Live Ticker: the Bundesliga-Saturday


The HSV is no longer the leader of. Bavaria, but nothing more. The laugh in the end BVB, winning the night game against Hertha BSC.



VFB STUTTGART – 1. FSV MAINZ 05 1:0 (0:0)


So. Up for today. Tomorrow then: RB Leipzig – SC Freiburg and Hannover 96 – FC Schalke 04 – of course we stay on the Ball!

The final WHISTLE
and Dortmund ousted Bayern from the table top because of the better Torverhältnises

90.+1 Minute:
Hertha now in the BVB penalty area. But also, this shot wards off Bürki

86: Minute:
Kagawa on Pulisic that goes on the left. Only Jarstein he can’t overcome. At its gates the efficiency of the 18-Year-old may still work

82. Minute:
quite what’s going on. A long Pass to Aubameyang on the right side. Line judge says no Offside. In the mid Pulisic is, the Ball can fend off Jarstein

79. Minute: EXCHANGE
But now: Philipp goes out. Dahoud must show the last quarter of an hour

77. Minute:
New arrival Philipp limping. But he can probably play more. Two minutes later, he takes on volley Ball in the penalty area – but over the bar!

74. Minute:
Again, Darida, the advantage of a negligence of the BVB defence. His Ball in but far at the gate

70. Minute:
Darida takes in the penalty area the Ball directly with the ball, but the Ball clearly

66. Minute: YELLOW
for Plattenhardt

Dortmund’s Sahin and Darida fight for the Ball

65. Minute:
Strong Parade of BVB goalkeeper Bürki, scratching a head to the ball Bouncing from the line

63. Minute: EXCHANGE
Also Bosz takes a change of personnel. Mario Götze has been unspectacular, but effective. Fully fit he is after a long break. The Japanese Shinji Kagawa is now in the game

59. Minute: EXCHANGE
Hertha coach Dardai get Haraguchi imd Ibisevic and bringing Kalou and Esswein


57. Minute: GOAL
and what for one. Brand: Wow. A rebound is taking Sahin on the edge of the box border, with the right, without the prior ball, and whoosh – under the crossbar.

52. Minute:
Pulisic will pass easily with the Ball, and then just – just to the right. The Boy is pretty quick!

46. Minute:
A long throw-in from the Hertha in the BVB penalty area, but Bürki, watch and get the Follow-up to the Ball


Dortmund’s Sahin and Darida fight for the Ball


Dortmund were deserved. In the case of Hertha Lecki is not yet in the game


44. Minute:
there must be routes Jarstein, at the distance shot of Pulisic

40. Minute: EXCHANGE
BVB Coach Bosz brings Toprak for the possibly injured Sokratis.


38. Minute:
Toprak is putting on his Shirt. Sokratis has been injured and needs to get out

31. Minute:
Free kick for Hertha: the Ball comes to the second post. Strong with the head to the ball – not a Problem for Bürki

30. Minute: YELLOW
for the BVB captain Sokratis, Darida a little too much gang up

28. Minute:
Pulisic – 18 years young – is on the right, and pulls. Jarstein is there. Who needs a Mr. Dembélé?

24. Minute:
Hertha is starting to be a bit bolder and more aggressive…

15. Minute: GOAL
for the home team. And if Lewandowski hit, he must of course add: Aubameyang – 2. Goal of the season. The template donors not to forget: Sahin

14. Minute:
As soon as the BVB is in possession of the ball, the guests completely in their own half

9. Minute:
Dortmund with the well-known Pressing against the Ball

6. Minute:
Nice cross by Pulisic on the right, Götze and Kagawa miss the Ball

in the Saturday evening game

At 18:23
Also in Dortmund, a change in vocals between the Fans in the two curves, the vaccinate the DFB dam

At 18:17:
Dortmund has none of their last 38 League matches (31 wins, 7 draws). S remains’in the series?

At 18:15:
BVB captain Schmelzer is still indulged in a break. To its outer Banda crack in the ankle he will after the international break back to the use of

At 18:08:
It was once in an Dembele-Shirt…

At 17:51:
the last away win in Dortmund was 2013.

At 17:50
So. Dembélé is gone. It was finally quiet around the BVB?

The Best for last? In the evening game in an hour, Hertha BSC hits on Borussia Dortmund. Since we are of course in the game!

The final WHISTLE


89. Minute: GOAL
and Borussia is now being punished for it. Cordova is the name of the scorer

85. Minute:
Mönchengladbach leaves in the second half, the home team the game! With only one goal, to be risky

80. Minute: ELMFETER
for Stuttgart, but Terodde hits the post!

79. Minute:
Penalty or no penalty referee a fire please refer to the video referee to help. It takes a long time: And says: penalty!

74. Minute: GOAL
Double Pack Lewandowski. The Pole tricks from Bauer and tunnels goalkeeper Pavlenka

72. Minute: GOAL
but now the Bavarians. Lewandowski with the hacking trick. If not so, you must trick just

70. Minute: GOAL
for Hoffenheim. Referee Osmers takes video evidence to help. And then the goal of Uth

67. Minute:
Mainz is aggressively harmless. The second defeat in a row.

Brosinski of Mainz (front) defends the Ball

65. Minute:
The Eintracht is playing well. But the Ball does not want to go to the gate of the opponent. 13:5 shots on goal and Wolfsburg.

58. Minute:
Bayern continue to the game, but without a goal. Maybe a change of personnel Mr. Ancelotti helps Yes?

53. Minute: GOAL
for the newcomer from Stuttgart. And the scorer is: Badstuber. After a corner from Aogo. The new, elsewhere screening veterans and Ex-national players

50. Minute:
Two games are still goalless. The between Werder and Bayern.

48: Minute: GOAL
again in Leverkusen. This time for the home team. This is a quick answer. Mehmedi on Bellarabi and with a flat Ball into the left corner. So easy, football is sometimes.

47. Minute: GOAL
in Leverkusen. For Hoffenheim. Leverkusen is Kramaric alone and the network. Something of a surprise. Because Leverkusen was previously clear control of the game with many chances to score: 11:1 for the home team

Five goals so far. This is…..


45.+2. Minute:
and again given the Chance. Gacinovic! The gibbet is not.

44. Minute:
Eintracht has a Chance after another – sloppy, the Team with its possibilities. But the only goal so far in the game have made the wolves.

40. Minute
Bremen is now on the offensive, Bayern under pressure, of course, have space to Counter. Giant chance on Ribery, but Pavlenka watch

36. Minute:
Bayern with a lot of possession of the ball. But otherwise, the rum comes out a little. Bremen is focused on the Defensive

32. Minute: GOAL
but only after schnappat mouth for the Bayer Fans. First pole, then the Ball bounces in. Wendell hits from the point

31. Minute: PENALTY
for Leverkusen. Bicakcic fouls Brandt. To Legal Penalty

30. Minute: GOAL
again for the Borussia, the turn after the early setback the game of voläufig. Beautiful work by Raphael, the today 150. Duty game for the VfL denies and Wendt pushes the Ball in

27. Minute:
Penalty. No, it’s not. Eintrachts Boateng is fouled and at first the referee shows to the point and takes him back then. Boateng was Offside? We don’t know, we speculate currently

21, Minute: GOAL
for the guests from Wolfsburg. Only hits the Eintracht front of the posts, the counter then closes Didavi . Fast-Paced Game

20. Minute:
Great cross from Abraham in the penalty area in the centre of the Gacinovic – the heads but not placed enough. Harmony now makes a lot of pressure

16. Minute:
Super Pass in the Deep to Mehmedi in the penalty area – the places unselfishly. But since the TSG. Should have made the Swiss myself

11. Minute:
In Stuttgart, the Fans have been waiting eagerly for the Bundesliga. Now, finally, the first home game – what a mood! Aogo with the first shoots from the distance, but properly past.

8. Minute: GOAL
the compensation. Dortmund’s new signing Zakari makes his first Bundesliga goal

1. Minute: GOAL
for Augsburg. Finnbogason is Elvedi and network a


At 15:27:
Leverkusen’s Kevin Volland plays against his former club

At 15:25:
The HSV and the Effzeh have delivered on Friday already an entertaining game. Including a sending-off, referee-replacement and 13 minutes of stoppage time with two goals.

At 15:22:
Muto has made 15 goals this season. Well then…

At 15:15:
1. Home for the movers – back in the Bundesliga in Stuttgart

At 15:09:
Returnees Raul Bobadilla is not allowed to play against his former club Augsburg. This is a clause in his contract

At 15:09
Augsburg started with a defeat in Hamburg in the season. A point today at home to Mönchengladbach, at least?

At 15:08:
After the From in the Champions League qualifier against Arsenal can and must be the focus of the TSG is now fully on the League

At 15:07:
When Leverkusen captain Lars Bender – ankle complaints, missing. His twin brother is in the starting lineup

At 15:06:
After the 0:3 Bust to give Borussia Dortmund, Wolfsburg, Germany table last. So at least a point here today

At 15:04:
New signing Kevin-Prince Boateng is at Eintracht in the starting lineup

At 15:02:
He is back – the Wall. Or Manuel Neuer. After his metatarsal fracture, he is fit again

15:01: PM
A clear message from the city of Bremen Supervisory Board Chairman Marco Bode to the possible change of intentions of striker Max Kruse: “We want a sporty, strong team, and let him guarantee not to go.”

Half an hour, then there’s the best excuse to make yourself comfortable on the Couch: Bundesliga kick-off!