Formula 1: Hamilton wins in Belgium, in front of Vettel


Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has won the Grand Prix of Belgium and, thus, his deficit to championship leader Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari cut in half. The German was Second.

Lewis Hamilton has won the formula 1 race in Spa-Francorchamps. The three-time world champion was on Sunday in the Belgian Grand Prix in a Mercedes against his Ferrari rival Sebastian Vettel. Third, the Australian Daniel Ricciardo in the Red Bull. By his 58. Career victory in his 200. Race shortened to Hamilton in the overall standings after twelve of 20 races his deficit to leader Vettel to seven points.

On Saturday, the Briton had set the Pole record of Michael Schumacher. He had to 68. Time to start the first place.

Race missed? Here is the entire race to catch up in the DW live Ticker.

44 of 44 laps: Last Lap – HAMILTON drives home the victory. VETTEL to 2, RICCIARDO third.

43 of 44 rounds of: RICCIARDO is probably safe behind the leading Duo skating on ice.

42 of the 44 laps But VETTEL is still not beaten. He drives a new lap and race record: 1:46,577 Min.

41 of the 44 laps: VETTEL comes no longer ran, it seems as if HAMILTON of victory no longer to take. Thus he would also, of course, in the drivers ‘ standings to seven points to the German approach.

38 of 44 laps: The residue is again somewhat lower. In addition, reports HAMILTON, when his rear tire as the temperature rises.

38 of 44 laps: The old gap between VETTEL and HAMILTON is restored. 1.5 seconds. So, all the Old.

35 of 44 laps: HAMILTON, counters, drives at exactly the right time, the fastest lap: 1:47,698 Min. Vettel has to let him go. He only comes to 1:48,157 Min.

34 of 44 laps: VETTEL attacked HAMILTON. Bites but on the British in the teeth, but behind them is RAIKKONEN to BOTTAS past. The Finn slips in Position 5.

33 of 44 laps , The SAFETY CAR is back in it. HAMILTON’s tactics at the Start, VETTEL stay tuned.

32 of 44 laps: Still is the SAFETY CAR out. The is of even more exciting. VETTEL is now, of course, it and has another Chance to the British to overtake.

31 of 44 laps , The SAFETY CAR needs to get out, because OCONS front wing on the track is distributed. His team-mate PEREZ had the French almost in the wall pressed.

31 of 44 laps: HAMILTON and VETTEL are both in the Box. The second stop of the two Leading.

30 of 44 laps: OCON , and PEREZ behaken to tenth place, the last place where it still points there. It will be tight, they touch themselves and then the parts fly!

28 of 44 laps: HAMILTON leads the field by 1.5 seconds ahead of VETTEL , BOTTAS has a further 5.5 seconds behind. RICCIARDO is ten seconds behind the leader.

27 of 44 laps: ALONSO is on and drives into the Box. In addition to VERSTAPPEN and is today the bad luck bird of the day.

23 of 44 laps: The gap between HAMILTON and VETTEL is at approximately 1.7 seconds, from time to time if the German approach something new comes, the British will increase the gap again.

19 of 44 laps: HAMILTON moves back faster. He increased the lead over VETTEL back to about 1.5 seconds. RAIKKONEN is on Position seven.

19 of 44 laps: As VERSTAPPEN with his cars on the hard shoulder, the Yellow Flag waved. The pilots must then from the Gas. But RAIKKONEN stayed full on the gas pedal.

18 of 44 laps: RAIKKONEN moves into the Box for his penalty, this should make the race for him to run.

17 of 44 laps: VETTEL makes a lot of pressure on HAMILTON. The German is faster.

16 of 44 laps: RAIKKONEN is punished, he has a Yellow flag is overlooked and gets a Ten-second penalty.

16 of 44 laps: HAMILTON is back in the lead, VETTEL on 2nd place.

15 of the 44 laps: Now it is VETTEL in the Box.

14 of 44 laps Between VETTEL and HAMILTON are now 13 seconds. The Briton is on rank 3 of the German on the 1.

12 of 44 laps: pit stop from HAMILTON. He is the first of the Top 5 drivers in the Bos. The Brit falls back to Position 4.

11 of 44 laps: Some drivers have problems with the tyres, significant wear and tear traces are in HAMILTON on the front tire. That today could be the decisive factor, especially given that VETTEL good tires.

10 from 44 laps: VETTEL puts pressure on HAMILTON. He is currently faster than the Briton: 1:49,911 Min.

8 of 44 laps: Also VERSTAPPEN has to give up! This is bitter for him and all his compatriots on the track! “Amazing, I can’t believe it,” he says over the radio. Hanging heads at RED BULL in Command.

6 of 44 laps: WEHRLEIN is out of his car and got out. Thus the race for the German’s over.

5 of 44 laps: ALONSO is frustrated. The two Force India noise easily past him and destroy his good Start. The Spaniard sends to his Team: “This is really embarrassing.”

5 of 44 laps: Currently separating HAMILTON and VETTEL to 1.7 seconds.

4 of 44 laps: HAMILTON is right up to operating temperature. Fastest lap in 1:50,328 Min.

3 of 44 laps: Pascal WEHRLEIN is back in the Box. The race is already over for him?

3 of 44 laps: VETTEL said over the team radio that he is currently “loose with Hamilton is up to speed.”

1 of 44 laps: it is a good Start. HAMILTON defended the first place, VETTEL has to fight, is under pressure from BOTTAS and Alonso moves up to Position seven. No

14:03 PM: The cars take their places after the introduction round. It resembles so go!

At 13:59: tens of thousands of Dutch Fans at the track in the neighboring country of Belgium and support your country man MAX VERSTAPPEN.

At 13:57: HAMILTON sin yesterday the record of Michael Schumacher’s record for a driven Pole Positions. The Briton reached 68. Time the fastest time in Qualifying. As many as the German.

13:54 watch: LEWIS HAMILTON starts today in the Mercedes from Pole Position, balances behind it is SEBASTIAN VETTEL (Ferrari), 3rd In the second Mercedes, with VALTERRI BOTTAS in front of his Finnish compatriot KIMI RAIKKONEN.

At 13:50: Equal goes it’s at the formula 1 race from Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.