Floyd Mayweather wins Boxing match against Conor McGregor


The result had been expected: The US Boxer Mayweather against the Irish Mixed-Martial-Arts-Star McGregor the 50. Professional fight of his career. Thus, Mayweather broke a decades old record.

The 40-Year-old Floyd Mayweather (pictured right) defeated the eleven years younger Conor McGregor on Saturday night in Las Vegas in the tenth round by a technical knockout Mayweather dominated the fight against the Boxneuling, after this go in the first round a few hits.

“A victory is a victory,” said Mayweather, and fought back against critics who had expected more offense from him. He confirmed repeatedly to be the end of career: “today was my last fight. That’s for sure.” Mayweather broke up with the victory, the Ancient record of Rocky Marciano in 1955, had 49 victories on the account.

McGregor wanted to make

McGregor, who could decide at the beginning of the fight a few rounds, was upset about the crash. “I would have liked to have boxed the last round. Then I would have been flat on the floor, no matter.” The fight should have gone his view.

Icon of Boxing Mayweather, and the Superstar of the full contact sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) McGregor in a pure Boxing over twelve rounds. Especially the fact is, that McGregor fought most recently as a youth, and the duel was his first professional fight.

Also between the rounds, Floyd Mayweather was added to jokes for the camera

In front of 20,000 spectators in front of a Packed house, Mayweather initially had problems with the changing expenses and the longer reach of the Irish. In the course of the little more spectacular, but entertaining battle, the favorite is a but better on the style and set clearer hits before the fight was stopped.

The crucial factor: money

The former Multiple Champion Mayweather had ended his professional career after 19 years at the end of 2015. He fought 49 professional fights without a defeat. For the fight against McGregor, he came back out of the “Box-retirement” and wanted to prove that he has lost none of its strength. “I do what brings me the most money”, the business man explains to Mayweather on several occasions.

In the run-up to the fight had been criticized as a mere Show and making money. The organizers are expecting a total revenue of $ 623 million. A Ticket for a place in the Arena in Las Vegas cost originally between $ 500 (around 430 Euro) and 10,000 dollars (about 8600 Euro). Also a professional Boxer referred to the Fight as the Hype. The former Boxing world champion Lennox Lewis said: “I think it’s ridiculous, I can’t take this seriously. These are two totally different sports.”

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