false start. The SC had played at least a draw against Frankfurt.